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[First-hand test drive]Porsche Macan S, a low-key player

●Suggested selling price: 3.71 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 9.5km/L

●Original factory warranty of 4 years with no mileage limit

●What’s pleasing is that it has both ample driving kinetic energy and comfortable road texture.

●It’s a pity that the total amount of options is almost half of the car price

Among the facelifted Macan models introduced in China, the entry-level 2.0T model has become the best stepping stone for many consumers to advance into the Porsche family. The GTS model satisfies high-profile people who pursue passionate performance. As for the mid-level S model, I want both luxury, practicality and driving pleasure, and it is also praised for its comprehensive and balanced skills.

Continuing the more refined and dynamic appearance of the previous second minor facelift, the first impression of seeing the Macan S test drive this time still seems quite trendy and fashionable, and it is even hard to believe that this is a car that debuted in The evergreen car series at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. Of course, in addition to the more concise and capable front and rear bumper shapes after the facelift and the additional standard SportDesign exterior mirrors and other basic designs, the industry also contributed a lot to the many personalized accessories selected by the industry, such as The carbon fiber textured car side blade-shaped decorative panels, the fully blackened roof rack, window frames and model nameplate, as well as the 21-inch Exclusive Design Sport wheels painted in Vesuvius gray, can all create a distinctive look. Distinctive visual effects.

After the minor facelift, more emphasis is placed on the four-point LED daytime running light design in the headlight unit, and the light bar at the top of the front air dam integrates positioning light and direction light functions.
The test car is equipped with 21-inch Exclusive Design Sport wheels and is painted in Vesuvius Gray with special visual effects.
The car side blade-shaped decorative panels that offer a variety of material options are a major feature of the Macan series. The access steps are more decorative than actual needs.
The Macan S was originally equipped with quad exhaust tailpipes on both sides as standard, but the test car was changed to a high-gloss black finish due to the sports car-style exhaust system.
The rear of the car still uses 3D three-dimensional through-type taillights as the main visual focus. The test drive also uses high-gloss black configuration for the model nameplate and other parts.

Entering the cabin, you can see that the test car mainly maintains the black standard interior configuration, and also chooses a leather interior extension kit to expand the leather covering to the front end of the center console and the upper edge of the door trim. It is also matched with papaya that echoes the exterior color of the car. Orange contrasting stitching and carbon fiber textured decorative panels, while the tachometer and sports car chronograph package chronograph use a contrasting white background, bringing a more layered cockpit texture. In terms of equipment settings, the new version of the PCM communication management system operated through the 10.9-inch touch screen can support the Porsche Connect interconnection system and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone connection functions. It also comes standard with front and rear parking distance measurement assist + reversing camera assist. , smart keyless system and other practical projects. As for the ADAS active driving assistance system, it still maintains a single LDW lane departure warning configuration. Advanced systems such as lane change assist (blind spot warning), lane keeping assist and ACC smart cruise are all available at an additional price.

After the facelift, the interior decoration adds a new-generation family style to meet current preferences. Carbon fiber trim panels and contrasting stitching that echo the car color are optional.
The selected white tachometer/sports chronograph kit chronograph background color is particularly eye-catching in the almost completely black interior.
The central saddle also adopts a flat touch design on the facelifted new car, keeping up with the footsteps of other new generation family brothers.
The optional 18-way electrically adjustable dual front seats emphasize the enveloping nature of the sports car seats, and can also adjust the clamping degree of the waist and thighs respectively.

The second minor facelift of the Macan can be said to be a comprehensive upgrade in terms of power configuration. The Macan S tested this time has replaced the old 3.0L V6 turbo engine with a generationally updated 2.9L V6 twin-turbo unit. The maximum output is also The 354hp/48.9kgm has been increased to 380hp/53.0kgm compared to the previous GTS model. Driven by the 7-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic transmission, the acceleration from 0 to 100km/h is shortened by 0.3 seconds to 4.8 seconds, using sports car timing. The kit can be further advanced to 4.6 seconds to complete. It is worth mentioning that after continuous optimization and improvement of this 2.9L V6 twin-turbo engine, the lag that used to be a big difference in power output response before and after 2000rpm has been greatly reduced. Whether it is low-speed cruising in the city or accelerating in the middle, Both can provide smooth and linear acceleration, and the driving experience is much more comfortable and calm.

The facelifted Macan S is not only equipped with a 2.9L V6 turbo engine, but the maximum output is also set at the same 380hp/53.0kgm as the old GTS.

Thanks to the selected active air pressure suspension including the PASM active suspension adjustment system, the Macan S tested was able to demonstrate rapid and delicate early shock absorption capabilities without upgrading the 21-inch large rim tire settings. It has a dense and annoying vibration and bouncing feeling, so it can be easily used as a daily transportation or family outing car. When you want to enjoy the thrill of driving, switching to the Sport/Sport Plus mode can make the dynamic response of the whole car more sensitive and tight. , combined with the PTV Plus torque vectoring upgrade system, timely adjusts the speed difference between the rear wheels on both sides, enhancing the agility of the rear of the car while maintaining excellent tracking. Coupled with the brand's consistently sharp and precise steering feel, the overall driving pleasure is no less than A hatchback with a lower body and a compact body.

Test drive experience ~ Suitable for self-driving and home use

In addition to the common upgrades of the facelifted models to make them more comfortable and modern, the Macan S is equipped with a 2.9L V6 turbo engine with the same output as the old GTS, further enhancing the performance level. The only remaining question is how much budget to prepare. to create your ideal option list.

Porsche Macan S spec sheet

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