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[First-hand test drive]Lexus LBX Active+

Many people may have doubts in their minds, thinking that since Lexus already has an "entry-level" UX, why is there still a need to develop LBX? In fact, there is a small story behind the inspiration for the development of LBX. That is, the current president "Akio Toyoda" told the engineering staff that he hopes to develop a shoe that is as easy and comfortable to drive as a "sports and leisure shoe", without any restraint and restraint. A car that is stress-free and allows you to fully enjoy your leisure time and express your own personal style. After discussion, the development engineering team decided to use different aspects of "high-end sense" to enter. In addition to combining various conditional elements such as leisure, stress-free and comfortable driving, it also gave emphasis on personal driving experience, design and control aspects. characteristics, and finally the birth of LBX gave the market another small SUV to choose from that can be easily and comfortably used for daily leisure life or commuting, and has a deep personality.

Text/Yang Zhihan, Picture/Gu Zongtao

The brand-new LBX is built on the group's TNGA (GA-B) chassis platform. The body length/width/height dimensions are 4190/1825/1560mm and the wheelbase is 2580mm. It is positioned under the UX car series.

●Recommended selling price: NT$1.33 million (Active+)

●Average fuel consumption 26.4km/L

●Pleasant features: It’s easy to get into the Lexus luxury brand

●Unfortunately, the space in the back seat is a little small.

Adopting the brand's latest generation "Unified Spindle" design vocabulary, it has a "gradient grille" spindle-shaped water tank guard design similar to the new RX model.

In 2020, Lexus had successively registered a patent trademark called "LBX" in various countries around the world, and it was widely rumored in the market at that time that the brand would use its TNGA-B (GA-B) chassis platform architecture to create and develop An entry-level small SUV. Now, after three years, the LBX, the brand's most entry-level small luxury SUV positioned under the UX model, was finally officially launched in Milan, Italy in early June last year. It was mainly designed to meet the needs of European buyers. It is manufactured, and even competitors directly target the Audi Q2. Taking advantage of the business opportunities emerging in this segment of the market, domestic Hetai Automobile also introduced domestic sales at the fastest speed, and differentiated a total of 5 model levels including Active, Active+, Cool, Relax and Relax+. The price distribution With a price range of 1.299 million to 1.69 million yuan, it not only directly competes with the only domestic competitor Audi Q2 (officially it has been announced that this car series will be discontinued this year), but also directly hits the desire of many consumers who want to own a Lexus luxury brand car. Heart.

Dynamic and muscular compact body

Like the European-standard Yaris, Yaris Cross and the new-generation Sienta, LBX is built using the group's TNGA (GA-B) small car modular platform. Its body length/width/height dimensions are 4190/1825/1560mm, The wheelbase is 2580mm. Compared with the European Yaris Cross, the length and width are 10mm and 60mm respectively, but the height is 35mm lower, but the wheelbase is 20mm longer; if compared with the current smallest UX (4495 /1840/1520mm, wheelbase 2640mm), the body shape is obviously one size smaller.

The daytime running lights of LBX are changed to an inverted arrow-shaped design, and are paired with sharp-looking far and near dual-mode LED headlights to convey a dynamic and impressive front view.

From the perspective of the entire appearance, the new LBX can be said to integrate fashion, technology, strength and dynamic design elements to correspond to the "Premium Casual" design concept emphasized by the original manufacturer. The front of the car adopts the brand's latest generation "Unified Spindle" design vocabulary, with a "gradient grille" spindle-shaped water tank guard similar to the new-generation RX model; in addition, the fish-eye headlights are shaped like a butter knife. There is an LED daytime running light bar with an inverted arrow-shaped design, and the central matte silver trim strip creates a visual impression of penetration; finally, through the large-diameter air intake inlaid with L-shaped matte silver trim strips on both sides of the front bumper. hole, bringing a fierce and domineering visual experience. On the side of the car, the sharp and concise body lines and sheet metal fold lines create a strong sense of strength; in addition, the hidden C-pillar and D-pillar give the appearance of a suspended roof. The most eye-catching thing about the rear of the car is the through-type taillight design, which uses LED light bars to outline a graceful curve similar to the letter W. It is quite beautiful, eye-catching and has a sense of technology. The simple tailgate has the Lexus factory emblem placed horizontally in the center, the license plate frame is in the center of the rear bumper, and there are also large openings with L-shaped matte silver trim on both sides to echo the front shape of the car. As for the rims, this test drive is an Active+ model, so it is equipped with 18-inch star-spinned two-color aluminum rims. The entire shape is both eye-catching and high-end.

On the lower edge of the muscular hood, a central matte silver trim strip is applied to create a visual impression that runs through the left and right sides.
The most eye-catching feature of the rear of the car is also the through-type taillight design. The LED light bar outlines a graceful curve similar to the letter W in one stroke, which is quite eye-catching and has a sense of technology.
The Active+ model tested was equipped as standard with 18-inch star-spinned two-color aluminum wheels, which are both eye-catching and high-end.

Driving-oriented fully wrap-around cockpit design

The interior layout of LBX also introduces the same "Tazuna Concept (meaning reins)" full wrap-around driving design concept as the new RX and NX. All switches and buttons in the cabin are arranged to facilitate the driver to focus on driving. Orientation, especially this time, the original manufacturer also provides a variety of seat material designs to decorate the cabin atmosphere. The Active+ used for test driving uses luxury leather with good texture, while the more personalized Cool model uses Ultrasuede artificial suede is mixed with Semi-Aniline top leather, and the overall visual texture and tactile presentation are quite good. As for the high-end Relax and above models, they are covered with a single top Semi-Aniline leather.

The entire interior layout is based on the "Tazuna" all-around cockpit concept. In addition to emphasizing that the driver can focus on driving, it also flaunts the creation of a cockpit that is both luxurious and textured.
The test car comes standard with a 7-inch digital instrument panel, while the Cool, Relax and above models come standard with a 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel with a three-dimensional feel.
The upright 9.8-inch multi-functional information integrated touch screen standard on all vehicles supports wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto mobile phone connection functions.

In terms of equipment, the highlight of the cabin is the 9.8-inch central touch screen that adopts an upright design for the first time in the brand and the 12.3-inch digital instrument that is standard on Cool, Relax and above models. The former can support Apple CarPlay (wireless) and Android Auto (wired) mobile phone connection, the latter has a variety of instrument background styles to switch. As for the test drive model, although the standard configuration is a 7-inch digital instrument, the overall sense of technology and the rich presentation of driving information are not to mention. In addition, the central saddle is equipped with an electronic transmission gear lever, and the door switches adopt the latest generation technology design such as E-Latch electronically controlled door handles. Others include Qi mobile phone wireless charging devices, dual-zone climate control and The reversing image assist system, etc. are all standard equipment on the Active+ test drive model. The equipment specifications are considered to be of a certain level. Of course, if you can go straight to the top-of-the-line Relax+ model, you can have an 8-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat and a 12.3-inch digital display. Instruments, HUD (including touch tracking), 360-degree surround view assist, AP automatic parking assist, Mark Levinson audio system (13 speakers). As well as 64-color cabin atmosphere lights and electric tailgate, all the equipment are collected and owned.

All models are equipped with carbonized glossy textured decorative panels as standard, and all Active+ and above models are also equipped with Qi mobile phone wireless charging devices as standard.
LBX has a new style three-spoke multi-functional leather steering wheel, which has both grip and texture.

In addition, all LBX models are also equipped with its latest Lexus Safety System+ 3.0 active safety protection system as standard, including DRCC full-speed active distance maintenance cruise system, PCS early warning collision avoidance (vehicle/pedestrian/bicycle/ Motorcycle recognition), LDA lane departure warning, LTA lane tracking assist, ESA emergency evasion assist, AHS intelligent high beam automatic blocking (except Active), RCTA rear side warning, RSA speed limit recognition assist, RCTB Systems such as rear traffic braking assist, BSM blind spot detection and warning, and SEA safe seat exit assist (including door lock linkage) meet Level 2 specifications.

The new LBX also has the same e-Latch electronic door handle design as the NX and RX models, replacing the traditional mechanical door handles.
The screen also has a built-in energy monitor for the Hybrid system, which can clearly understand the operation of the engine and battery.

Rear seat space is not a strong point

For a small crossover SUV with a length of only 4.1 meters and a wheelbase of 2580mm, the seating space is not its strong point; indeed, the compact size of the LBX has clearly shown that it emphasizes the product attributes of easy personal use. , so for self-driving or two-person travel, there is no problem with the seating space. However, if families often use the back seat, they may have to consider the size of the back seat space, because the back seat of LBX The seating space is indeed small. For an adult with a height of 175cm, after adjusting the sitting position of the front seat, the passenger's knees are only about half a fist away from the back of the front seat, and the head is only about half a fist away from the ceiling. With three finger spaces, a thick seat cushion, and a straight backrest design that cannot be adjusted, the overall seating space and comfort are insufficient.

The test drive Active+ comes standard with dual manually adjustable luxury leather seats for the front seats, which provide good coverage and support.
The rear seat space is slightly narrow, and the seatback angle is relatively straight and cannot be adjusted, so the ride comfort is compromised. In addition, it is a pity that the center armrest and rear seat air outlet are missing.

However, although the rear seat space performance is not outstanding, the cargo space of the rear luggage compartment is quite outstanding. The standard volume is 402 liters, which is larger than many C-Segment mid-sized hatchbacks, especially the original one. It is also emphasized that two sets of 26-inch suitcases can be placed, and the storage volume can even be expanded to 994 liters after the rear seat back is tilted forward, so it can fully meet the needs of daily shopping or carrying things, but the Active+ model for the test drive There is no practical electric tailgate as standard, and it only comes standard if you have Cool or Relax grades or above.

Acceleration power is light and smooth

In terms of power, LBX is equipped with the same 1.5-liter inline 3-cylinder naturally aspirated gasoline engine (codenamed M15A-FXE) as the European Yaris Cross, and is combined with a 206.1V bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery and an electric motor to form a petrol-electric system. , and is also equipped with an ECVT continuously variable transmission system (Cool and above models are equipped with an ECVT gearbox that can simulate a 6-speed manual automatic shifting function). The maximum horsepower and torque output of the engine body are 91hp and 12.2kgm, and the maximum horsepower output of the combined effect of the oil and electricity system is It has 136hp, the original factory-announced 0~100km/h acceleration time is 9.2 seconds, and the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau can reach an excellent 26.4km/L. In addition, LBX also has three switchable driving modes: Eco, Normal and EV pure electric, but it does not have a Sport gear mode, which shows its product positioning focusing on urban transportation.

It is equipped with a 1.5-liter Hybrid petrol-electric power system, which is composed of a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder naturally aspirated engine paired with an electric motor and a bipolar nickel-metal hydride battery module. It has a maximum combined horsepower output of 136hp.

Judging from the 3-cylinder engine and the not outstanding power output data, what the original manufacturer gave is not how fast the LBX accelerates, but whether the "running quality" of the entire engine system can reach the level of luxury. After all, these 3 cylinder engine was also used for the first time. Therefore, the original manufacturer specially equipped the LBX with an engine balance shaft and optimized the position of the engine feet to significantly reduce engine vibration. In actual driving, you can hardly feel the vibration from the engine. Even if you step on the accelerator deeply to start the engine, the connection between oil and electricity is very smooth. The operation of the entire oil-electric power system can be said to be quite high-quality. , it is indeed a hybrid system that the Toyota Group has worked hard to achieve purity and perfection.

The test drive Active+ is equipped with an ECVT transmission, while the Cool and above grades are equipped with an ECVT transmission system with a 6-speed manual transmission function.

On the other hand, I was originally worried whether the combined horsepower of 136hp and the vehicle weight of 1320kg would not be enough? But actually on the road, this petrol-electric system has a very light and smooth response from starting acceleration to mid- to low-speed acceleration. It is quite capable whether it is urban transportation or commuting. It is very consistent with the type of urban car that LBX is specially designed for. adjustment settings. It is not until the vehicle speed climbs to 100km/h that the acceleration force gradually slows down, but it is still quite leisurely and sufficient.

Flexible, easy to use and easy to use

The control performance of LBX is also amazing! First of all, in addition to being built on the GA-B platform architecture, it also uses a high-strength steel body, so it has good body rigidity and anti-torsion performance; in addition, its front MacPherson and rear torsion bar trailing arm suspension The system has also been optimized, upgraded and adjusted to allow the car to have excellent dynamic control performance. After actually driving on the road, as mentioned above, LBX is a small crossover SUV that emphasizes self-driving experience and handling performance. Therefore, it can be clearly felt that its chassis tone does have a lot of sporty character, and the suspension damping The settings are very flexible and flexible, and there is quite a lot of road feel feedback. It is a bit different from the impression that Lexus puts comfort first. The overall driving experience is similar to that of European hatchbacks, especially the stable driving feeling brought by the solid chassis. , coupled with the flexible and neat controllability provided by the compact body shape such as small size and short axle, this car can not only drive easily in urban areas, but also can face winding mountain roads through its stable body dynamics. , to allow drivers to enjoy the fun of conquering corners at high speeds. It is not only easy to get started and control, but also has a high limit for handling corners. In particular, the entire power, steering and suspension response are adjusted and set at a balanced point, even if it cannot ignite the passion. But it is very smooth, easy to drive, and easy to use, which is very consistent with the original development inspiration and product characteristics of LBX.

Although it is a 3-cylinder design, with the addition of an engine balance shaft and engine foot optimization, there is almost no vibration from the engine, and the acceleration from starting to medium and low speeds is quite brisk and smooth.

Test drive testimonials ~ A stepping stone to luxury

From the price point of view, you can buy a Lexus for less than 1.3 million, which is indeed quite attractive. In addition, the LBX has excellent performance in terms of appearance, equipment, safety technology, petrol-electric power system and dynamic control. Even from the body size In terms of design, vehicle appeal and tuning focus, it is as "bold as a breakthrough" as the name of the LBX (Lexus Breakthrough X-over) car, which can be said to show another "individual-oriented" luxury spirit of Lexus. Therefore, for those small families, two-person families, or seniors who are not constrained by the size of the seating space, LBX is definitely a luxury car that can be both stylish and fully meet everyone's car needs.

The compact body shape of the short axle and the solid chassis give the LBX a flexible and stable body dynamic performance. The overall driving experience is similar to that of a European hatchback. It is a car that can be easily used and enjoyed. A little getaway for fun.

Lexus LBX Active+ spec sheet

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