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[First-hand test drive]Crossover fighter Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 4Matic

●Recommended selling price: 2.93 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 12.6km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit

●Pleasant features: strong performance atmosphere and smooth driving experience

●The interior and exterior styling changes of "The Regret of the Lost Pearl" are limited.

When the three-pointed star urban cross-border travel representative GLA meets the high-performance configuration of AMG, it is like a gentle and elegant scholar who has transformed into a heroic athlete after rigorous physical training. It is surprising and also very exciting. How does it behave?

The overall appearance of the facelifted GLA has not changed significantly, and the matte dark gray color chosen for the test drive brings a special texture.

Continuing the facelift schedule of the MFA luxury car series launched by the A and B-Class, Mercedes-Benz Taiwan will simultaneously release the facelifted CLA and GLA dual car series in Taiwan at the end of September 2023. Due to the media test drive event held at that time We have only experienced the facelifted CLA 35 4Matic Shooting Brake first, and the industry will also provide test drives of the facelifted GLA 35 4Matic to experience its evolution.

Like other family brothers in the same series, the overall body shape of the facelifted GLA has not changed significantly. The main focus is on the introduction of new-generation family style designs in the head and tail light groups, front and rear bumpers, etc. It is worth mentioning that if the facelifted new car With the AMG appearance package, the wheel arches in the same color as the body will be replaced to enhance the sophistication of the appearance. However, there are still large areas of plastic primary color on the sides and bottom of the rear of the car. While retaining the leisure atmosphere, it may also be to avoid large areas. Painting in the same color can easily look too thick and bulky.

The standard multi-beam smart LED headlights are replaced with a new family shape, with a single-channel light eyebrow at the top and a double-light point design.
The taillight group has also been modified for the internal shape, and the delicate arc-shaped flake design presents a good texture.
The test car uses AMG five-spoke double-rib wheels that are different from the standard style, and the tire size remains 235/50R19.

Entering the cabin, you can also see the familiar horizontal simple console layout, including a double-ribbed flat-bottomed steering wheel with exclusive control buttons, a new interface display style with dual 10.25-inch digital screens, MBUX 2.0 multimedia system, and new support for Dolby Atmos. All car series updates such as the Burmester surround sound system with panoramic surround sound are also in place. In addition, this car also comes standard with a starburst embossed backlight trim panel. That is, the full starburst on the front passenger trim panel is not just a printed color sample. , it will also change the backlight color according to the cabin ambient light, making the already dazzling cabin light and shadow effect even better.

At first glance, the interior remains the same, but in fact, the steering wheel, digital instrument, MBUX operating interface and center saddle have all been adjusted.
The standard dual-front electronically-adjustable sports car seats are comfortable but slightly insufficient in coverage, and the red and black two-color leather material needs to be selected separately.
This is not the first time that the starburst-style console trim has appeared, but this car has also been upgraded to an embossed backlight style that matches the changes in ambient lighting.

The facelifted GLA 35 4Matic is still equipped with a 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine with a maximum output of 306hp/40.8kgm, and a 48V light petrol-electric system that can provide an additional 14hp of assistance. It is also equipped with an eight-speed AMG Speedshift DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission. The gearbox has the performance capability of accelerating from 0 to 100 mph in 5.2 seconds. Needless to say, the full and smooth acceleration response when driving passionately. On the contrary, it benefits from the 48V light oil-electric system, which makes the engine idle start and stop operation smoother and smoother. , and the timely power support that fills the power gap between gear switches is even more impressive, adding a lot to the daily driving comfort of this car.

The equipped 2.0L straight-four turbo engine has a strong output of 306hp/40.8kgm, and a 48V light oil-electric system is also introduced to improve energy saving levels.

In response to the high-performance positioning, this car adopts a tough and solid sports setting in terms of suspension. Fortunately, the tire aspect ratio is still maintained at 50, and the SUV body inherently has a long suspension stroke. In addition, the standard The AMG Ride Control variable damping suspension system can still maintain above-average comfort and road texture when driving on ordinary urban roads or highway sections. It can be said that the 35 series is the most suitable for daily transportation and multi-person riding, and it can be driven fiercely Although the body roll and center of gravity shift are the largest in the series, the overall support still gives people enough confidence. Together with the stable yet flexible rear axle tracking response of the AMG Performance 4Matic four-wheel drive system, it can also bring unparalleled Unconventional driving pleasure.

The full and smooth dynamic response makes people fully feel the passionate charm of AMG, and the variable damping suspension can cope with different road conditions and driving needs.

Test drive experience~both passionate and comprehensive

Following the facelift pace of the MFA luxury car series, the facelifted GLA also focuses on the introduction of new-generation family elements and upgrading of technological standards, while the original exquisite and practical character and AMG passionate style of the urban crossover are faithfully retained. It is one of the first choices for those who like the pleasure of driving and take into account the needs of urban cars.

Mercedes-AMG GLA 35 4Matic spec sheet

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