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[First-hand test drive]Domineering and luxurious BMW X7 xDrive40i

●Suggested selling price: 5.12 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 10.1km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit

●Pleasant features: Unique and domineering appearance, luxurious seven-seater cabin

●It is a pity that comfort is slightly sacrificed in order to improve control.

Following the brand's recent bold design approach of emphasizing presence, the facelifted X7 sports a more unique and domineering new front-end shape to declare its identity as a new model. As for the driving experience, are there corresponding changes? Only by taking a good test drive on the road can you see the real story...

As the flagship representative of the BMW I don’t dare to neglect at all. Even if the first batch of mass deliveries will not start until February this year, I still have to rush to officially launch it in Taiwan on November 17 last year. The xDrive40i tested this time is compared with the old 2022 model. The price has been increased by 140,000 yuan, which is reasonable considering the upgrades in technology and luxury equipment.

Shaping a new flagship style

Since the original release, the facelifted X7 has received the most attention because of its brand-new front face, which is beyond the imagination of many people. First of all, it is the separate headlight shape that subverts the traditional style. The upper LED daytime running lights adopt the latest family style inverted L shape. The shape is combined with the heartbeat dynamic direction lights, and the main lighting group with the light pattern changing function is semi-hidden and blackened. When not lit, it presents a futuristic deep black band effect. The outline of the huge double-kidney radiator guard that is popular in the family remains unchanged. The interior is replaced with a double-ribbed chrome-plated straight grille and a decorative lighting function is introduced. It not only brings excellent recognition day and night, but also jointly creates the latest BMW with the new generation 7 Series. The style of the flagship car series.

The facelifted X7 has been replaced with a new separate headlight design, creating a new flagship style together with the new generation 7 Series.
The taillight group strengthens the three-dimensional undulating shape, and the exclusive triangular totem that appears on the new generation 7 Series can also be seen on the side.
The facelifted X7 has added a decorative water tank guard that emits elegant white light between the straight waterfall grille to enhance visibility at night.
The new two-color V-spoke wheels are installed, and the tire sizes remain the same as the old model, 275/40R22 in the front and 315/35R22 in the rear.

The interior is the same as the 3 Series, X5/X6 and other family facelift models. It is mainly replaced with a floating curved screen composed of a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 14.9-inch iDrive touch screen, equipped with the latest iDrive 8.0 operating interface, and combines the traditional The column-type gearbox has been replaced with a compact paddle gear design. In addition, exclusive model lettering that changes with the interior ambient lighting has been added to the center console trim panel on the passenger side, adding visual change and exquisite texture. In terms of equipment settings, the facelifted X7 cancels the hot and cold temperature control function of the front seat cup holder, but includes the Bowers & Wilkins diamond high-fidelity sound system that requires a high price in the old model as standard equipment. In addition to upgraded listening enjoyment, the door trim panel The speaker unit on the car also has an ambient lighting effect, and also introduces AR augmented reality navigation function, remote engine start function, mobile phone digital key 2.0, automatic reversing assist system with memory range increased to 200m, and up to 10 sets of memory. The memory path parking assist system adds extra points of luxury and convenience.

The shape of the upper half of the console has been adjusted to accommodate the floating curved screen, while the rest of the interior layout generally maintains the original design.
The 12.3-inch digital instrument has been upgraded to the latest interface style, which allows for customized adjustments such as layout configuration and display information.
The 14.9-inch touch screen is paired with the iDrive 8.0 operating system, which presents quite gorgeous visual effects from menus to content.
In addition to the memory range of the automatic reversing assist system being increased to 200 meters, a memory path parking assist system is also added.
The X7 model lettering is added to the console trim panel as a decorative embellishment, and the backlight color can also be changed in conjunction with the cabin ambient light.
After the minor facelift, the standard Bowers & Wilkins sound system has been upgraded, which not only provides excellent listening effects, but also adds ambient lighting effects.
The basic layout of the gearbox assembly that comes standard with the top-grade crystal central control kit remains unchanged, except that the columnar gearbox is changed to a compact paddle design.
The luxurious and delicate interior texture and spacious and comfortable space function remain unchanged. A USB-C charging hole and a rear seat screen fixed base design are added to the front seat backs.
The third-row space is not particularly spacious, but the seating position is reasonable. The large enough entry and exit openings and the electric seat adjustment function also enhance convenience.
There is an electronic adjustment interface for the second and third row seats on the left side of the tail compartment, which can be flattened/restored with one click. With the upper and lower bi-fold tailgate, it can easily meet different load-carrying needs.

Comfortable control and balance fine-tuning

The X7 xDrive40i tested this time is equipped with the same 3.0L straight-six turbo engine as the old model. After strengthening the engine body, cooling system and fuel supply system, the maximum output increased from 340hp/45.9kgm to 381hp/53.0kgm. It is also combined with the new ISG 48V light gasoline-electric system that provides up to an additional 12hp/20.4kgm of power assistance. In addition to shortening the 0~100km/h acceleration time by 0.3 seconds to 5.8 seconds, it also has pure electric driving at extremely low speeds. ability, and during the actual test drive, what can be felt most is the dense and smooth dynamic response from the start to the mid-range acceleration, which eliminates most of the heaviness that may be caused by the car's 2.6 tons weight, and is full and solid in Sport mode. The powerful thrust can still show bright power on uphill mountain roads or when carrying seven people.

The maximum output of the 3.0L straight-six turbo engine has been increased to 381hp/53.0kgm, and an ISG 48V light oil-electric system has also been introduced.
The improved power output coupled with 48V light oil and electric assistance allows the facelifted X7 to have direct and smooth acceleration performance most of the time.

Perhaps in order to cope with the increase in power output, the facelifted X7 no longer presents a purely comfortable orientation as in the past in terms of chassis adjustment. The overall damping coefficient setting is slightly tougher. In addition to the same electronic suspension system and automatic leveling of the front and rear axles, With the pneumatic suspension system and the tire sizes of 275/40R22 at the front and 315/35R22 at the rear, you can feel a more stable and solid road performance with clear feedback as soon as you hit the road. It is much more tonally different from the old model, which is soft and delicate but slightly floating and swaying. Not the same. As the pace of control accelerates, the steering feel and dynamic response of the car body are also faster and brighter. However, the drastic inertial changes caused by the huge body size will still often remind the driver to control the vehicle speed carefully. If you want a more comprehensive For handling performance, you can consider the Executive Pro active adjustment suspension system including a rear axle steering system and active electronic anti-roll bars.

The facelifted X7 has been slightly upgraded in terms of chassis settings in terms of handling response, and the steering and body dynamic responses are faster.

Test drive experience~Domineering upgrade from the inside to the outside

In addition to the visible changes in interior and exterior styling, the facelifted X7 does have more sporty tuning settings in terms of power and control. Although there is a slight sacrifice in comfort, the overall flagship style and luxurious texture are still the same. Very charming.

BMW X7 xDrive40i spec sheet

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