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[First-hand test drive]Super evolved Subaru Crosstrek 2.0 iS Eyesight

Domestic Taiwanese E-Mei Automobile has recently introduced the new third-generation Subaru Crosstrek model. In fact, Crosstrek is the name of the "XV" overseas model, and it is always called Crosstrek in the North American market. However, after the major facelift of the third generation, the original manufacturer unified the car name globally and called it Crosstrek to replace the original XV name. Not only that, the new model has also been improved in terms of appearance, cockpit layout and safety technology. Substantial updates and changes have been made, and even the power and chassis parts have been strengthened and re-adjusted. The evolution of the entire product's strength is quite impressive. Then let’s take a look at the combat performance of this new Crosstrek?

●Suggested selling price: 1.118 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 14.1km/L

●Pleasant features: The improvement of road texture and the blessing of SAWD four-wheel drive

●It is a pity that it is still a traditional double-ring pointer instrument.

The Crosstrek model currently sold in China only has a single 2.0-liter gasoline power setting, and the e-Boxer model with a light gasoline-electric configuration has not been introduced. Although it is a pity, the price of the 2.0-liter powered model is already higher than before. Judging from the increase of 40,000 yuan for the previous model, the price of the e-Boxer model will inevitably be higher if it is introduced, which will also directly affect its competitiveness in the market. Therefore, Taiwan Yimei's initial plan will only be 2.0 liters. NA gasoline models are the main ones. Although the new car’s price of 1.118 million yuan is not cheap, don’t forget that this car comes standard with a full-time AWD four-wheel drive system and X-Mode escape technology, plus there are more advanced EyeSight 4.0 safety driving assistance technology and other blessings, so for consumers who want to buy a crossover SUV with high safety specifications and light off-road capabilities, the Crosstrek is indeed a rare vehicle Good choice.

An unmistakable new look

Let’s first look at the Crosstrek’s body size. The length/width/height of the Crosstrek is 4480/1800/1600mm and the wheelbase is 2670mm. In addition to the same vehicle height, the vehicle length and wheelbase are slightly enlarged, and the vehicle height is also lower than the previous generation. 35mm, and the resulting overall aura is even lower, which has won the hearts of CUV and Hatch enthusiasts in one fell swoop. Looking at the entire exterior design, although it has a new look from beginning to end, it is still clearly identifiable as a member of Subaru. In addition to the brand's new generation "Bolder" design vocabulary as the main axis concept, the matching area The enlarged and eye-catching honeycomb hexagonal water tank guard, as well as the more slender and deeper eagle-eye-shaped LED headlights and the hood full of muscular lines, together with the large front and rear guards and irregular black scratch-resistant plastic materials The wheel arches outline a look that is both stylish, tough, rugged and off-road. As for the shape of the rear of the car, it is also fresh and familiar. In addition to the C-shaped LED blackened three-dimensional taillights with strong brand characteristics, as well as the strong textured sheet metal fold lines and thick rear bumpers, it also features irregular Black scratch-resistant plastic creates a lively visual experience. The overall look and feel not only inherits the original rugged spirit, but also shows the playful and charming charm of the next-generation car.

The length/width/height dimensions of the new Crosstrek have been adjusted to 4480/1800/1600mm, and the wheelbase has been slightly lengthened to 2670mm. The entire body contours and lines are stronger and more powerful than before.
In addition to the enlarged area of ​​the honeycomb hexagonal water tank guard, the black scratch-resistant plastic on both sides of the bumper is also thicker, giving the front of the car a more rugged look.
The shape of the headlights has become more slender and deeper than the previous generation, and the headlights, including the direction lights, use LED light sources. They also have functions such as active steering and automatic high-beam assist.
The blackened three-dimensional C-shaped taillight group is also a characteristic of Subaru models, and it also uses LED light source design.
The lower edge of the multi-layered rear bumper and both sides are covered with a large area of ​​black scratch-resistant plastic, making the rough off-road atmosphere more vivid and attractive.

Full-featured 11.6-inch touch screen

Like the exterior styling, the brand-new interior design of the new Crosstrek also gives people a novel but familiar visual experience, mainly because the three-spoke steering wheel and double-ring instrument are almost the same as the previous model, but the new console is decorated with shields. The 11.6-inch vertical audio-visual touch screen is quite stunning and is the most eye-catching feature in the cabin. In addition to the built-in Subaru Starlink system, it also has wireless support for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone link function, and almost all functions and information adjustment settings of the vehicle are integrated into this touch screen. Even X-Mode escape mode settings, vehicle drive output status, horizontal angle during travel, maintenance and other information can be transparently Use this screen to view and configure operations. However, it is a pity that the 12.3-inch digital instrument on the revamped Levorg is not available in the new Crosstrek. It is still presented with a traditional double-round pointer instrument and a central 4.2-inch display screen. Fortunately, although the screen is not big, it should have The driving information including time, temperature, average fuel consumption, driving time, tire pressure, and ACC icon and multimedia information display can be said to be quite complete.

The brand-new interior uses a multi-layered central control layout to bring a distinctive visual effect to the family. It is also designed with an eye-catching 11.6-inch vertical audio-visual touch screen as the main axis.
The three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel is exactly the same as the previous model, and even the positions of the audio/information on the left and ACC and I-Drive buttons on the right are the same as before.
It is a pity that the instrument panel still uses the traditional double round pointer instrument design with a 4.2-inch display screen.
The 11.6-inch vertical audio-visual touch screen has a built-in Subaru Starlink system and has wireless support for Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection functions.
The settings and adjustments of almost all functional systems of the vehicle can be operated through this screen, and even information such as vehicle drive output status, horizontal angle during travel, and maintenance records can be seen at a glance.
Although it is not equipped with a wireless charging stand for mobile phones, there is a set of AUX IN sound source ports and one USB-A and USB-C charging jack in front of the saddle.

In terms of equipment, such as three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel, shift paddles, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning, 10-way driver's seat/8-way electric adjustment function for the passenger seat, RVC reversing imaging system, dual-mode electric glass sunroof, ASS automatic The idle stall opening and closing device and the Si-Drive dual-mode power control system are all standard features of the imported models. As for the safety equipment, in addition to the standard 8 airbags, it is also equipped with an advanced version of the "EyeSight 4.0 intelligent driving safety assistance system", which mainly adds a wide-angle lens (three lenses in total), which can focus on intersections. Pedestrians on both sides of the zebra crossing and two-wheeled bicycles/motorcycles moving laterally at low speeds provide a more comprehensive detection function. This set of EyeSight 4.0, which complies with Level 2 standards, also includes ACC dynamic distance control and cruise control, LCF lane centering, LDP lane departure assist, LDW lane departure assist, PCB collision prevention automatic braking, and BSD blind spot detection. Warning, LCA lane change assist, RCTA rear side traffic alert, HBA high beam assist, AES emergency automatic steering assist and LVSA front vehicle departure warning system, etc. The specifications can be said to be quite complete.

The advanced version of the EyeSight 4.0 system comes standard, with a new wide-angle lens that can detect pedestrians at zebra crossings on both sides of intersections and bicycles/motorcycles moving horizontally at low speeds.

Enough space and good comfort

Although the length and wheelbase of the new Crosstrek are slightly enlarged, overall it does not affect the performance of the cabin space, and the tailoring design of both the front and rear seats is mainly wide and comfortable, although the coverage is mediocre. But it is quite comfortable to sit on and has good ergonomics. As for the rear seat space, based on the actual seating capacity of 175 adults, the distance between the knees and the back of the front seat is about 1 fist, and the seat cushion is large enough, and the leg support is considered good. However, the headroom is reduced by 35mm due to the height of the car, which means that the head is only about 0.5 fists away from the roof, but it is not oppressive. In addition, although there are two USB-A and USB-C charging jacks for rear seat passengers, it is a pity that the rear seat air-conditioning outlet is missing. As for the rear trunk space, it has a capacity of 354 liters under standard conditions, and a larger storage space can be expanded through the 6/4 split rear seats. Although the original manufacturer did not provide capacity data, this storage platform It's deep enough and quite square, while the flatness is pretty good.

The dual front seats covered in two-color leather material provide good riding comfort, and the driver's seat and passenger seat have 10-way/8-way electric adjustment functions respectively.
Although the knee and headroom in the rear seat are not very generous, it is sufficient, and the seat comfort and seat back angle are both good, except for the lack of rear seat air outlets.

Gentle and smooth acceleration performance

In terms of power performance, it continues the configuration of the previous model. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter Boxer horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine, matched with a Lineartronic CVT transmission system (providing SI-Drive power control mode switching), which can output 156hp, 20.0kgm maximum horsepower and of torque, and the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau is 14.1km/L.

In addition, Crosstrek also comes standard with SAWD symmetrical full-time four-wheel drive system and dual-mode X-Mode off-road escape technology (snow/sand, snow/mud mode), etc., giving Crosstrek excellent Off-Road off-road performance .

It is equipped with a 2.0-liter Boxer horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine, which can output 156hp, 20.0kgm of maximum horsepower and torque, and an average fuel consumption of 14.1km/L.
It adopts a CVT gearbox setting and must be equipped with the Si-Drive dual-mode power control system, which has two driving mode options: Sport/Intelligent.
The standard dual-mode X-Mode off-road escape technology has driving modes such as snow/sand, snow/mud mode, etc., giving it excellent off-road off-road performance.

Although the power system and output specifications have not changed, the original factory has adjusted the CVT transmission system to make the acceleration from starting and in the mid-low speed range lighter and smoother. However, it is an NA engine after all and is equipped with The setting of the CVT gearbox, therefore, still cannot give the driver more passion and momentum under heavy accelerator. Especially as the vehicle speed and rotation speed increase, the re-acceleration after reaching 100km/h has obviously slowed down. For For drivers who are accustomed to turbine power, the Crosstrek's power performance can only be said to be gentle and smooth. Perhaps it can use the manual automatic shifting function to obtain the desired power output point. Of course, it can also Through the Sport mode, you can get a more active and lively acceleration response.

The CVT gearbox has been adjusted to make the starting acceleration and re-acceleration response at medium and low speeds more brisk and smooth. However, as the vehicle speed increases, the power output slows down significantly, and the overall output is gentle and smooth.

Comfortable, yet clean and stable control

The new Crosstrek is also based on the SGP global modular chassis platform, but it also carries out strengthening engineering on the chassis structure and suspension rigidity to obtain better road texture and more stable dynamic control performance. This is indeed reflected in the actual driving process. It can be clearly felt in the car, especially the suspension damping and long-travel suspension settings that are still biased toward comfort and adjustment. It has the ability to better suppress vibration feedback when driving through potholes or uneven roads, although there will be more vibration when cornering. Obvious roll phenomenon occurs, but this roll reaction is not scary because of the vehicle's well-set center of gravity, good cornering stability, and the excellent SAWD full-time four-wheel drive system. It has good cornering tracking performance, so even if the vehicle speed is increased to enter and exit corners, the vehicle will still give the driver enough driving confidence. Although it is set for a CUV crossover SUV, the overall driving experience is close to that of a hatchback. Excellent performance. In addition, the X-Mode system also has a variety of modes to switch (snow/sand, snow/mud mode), so in terms of light off-road and escape capabilities, it is better than other competitors. Have a more absolute advantage.

Although the suspension is set to be comfortable, the combination of the smart steering response and the solid and tough SGP chassis with the proprietary SAWD full-time four-wheel drive system brings quite sharp and stable handling performance.

Test drive testimonials ~ Still high CP value performance

The Crosstrek is relaunched under a new name. Although the distinctive characteristics of previous Subaru can still be found in the major facelift, including the Boxer boxer engine, SAWD full-time four-wheel drive system and SGP global modular chassis, the above-mentioned These are all genes that give the car excellent physical performance, especially the off-road capability of the X-Mode escape technology. I believe it is a major reason for buyers to choose this car. In addition, the active safety technology has also been upgraded to the EyeSight 4.0 system. As well as new interior and exterior styling and updated equipment, etc., even if the price is higher, the CP value of the overall product is still quite high.

Subaru Crosstrek 2.0 iS Eyesight Spec Sheet

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