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[First-hand test drive]Ignite the "Control" and look at the Subaru WRX Wagon 2.4 EyeSight

Saying goodbye to the past name of "Levorg" and incorporating the brand's legendary "WRX" performance reputation, this mid-sized station wagon called WRX Wagon really ignited the driving desire of passionate dads! In addition to the aggressive and sporty styling, the entire car is also equipped with a highly rigid SGP chassis and the assistance of electronic shock absorbers and AWD full-time four-wheel drive configuration. With the same 2.4-liter horizontally opposed turbocharged engine as the current WRX, it does bring full driving pleasure, and it can even be called a "performance station wagon."

●Suggested selling price: 1.788 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 11.2km/L

●Pleasant features: Powerful power output and full driving pleasure

●It’s a pity that BlueEarth-GT original tires have room for upgrade

For fans who are familiar with the Subaru brand, I believe that as long as a car is named "WRX", it means that the car is definitely not a "Guaiguai brand", whether it is the internal and external styling, power output, chassis control and other performance , it is bound to be related to "performance". Perhaps because of this, when the original manufacturer launched the new second-generation Levorg model, it replaced it with a 2.4-liter boxer turbocharged engine with a power of 275hp. Therefore, it is very reasonable and logical to use this car. Incorporated into the WRX car series, it is called WRX Wagon to highlight its performance and driving style. In the Taiwan market, the domestic general agent Yimei Automobile follows the same name as the Singapore market and communicates with consumers as "WRX Wagon". As for the Japanese market, it still maintains the original Levorg name.

Dynamic appearance that combines fashion and performance

The exterior styling design concept of WRX Wagon is derived from the "Viziv Tourer" concept car that appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018. It completely continues Subaru's new generation of "Dynamic Solid" family features, while also introducing the most avant-garde "Bolder" The design concept, in particular, inherits the highly recognizable and high-performance hood air intake, which outlines an unmistakable sporty hardcore shape. Compared with the new-generation WRX, which has a rough and hard-edged front end, the WRX Wagon has a refined texture typical of Japanese cars. However, despite this, the front end of the car still has a rather sharp and aggressive look. The matrix hexagonal water tank guard and C-shaped LED headlights, especially the large air intake on the hood, are unmistakable signs of the brand. Although the shape of the rear of the car is more restrained than that of the front, it still has bright and eye-catching C-shaped LED headlights, and a black decorative strip in the center creates a quasi-through-type design; in addition, the exhaust tail adopts a dual exhaust configuration on the left and right. The tube is engraved with the word "STi" on the top to emphasize the performance atmosphere, and the overall shape creates a running appearance that is both fashionable and sporty.

The matrix hexagonal water tank guard has a chrome trim strip inlaid in the center, adding a touch of refinement to the sporty atmosphere.
The sharp and aggressive C-shaped LED headlights include high and low beams and daytime running lights, and also have SRH active steering function.
The large air intake on the hood is an unmistakable high-performance signature of the Subaru brand.
The rear shape of the car is more restrained, but it still has an eye-catching and highly recognizable C-shaped LED taillight set.
The WRX Wagon pedals are equipped with 18-inch multi-frame two-color cutting aluminum rims, and the original tires are Yokohama BlueEarth-GT that emphasizes driving stability and energy-saving efficiency.

Interior decoration with a passionate sports atmosphere

After entering the cabin, you will be greeted by the familiar Subaru new-generation family layout, which is created through a mix and match layout of suede, leather and red stitching, coupled with carbon fiber-like trim panels and chrome-plated metal decorations. The sports cockpit combines hot performance and quality, especially the 11.6-inch smart audio and video touch screen with a rich technological feel and the D-shaped leather steering wheel with the performance representative STI words. They are the highlight features in the cabin. In addition to the built-in In addition to the original map navigation, it also supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions. Even driving mode switching and adjustment settings can be operated through this central screen. As for the three-spoke flat-bottomed sports steering wheel equipped with shift paddles and STI lettering, it is the performance indicator represented by Subaru fans. Unfortunately, the WRX Wagon still does not have a digital instrument configuration and still maintains the double-ring pointer instrument. Designed with a central 4.2-inch information display.

The cockpit is full of passionate sports atmosphere, with a mixed layout of suede, leather and red stitching, coupled with carbon fiber-like trim panels and chrome-plated metal, giving it both texture and performance atmosphere.
The D-shaped multifunctional leather steering wheel incorporates racing elements and has the performance symbol STI. It has a moderate diameter and excellent grip and texture.
The instrument panel adopts a traditional double-ring pointer design, with a 4.2-inch LCD screen in the center that can display a number of important driving and driving information.
The 11.6-inch smart audio and video touch screen, which is full of technology, can support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection functions, and almost all functional systems of the vehicle can be set and adjusted through this screen.
The screen host has a built-in satellite navigation system, and the graphics are presented in full screen, which looks very enjoyable.
Although the Qi mobile phone wireless charging stand is missing, it is also equipped with a 12V power socket, AUX IN and two sets of USB Type-A charging jacks to meet the charging needs of 3C users.

Other features such as 10-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, personalized driving modes, dual-zone climate control, Harman Krdon audio + 11 speakers, electric sunroof, reversing imaging system and induction electric tailgate are all standard equipment on this car. Especially in terms of safety equipment, in addition to the standard 8 airbags, it also has a complete set of "EyeSight 4.0 intelligent driving safety assistance system", including ACC active distance control and cruise control, LCF lane centering, and LDP lane departure assist. , LCA lane change assist, PCB anti-collision automatic braking, AES emergency automatic steering assist, LSW lane yaw warning, LDW lane departure assist, BSD blind spot detection, RCTA rear side traffic warning, RAB reversing automatic braking, PCTM collision prevention Throttle control, HBA high beam assist, LVSA front vehicle departure warning and fatigue driving detection and warning systems, etc., the specifications can be said to be quite complete.

In addition to the standard "EyeSight 4.0 intelligent driving safety assistance system", an exclusively designed new windshield and a new stereoscopic camera lens are used to enhance the overall detection breadth and distance.

Spacious and comfortable passenger space and functionality

The body length/width/height of WRX Wagon are 4755/1795/1500 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2670 mm. It belongs to the mid-size station wagon class and is 85mm longer than the current four-door WRX. It is also 65mm longer than the previous generation Levorg. The width and height are respectively increased by 15mm and 10mm, the wheelbase is also increased by 20mm, and the overall body shape is enlarged. When an adult with a height of 175cm actually rides on it, first of all, the dual front sports seats are stylish and covered with a mixture of suede and leather, and are decorated with red stitching. They are both covering and supporting for the hips and back. The performance is quite good, especially the word "WRX" embroidered on the headrest, which is a symbol of performance, which makes people feel passionate and excited.

The body length/width/height of the WRX Wagon is 4755/1795/1500 mm, and the wheelbase is 2670 mm. It is slender and graceful than the WRX Sedan. At the same time, compared to the past Levorg, the body shape is more enlarged.
The dual front sports seats are good-looking and have excellent coverage and support. The headrests are even embroidered with the performance-symbol "WRX" lettering.

The excellent passenger performance of the back seat also corresponds to the status of a station wagon. In addition to the quite spacious knee room, which is about 2 fists away, there is also about 1 fist of space for the head, and the rear seat space is large. It is large and the seat cushion is not too hard. At the same time, the chair back can be adjusted to 5 levels of angle, so it is not only spacious and comfortable to sit on, but also has sufficient anti-slip properties, and you can also find your best sitting posture. In addition, the rear seat air outlet and 2 sets of USB charging holes are also thoughtful bonus points. As for the rear luggage compartment volume, it has 492 liters under standard conditions, and by folding the rear seat backs with a 4/2/4 split design, a fairly flat storage space of 1,430 liters can be obtained. In addition, designs such as the seat quick-tilt handles on both sides of the rear compartment and the induction electric tailgate are also added points for convenience.

The rear seat is not only spacious and comfortable, the rear seat back also has a 5-stage angle adjustment function, and is made of a mixture of suede and leather, making the texture presentation even better.

Direct, rich and powerful acceleration performance

In the power part, WRX Wagon is equipped with a 2.4-liter horizontally opposed turbocharged in-cylinder direct injection engine code-named FA24, and is matched with a Lineartronic CVT transmission (available in 5 types: Comfort/Normal/Spor/Sport+/Customized driving mode), with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 275hp, 35.7gm. In addition, in addition to the advanced electronic suspension system, it also has the brand's signature SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system; not only that, it also introduces the SGP (Subaru Global Platform) global modular chassis and Inner Frame body. Structural technology greatly improves the rigidity of the car body and lowers the center of gravity of the car body. According to the original factory test data, the torsional rigidity of the WRX Wagon's chassis has been increased by up to 44% in one fell swoop, which is of great help to the stability of the vehicle's dynamic performance.

WRX Wagon is equipped with a 2.4-liter boxer turbocharged engine code-named FA24, which can release a powerful 275hp, 35.7kgm maximum horsepower and peak torque.
The matched CVT gearbox has a slightly conservative response for drivers who prefer performance-oriented performances.
It provides 5 driving mode switches including Comfort/Normal/Spor/Sport+/Custom, and can individually set settings for power, steering, suspension and AWD four-wheel drive systems.

In fact, on the road, the maximum peak torque of the turbine can be triggered when the engine speed is about 2000rpm, making the starting acceleration and re-acceleration at medium and low speeds very light, smooth and powerful, especially as the accelerator continues to be pressed deeply, it becomes even more You can clearly feel the direct and abundant acceleration force pouring out. Even though the optimized CVT gearbox can bring agile shifting efficiency, it seems not enough to allow this 275hp turbine engine to operate. Play it to your heart's content, but such a powerful performance output is quite impressive and can give the driver a very passionate acceleration atmosphere. Even the engine sound is not sealed by the CVT gearbox, especially after switching to Sport+ mode. Instantly, the power, steering and suspension responses become more active and lively, further obtaining a more radical acceleration force and driving experience. Even if it is not a wild and passionate way, it can still live up to the title of "performance running tour".

With the endorsement of high horsepower and torque output, not only the acceleration response in the mid- to low-speed range is brisk and direct, but the re-acceleration force in the mid-to-high-speed range and when overtaking is also full and abundant, extending all the way to more than 180km/h without exhaustion.

Flexible, stable and fun to drive

There is no doubt that the electronic shock absorbers and SAWD full-time four-wheel drive system are definitely "control tools" that allow the WRX Wagon to have comfortable and stable driving dynamics, and even allow the driver to feel the joy of driving. In addition, it is solid and The rigid SGP chassis helps create the WRX Wagon's highly admirable handling and high driving confidence. First of all, even if the driving mode is set to Normal, although the power, steering and suspension responses are relatively mild and comfortable, you can still feel the solid and stable road feeling created by the tough SGP chassis. Although the steering wheel is lighter, the directivity is still good, especially The SAWD four-wheel drive system uses power distribution in corners to make the vehicle more stable when entering and exiting corners and has good tracking performance. Therefore, it can be said to have eliminated the common phenomenon of slow rear response due to center of gravity issues in station wagons in the past. .

When driving on mountain road curves, you can deeply experience the value of SAWD full-time four-wheel drive. Even if there is an extra rear section, you can still feel the car's precise steering, agile maneuvers and excellent rear tracking. sexual expression.

Then switch to the most aggressive Sport+ mode, and you can feel that the steering response becomes heavier, the electronic shock absorbers also give a harder road feel, and the entire suspension becomes more supportive. Okay, but it must be emphasized that even though the suspension damping has become much stiffer, it still maintains a certain degree of comfort. After all, this is still a family-oriented station wagon, and it needs to take into account the comfort performance of daily driving. However, with the support of electronic suspension, the entire car has quite solid and stable driving dynamics. Coupled with the car's quite precise and flexible directivity and excellent tracking performance, it can not only drive on mountain road curves It provides a high degree of driving confidence and at the same time gives the driver full driving pleasure with confidence.

Test Drive Remarks ~ A competent and fun performance station wagon

Generally speaking, consumers who choose station wagons are only interested in the unique and tasteful appearance of station wagons as well as practical passenger functions, especially the handling performance that is better than that of high-riding SUVs. In response to the above needs, WRX Wagon not only performs very competently, but also has powerful power performance, leading SAWD full-time four-wheel drive system and rich active safety technologies and other bonus items, which really makes WRX Wagon different. Distinctive product features of European and Korean medium-sized station wagons.

Subaru WRX Wagon 2.4 EyeSight Spec Sheet

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