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[First-hand test drive]Ford Kuga EcoBoost 180 ST-Line Sport, a sporty upper body

Taking advantage of the launch of new year models, Kuga has added an EcoBoost 180 ST-Line Sport model to replace the original EcoBoost 180 flagship The ST-Line exclusive appearance package and cockpit accessories have been upgraded and strengthened, with a total value of more than 300,000 yuan, but the price has been reduced, giving this car a higher product CP value and attractiveness.

Suggested selling price: 1.079 million yuan (180 ST-Line Sport)

Average fuel consumption: 15.9km/L

Likeable points: higher cost performance, excellent power and driving feel

One regret: Rear seat space limited by passenger and cargo certification

In the domestic mid-size SUV market, the Ford Kuga, which has always maintained good and stable sales, has to cope with the launch of new competitors such as Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail and MG HS, and to maintain product sustainability. With freshness and topicality, this time with the release of the 2024 new year Kuga car series, the sales system has been updated again and the equipment has been upgraded and adjusted. The most important change is the cancellation of the original Ecoboost 180 flagship X model. The newly added Ecoboost 180 ST-Line Sport model with ST-Line exclusive interior and exterior kits, which is the protagonist of this test drive, has a more sporty setting inside and outside, as well as a higher product cost-effectiveness. Attract the favor of more young consumers.

Dynamic LED smart headlights, which were only available on top-spec models in the past, have also been transferred to the Ecoboost 180 ST-Line Sport model and become standard equipment.
The more sporty matte black honeycomb grille radiator guard is also derived from the EcoBoost 250 AWD ST-Line Performance model.
The rear of the car is equipped with square exhaust tailpipes on the left and right as standard, adding a lot of performance momentum to the appearance.
The large spoiler rear wing is also one of ST-Line's exclusive exterior sports kits.
Underfoot are ST-Line's exclusive 19-inch Eagle Claw two-color cutting aluminum rims and red brake calipers, which are both performance and hot-blooded.

Hot-blooded interior plus full accessories

In terms of interior design, the 180 ST-Line Sport almost completely inherits the existing settings of the 250 AWD ST-Line Performance model. It also has the configuration of the ST-Line exclusive package. The most striking thing that strikes the eye are the two front seats. Suede sports seats, as well as almost ubiquitous red stitching around the cabin, are paired with sports carbon fiber pattern interior panels, a dark roof, and ST-Line exclusive sports metal accelerator/brake pedals and door sills and other accessories. , letting the entire cockpit exude a passionate performance atmosphere. In terms of equipment, the 180 ST-Line Sport is also fully equipped with standard equipment including a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel, three-spoke flat-bottomed leather multi-function steering wheel, shift paddles, HUD head-up display, and Qi mobile phone wireless charging. , 10-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, dynamic driving mode switching, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning, 8-inch full-color LCD touch screen, SYNC 3 entertainment communication integrated system, satellite navigation, B&O surround cabin audio + 10 speakers, Bluetooth communication, support Apple CarPlay/Android Auto mobile phone connection, 360-degree surround view image assistance, kick-sensitive electric tailgate and other equipment. In addition, a complete set of Co-Pilot 360 smart driving safety assistance technologies are also included in the standard list.

The cabin creates a passionate performance atmosphere through dazzling red stitching, a dark roof and carbon fiber textured interior panels, as well as ST-Line exclusive metal accelerator/brake pedals and door sills.
The standard 12.3-inch wide-screen digital instrument panel can be converted into a variety of different display interfaces according to different driving modes.
The 8-inch color touch screen on the console integrates the SYNC 3 entertainment communication integration system, Chinese voice control system, satellite navigation and Apple Carplay / Android Auto mobile phone connection functions.
The three-spoke flat-bottomed multi-function steering wheel is decorated with matte black trim and red stitching, and is equipped with shift paddles, which is full of running style.
The standard ST-Line exclusive suede-like sports seats are excellent in terms of coverage and support. The driver's seat also has 10-way electric adjustment and electric lumbar function.
The B&O surround sound system composed of 10 speakers has also become standard equipment on the EcoBoost 180 ST-Line Sport model.
The Qi mobile phone wireless charging device used in high-end models has also been transferred to the EcoBoost 180 ST-Line Sport model.

Flexible, easy to drive and stable driving experience

Kuga has always been favored by consumers in terms of power and control, especially its highly praised handling. In addition to the solid and tough C2 chassis platform and high-rigidity body, the contribution also includes It has the same suspension settings as those in Europe. In particular, the front suspension shock absorber and rear suspension use aluminum alloy lower control arms, coupled with a sturdy subframe structure and a braking system exclusively developed in cooperation with Continental of Germany ( (Including ABS and ESP), etc., providing drivers with precise steering, excellent road texture, flexible and stable control feel and a high degree of driving confidence, even without ST-Line Performance's exclusive sports chassis tuning and AWD four-wheel drive system, but as long as the dynamics are properly controlled on mountain roads, it can still drive very tricky. The overall handling performance can be said to be very balanced, easy to control and has a European driving style. Even with a little enthusiasm occasionally, it can be stable and competent. .

The adjustment settings of the entire European chassis and suspension are comfortable and tough. Even without the AWD system, the car is not only balanced, flexible and stable when driving on mountain roads, but it is also easy to drive and easy to use when traveling in urban areas.

In terms of power performance, the Kuga 180 ST-Line Sport is still equipped with a 1.5-liter EcoBoost turbocharged gasoline engine and is paired with an 8-speed manual transmission. The maximum horsepower and torque output of 180hp and 26.3kgm remain unchanged, with a 15.9 The average fuel consumption performance is km/L; in addition, the transmission also has driving modes such as sports/anti-skid/snow/sand. This 1.5-liter turbo engine has a brisk and sensitive acceleration response at low speeds. When driving in the city, you can feel the very relaxed and smooth power control characteristics. Especially after pressing the accelerator deeply and the speed climbs to 3000rpm, you can feel 26.3kgm The strong thrust brought by the torque peak, and under the continuous pressure of the accelerator, the acceleration force continuously emerges, easily taking the vehicle speed to more than 160km/h without exhaustion. The entire acceleration process is smooth, full and linear. Even though it is not as powerful as the EcoBoost 250 AWD ST-Line Performance, this 180hp power is very sufficient for daily use, and even the abundant and full re-acceleration is even more admirable, especially when paired with sport mode and manual shifting. Quite a bit of a performance flavor.

It is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine with maximum horsepower and torque output of 180hp and 26.3kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 15.9km/L. It is both dynamic and energy-saving.
Paired with an 8-speed manual automatic transmission with a close-gear ratio setting, it is the main contributor to this car's smooth linear acceleration performance.
Although the power is not as powerful as the EcoBoost 250 AWD ST-Line Performance, this car is still very powerful under heavy pressure on the accelerator, and has quite full and abundant acceleration.

Test drive remarks~ST-Line’s charming charm

For consumers who want and like the sporty setting of ST-Line, but do not need the powerful power and four-wheel drive setting of the EcoBoost 250 AWD ST-Line Performance model, then the Kuga Ecoboost 180 ST-Line Sport model appears It is undoubtedly the best choice. Not only does it have ST-Line exclusive kit settings inside and outside the car, but it can also be owned at a lower price. Coupled with excellent power and European-style control characteristics, it is still the same car. A powerful presence in class cars.

Ford Kuga EcoBoost 180 ST-Line Sport specifications table

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