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[First-hand test drive]The exclusive manual transmission Ford Focus ST X 6MT

●Recommended selling price: 1.489 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 12.6km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit

●What’s nice about it is the technological level that keeps pace with the times.

●It’s a pity that the interior details are mediocre in texture

Although the current Focus ST received an enthusiastic response when it was first introduced, it was largely due to the seven-speed manual transmission setting introduced for the first time in the fourth-generation model. However, with the additional launch of the more practical Focus ST Wagon, it has become more popular. Let the five-door hatchback version return to the original intention of the hot-blooded steel cannon, allowing consumers who pursue driving pleasure to further enjoy the pure experience of using both hands and feet...

In fact, about a year and a half after the introduction of the fourth generation Focus ST, the industry took advantage of the opportunity to launch the 2022 model series and introduced the Focus ST manual hatchback version in a limited edition of 30 units. The Focus ST Wagon will also be added in mid-2021. The entry-level model named SLS Edition; and after a certain period of market sales testing, the facelifted Focus car series was released in early February this year. In addition to bringing more innovative interior and exterior styling, it also targets ST performance models. The composition has also been re-adjusted. The hatchback version is limited by the original factory's supply capacity and currently only offers a six-speed manual transmission configuration with a price of 1.489 million yuan. The Wagon station wagon version adopts a single model configuration of 1.569 million yuan.

Inevitably, the facelifted Focus ST adopts new head and tail styling common to the car series in the exterior part, including high-end Matrix LED dynamic lighting headlights designed with Japanese-style daytime running lights and a wrap-around light bar shape. LED taillights, enlarged octagonal water tank guard, etc., plus ST-exclusive configurations such as aerodynamic kit, gun gray 19-inch Y-shaped five-spoke wheels and large-diameter dual exhaust tailpipes, not only add novelty, but also It fully demonstrates the performance momentum it deserves; in addition, the hatchback version also provides the exclusive Mean Green bright green color used in the test drive, which can bring a more unique and eye-catching visual experience.

The headlights adopt a new style common to the facelifted models, and are equipped with a high-end Matrix LED matrix dynamic lighting system as standard.
The taillight group also adopts the wrap-around light bar shape after the minor facelift, and the blackened treatment is an exclusive configuration for ST performance models.
The gun gray 19-inch Y-shaped five-spoke wheels maintain the original style, and the tires are changed from Michelin PS4S to Pirelli P Zero.

Entering the cabin, the first thing that attracts attention is still the 13.2-inch central touch screen installed on the facelifted Focus car system. It is paired with the Sync 4 entertainment and communication integration system whose main interface is based on large information cubes, making the overall cockpit look modern. , a lot of technology, and the ST's exclusive flat-bottomed steering wheel, carbon fiber texture interior panels, Ford Performance sports car seats and many red stitching embellishments in the interior can also create a suitable passionate atmosphere; just for a car For a mid-sized hatchback worth 1.5 million yuan, the materials used in the center console, gearbox, door trim, etc. tend to be monotonous and mostly made of hard plastic. There is still a lot to be done in detail. Strengthened areas.

The interior changes are concentrated on the 12.3-inch digital instrument and 13.2-inch touch screen common to the car series, and there are no differences in the ST-specific sports configuration.
Replacing the Ford Performance sports car seats, the coverage is still excellent and has a convenient 10-way electric adjustment function.

The same as the previously tested Wagon version, this time the facelifted Focus ST has no changes in power configuration and chassis settings. It is also equipped with a 2.3L straight four-turbo engine with a maximum output of 280hp/42.3kgm. This car In addition, there is a CCD active suspension adjustment system. At the same time, in the six-speed manual configuration, it also provides two functions: Launch Control ejection start and exclusive reverse gear oil replenishment. The former can avoid excessive front wheel slippage at the moment of releasing the clutch to achieve the ideal For acceleration response, the latter needs to be adjusted to the sports or track driving mode. When downshifting, you will find that the computer automatically helps to replenish the oil and pull the gear. There is no need for the owner to practice heel and toe skills on his own, and he can also drive smoothly and freely on the winding mountain road. Taking advantage of the car's abundant power output, we also feel that the facelifted Focus ST has improved the sophistication of electronic controls such as the eLSD electronic limited-slip differential and ETS active body dynamics enhancement system, and the overall dynamic response is more impressive. It is smoother and neater, allowing people to enjoy the pleasure of driving more relaxedly and freely.

The facelifted Focus ST hatchback model uses a single configuration of a six-speed manual transmission to satisfy consumers who want to experience a pure hot-blooded steel gun.
It provides different driving mode choices such as standard, sports and track, taking into account different needs such as daily transportation and intense driving.
It is also equipped with a 2.3L straight-four turbo engine with a maximum output of 280hp/42.3kgm. The full low-speed torque can easily cope with different road conditions.
With the combination of the compact body and the eLSD electronic limited-slip differential, this car can still show very sharp and sharp steering response.

Test drive experience ~ The only choice for manual steel cannons

Even if the sales record is not impressive, the past few generations of Focus ST have still successfully attracted the attention of a group of manual transmission steel gun enthusiasts. Now, with the addition of the practical-oriented automatic transmission Wagon version, it is more attractive to passionate car owners who prefer neat driving skills. In other words, the hatchback version with a six-speed manual transmission has become the most natural and the only choice in the market.

Ford Focus ST MT FL spec sheet

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