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[First-hand test drive]Nissan Kicks e-Power

Text/Yang Zhihan/Photo Gu Zongtao

After Yulon Nissan launched the X-Trail e-Power in February this year with the slogan "electric vehicle that does not require charging", it followed up with the launch of the second e-Power in October, which also made Xiaoxiao The younger brother Kicks has transformed into a small crossover SUV powered by 100% electricity, making this heavy kick with electricity more environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and more exciting.

The sharp and slender LED matrix headlights integrate LED daytime running lights and direction lights, and have the function of automatically switching between high and low headlights.
  • ●The price of the new car is 1.049 million yuan
  • ●Average fuel consumption 22.0km/L
  • ●Pleasant features: Electric car-like driving experience and smooth and smooth control
  • ●The expensive selling price of a lost pearl

Amid everyone's speculation and expectations, the Kicks e-Power petrol-electric version has finally been officially launched in China. It is sold as an import and is manufactured in Thailand. The new car is priced at 1.049 million yuan. Maybe you will be quite surprised to see the price of over one million yuan, because it is indeed quite not cheap, especially the price range is far away from the 700,000 to 800,000 yuan for crossover SUVs in this class, and even It is nearly 200,000 yuan more expensive than the Kicks gasoline flagship version. Therefore, even though it is labeled as an imported car, people still feel that the price is a bit high. However, although the price is expensive, after the actual test drive, people were very surprised, because this Kicks was replaced with e-Power petrol-electric power. Although the internal and external appearance is very different from the gasoline version, the overall power is accelerated when driving. The feeling, just like the previous X-Trail e-Power, feels like a real "electric car". Even the feedback and dynamic control response of the chassis are completely different. Don't confuse it with the gasoline version at all, so definitely You have to actually drive it before you can truly experience the value of its million-dollar price tag.

The water tank guard designed with V-Motion not only enlarges the area, but also uses piano paint to enhance the texture on the inside; while the silver lower spoiler on the lower edge of the front bumper is an exclusive sports kit added.

"e-Power" nameplate identifies identity

The exterior styling of Kicks e-Power is almost the same as that of the gasoline model. Only the exclusive "e-Power" nameplate is inlaid on the front door and rear of the car for identification. In addition, it also comes standard with 17-inch five-spoke two-color cutting aluminum wheels. As well as German Continental EcoContact 6 high-end energy-saving tires, which are higher than the gasoline version of Maxxis Waltz MS360. The appearance of the car tested this time is equipped with an exclusive sports package (available in limited quantities), including silver lower spoilers on the lower edge of the front and rear bumpers, body side skirts and a very eye-catching bright black spoiler rear wing. Make the appearance look more handsome and dynamic. In addition to the morning mist gray and sunrise red with black top, the car color also provides two new car colors exclusive to gasoline and electric vehicles, Shanlan White and Starry Night Blue, and each has a bright black roof for Two Tone matching.

The LED taillight set with a hint of blackened style is very personal and technological, with an exclusive "e-Power" nameplate inlaid underneath that represents the identity of the petrol-electric vehicle.
The gloss black spoiler that enhances the dynamic look is also part of the exclusive sports package.
Standard equipment is 17-inch five-spoke two-color cutting aluminum rims and German Continental EcoContact 6 high-end energy-saving tires.

Interior design and equipment are similar

In terms of interior design, the e-Power model is also roughly the same as the gasoline version, with only a few details differing, including the D-Shape three-spoke multi-function sports steering wheel and the entire car's 3D pressure relief seats, which are all covered in leather. , and the steering wheel has been changed from 2-way to 4-way adjustment function; in addition, the 7-inch digital instrument has also added a dedicated interface that can display the current power flow, and the central saddle has also been changed to a piano paint decorative panel, and is equipped with electronic wire transmission The gear lever adds some texture and technological feel to the cabin, but other parts are exactly the same, and there is no two-color interior to choose from. Therefore, overall, the texture of the interior materials has not improved or changed with the million-dollar price. It remains the same. You can see a large area of ​​hard plastic materials spread throughout the cabin.

The interior layout and design of Kicks e-Power is roughly the same as that of the gasoline version, and even the material quality and equipment of the cabin are similar. Therefore, people feel that the car’s price of over one million is a bit high.

As for the equipment, it is almost the same as the gasoline flagship version, such as 7-inch digital LCD instrument, 8-inch X-Media III smart audio-visual multimedia system, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection function,

Push Start, I-Key, AVM 360-degree surround imaging system, reversing imaging system, constant temperature air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity are all standard equipment for the test drive. In addition, the active safety technology also has ICC intelligent full-speed cruise control, IEB anti-collision emergency braking, P-IEB pedestrian anti-collision emergency braking, PFCW beyond visual range vehicle collision warning, LDW lane departure warning, FCW front Collision warning, BSW blind spot warning, RCTA rear side warning and PDW pedestrian detection warning system, etc., but unfortunately it lacks the LKA lane maintenance function, so it cannot meet the Level 2 standard. However, since all Kicks sold in the global market are Such a configuration can be regarded as a crime other than war.

On the left side of the 7-inch digital instrument, an e-Power fuel-electric interface is added that can display the current power flow, allowing you to clearly understand the current system operation and battery status.
The center console is equipped with an 8-inch smart audio-visual multimedia system with very good picture quality and supports wired Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions.

Light, direct and smooth acceleration power

The power system used by Kicks e-Power and the power system equipped with X-Trail e-Power have the same operating principles and characteristics. Simply put, it uses a fuel engine to generate electricity (the engine is completely used as a generator). Use), and store the electricity in lithium batteries, and then drive the electric motor for power output, so you only need to refuel to achieve 100% pure electric drive, enjoy the advantages of "electric vehicles without charging" and avoid range anxiety . The Kicks e-Power is equipped with a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder NA gasoline engine and uses the same lithium battery and electric motor technology as electric vehicles. It can output 136hp, 28.5kgm maximum horsepower and peak torque, and the official maximum cruising range is 902 km. kilometers, and has an average fuel consumption performance of 22.0 km/L. In addition, Kicks e-Power also provides driving modes such as Eco/Normal/Sport. In Eco and Sport modes, the e-Pedal function will be automatically enabled to increase the cruising range with strong kinetic energy recharge.

The standard D-Shape multi-function leather steering wheel has four-way adjustment (the gasoline version has two-way adjustment), which can better meet the needs of different driving postures.

In fact, after pressing the switch on the road, the entire acceleration feels like an "electric car". The power output is direct and fast and instant. Especially with the blessing of the 28.5kgm torque peak, the entire starting acceleration and re-acceleration response at medium and low speeds are excellent. It is very light and smooth. Of course, such a reaction is not surprising, but the most admirable thing is that the adjustment of the entire power output is quite smooth, natural and easy to control, allowing people to easily control the entire power output characteristics and driving experience. . In the general D gear mode, the start is light and powerful but the output force is not too strong. However, the re-acceleration force emerges strongly after pressing the switch deeply, but the kinetic energy recovery force in this mode is the smallest. Then switch to the Sport mode. At this time, the acceleration power is more powerful and full and the output is rapid. At the same time, the kinetic energy recovery is strong. You can feel the obvious braking and deceleration force as soon as you turn off the pedal. This allows people to step on the pedal with one foot. Use the door to control the speed of the vehicle, but the force of the deceleration brake is a bit too strong, which can easily cause the vehicle to nod and make the passengers in the car uncomfortable. Therefore, you have to let your right foot adapt and control the timing of retracting and releasing the switch in order to drive fast. He was compliant and didn't nod his head.

The convenient, practical and safe VM 360-degree surround image assist and reversing camera system add points to safety equipment.

In addition, there is an "EV" mode button in front of the gear lever. After pressing it, the vehicle will drive completely electric. At this time, the engine will not intervene in charging, achieving the same silent driving state as an electric vehicle until the battery is about low. When around 30%, the engine will restart for charging to ensure that the lithium battery will not be over-discharged and affect its lifespan. In addition, if you press and hold the EV button, it will enter the Charge mode, which will force the engine to start to charge the battery.

The front seats have a nice shape and are quite comfortable to sit on, but the lack of electric adjustment function is a demerit.
The rear seat space and ride feel are no different from the gasoline version, but it is a pity that the center armrest is missing and the seat back angle cannot be adjusted.

Comfortable, smooth and quality driving experience

The chassis and suspension structure of Kicks e-Power are the same as the gasoline version, but surprisingly, it can bring a more comfortable and stable driving experience and better control performance than the gasoline version. Such good performance comes from the fact that its suspension damping and springs have been strengthened and adjusted. In addition, its overall counterweight and vehicle weight (1360 kg) are also different from the gasoline version (1194kg), so the suspension With greater toughness and a heavier bottom plate, not only the shock-absorbing effect and bounce-absorbing ability become better, but also the body can effectively absorb the body and let it return when quickly passing through uneven roads or ground seams. The stable speed becomes faster, especially the suspension's support and roll suppression capabilities are much better than the gasoline version. Coupled with the sharp steering, entering and exiting corners becomes smoother and smoother, so it is fully matched. With real-time power support to get out of corners, you can have fun racing on winding mountain roads.

This 1.2-liter 3-cylinder NA gasoline engine is mainly used as a generator. With the same lithium battery and electric motor technology as electric vehicles, it can provide a maximum power output of 136hp and 28.5kgm.
It is equipped with an electronic transmission-by-wire gear lever and has Eco/Normal/Sport driving modes. In Eco and Sport modes, the e-Pedal function will be activated to provide different "kinetic energy recovery" strengths.

Test drive testimonials~ Only after driving it can you know the value of millions

If you just walk into the showroom and look at the exterior and interior, you won't be able to feel the big difference between the Kicks e-Power and the gasoline version. But as long as you actually drive it on the road, I believe you will be attracted by the driving experience like this "electric car". It is quiet, comfortable, fast and aggressive, and the entire power output is adjusted very maturely and easily. The smoother and sharper handling performance compared to the gasoline version, as well as the lack of range anxiety caused by electric vehicles, I believe these are the most "million-dollar" value of Kicks e-Power. However, if we really want to completely capture and convince consumers, improved interior quality and a richer lineup of equipment are indispensable.

Thanks to the direct output of the electric motor and the full torque of 28.5kgm, Kicks e-Power feels like driving an electric car, which is both fast and powerful.
The abundant and powerful power is very mature and easy to control. Coupled with the crisp and smooth control and excellent cabin sound insulation, this car drives like a high-quality electric car.

Nissan Kicks e-Power spec sheet

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