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[First-hand test drive]The minimalist beauty of Range Rover Velar P250 Dynamic SE

This New Year-style minor facelift of the Range Rover Velar can be said to have given full play to its exquisite, simple and neat new design. In addition to the unique elegant and simple appearance, the new minimalist interior design makes it more attractive. The entire console and saddle only have a floating touch screen and a gear lever. The previous physical knobs and buttons have completely disappeared. This optimized design is very high-end and technological, and can be called "minimalist beauty." The ultimate display.

Suggested selling price: 3.53 million yuan

Average fuel consumption 11.9km/L

Delightful features: Exquisite and minimalist luxury cabin

Unfortunately, the acceleration power is less exciting.

Although the Range Rover Velar has been sold in China for more than 6 years, and the appearance has not changed during this period, the elegant and noble atmosphere and dynamic body shape exuded by the Velar still make people unconsciously Stop, savor and appreciate the design and beauty of every part of its shape. This is the unique and exclusive charm of Velar. This time, with the launch of the new year model, Velar has undergone a minor facelift project both inside and outside. Although the changes are not large, the extremely simplified cockpit design is impressive. There were no physical knobs or buttons in the middle. The console and saddle are also so refreshing and beautiful.

The models introduced for domestic sale this time are also divided into two grades: P250 S and P250 Dynamic SE. The new car prices are 3.13 million and 3.53 million yuan respectively. Both models have the same power configuration. The main difference is in the equipment. , the top-of-the-range P250 Dynamic SE model, which is the model tested this time, in addition to the standard Dynamic exclusive appearance and interior packages, it also has a full glass roof, Meridian sound system, sandalwood The black car interior roof and metal accelerator/brake pedals and other equipment, while the rim tires have also been upgraded from 19 inches to 20 inches, etc. These are the differences in equipment between the two models.

The test car was equipped with 22-inch 10-claw double-ribbed satin dark gray aluminum wheels and red brake calipers.

Simple yet still elegant and dynamic

The exterior modifications of Velar's minor facelift this time are not large. Basically, it still maintains the original elegant style and dynamic body shape. The most obvious change on the front of the car is to replace the original wavy lines of the water tank guard with a rectangular one. The appearance is dominated by the grille; in addition, although the outline of the LED light group at the front of the car has not changed, the internal LED light bar has canceled the square shape, and even the LED taillight group at the rear of the car has also adopted the same change, and has been modified to A more streamlined single line design. In addition, the test drive model is equipped with a black exterior package that makes all trim strips and nameplates of the entire car black, as well as a black roof with stronger visual contrast. This is combined with the newly launched models of the facelift model. The new car color of "Zadar Gray" makes the entire appearance more calm and restrained.

The outline of the high-end LED headlights remains unchanged, but the front end of the internal LED daytime running light bar has been eliminated from a square shape, making the visual experience more streamlined.
The previous wavy lines of the water tank guard have been replaced by a rectangular grille, which shows a more restrained and individual style.
The corrugated inner grille in the bumper air intake dam has not changed, and it also has an exclusive Dynamic appearance package as well as blackened trim strips and lower spoiler.
The red light guide strip in the LED taillight group also cancels the previous square shape and is replaced by a streamlined single line design.

Minimalist cockpit without knobs and buttons

The refreshing interior design can be said to be the focus of this minor facelift of Velar; first of all, although the size of the 12.3-inch digital virtual instrument panel has not changed, it has been replaced with a display interface of a new generation car. It also provides single-ring, Multiple display modes such as double ring and full map. Secondly, the center console has canceled the previous dual-screen configuration on the upper and lower floors, and has also been modified to replace it with the same 11.4-inch curved glass touch screen as the Range Rover. It also has the latest Pivi Pro multimedia system built-in.

In the minor facelift, all the knobs and buttons on the center console and saddle have been eliminated and integrated into the 11.4-inch Pivi Pro touch display screen on the console, giving the entire cabin a minimalist beauty.
The size of the 12.3-inch digital virtual instrument panel has not changed, but it has been replaced with a display interface for the new generation of the Land Rover family. It also provides a variety of display modes including single ring, double ring and full map.

After the upper and lower dual screens were cancelled, the physical knobs and buttons for air conditioning and volume originally located under the center console were also eliminated, and were directly covered with a large decorative panel. Even the central saddle below was left with only There is only one gear lever, which makes the entire console and saddle look very clean and refreshing, but it also means that all functional system operations and adjustments of the vehicle are concentrated on the multimedia screen on the console, and the car owner must spend time to It requires re-adapting to the entire operating procedure and logic. Although the technological content has improved, to be honest, the actual convenience of operation has not been significantly improved. After all, the physical knobs and buttons are intuitive and convenient to use. However, this newly configured Pivi Pro multimedia system still has its advantages, especially the remote update function. 80% of in-vehicle software, including the Pivi Pro system, navigation, vehicle diagnosis, chassis and power system, etc., can be updated through SOTA. , without the need to go back to the factory to update.

Equipped with the new generation Pivi Pro multimedia system, the side column of the display screen integrates the adjustment setting interface for air conditioning air volume/temperature, driving mode, navigation, radio, volume and vehicle functions.
The dual front seats, designed with a two-color leather mix, are not only comfortable and supportive, but also have 12-way electric adjustment for the driver's seat and 10-way passenger seat, as well as heating and ventilation functions.

The equipment part has also been upgraded and adjusted. For the test-driven P250 Dynamic SE model, in addition to the Dynamic exclusive exterior and interior packages, other standard items include a multi-functional leather electric-adjustable steering wheel, a 12-way driver's seat/10-way passenger seat Electric adjustment (ventilation, heating and driver's seat memory function), Meridian audio, dual-zone climate control, 11.4-inch Pivi Pro multimedia touch display, 12.3-inch fully digital instrument panel, fixed panoramic glass sunroof, 3D satellite navigation, Reversing camera assist, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, wireless mobile phone charging, induction electric opening and closing tailgate, and even a complete Level 2 smart driving assistance system are also standard features of this car.

The Velar P250 Dynamic SE was originally equipped with a fixed panoramic glass roof as standard, but the test drive was equipped with a "panoramic electric glass sunroof" as an option, so the front half can be opened.
The Velar P250 Dynamic SE comes standard with Meridian premium audio, but the Meridian 3D surround sound system can be optionally added for an additional NT$60,500.

Smooth and linear acceleration power

The power system has not changed. The Velar P250 Dynamic SE is still equipped with a 2.0-liter Ingenium inline 4-cylinder turbocharged engine, paired with an 8-speed ZF manual transmission and an IDD four-wheel drive system, providing track/ECO/comfort / Switch between 6 driving modes such as grass, gravel, snow/mud/sand, etc. The maximum horsepower and torque output are 250hp and 37.2kgm. The original 0~100km/h acceleration is 7.5 seconds, and the average fuel consumption is 11.9km/L. . In addition, the test drive model is equipped with the optional "Dynamic Driving Package", which includes sports car-like personal settings, electronic pneumatic suspension, active dynamic control system and red brake calipers. It can even further adjust the engine, steering, gear shifting, Suspension and other parts are adjusted to meet the driver's current driving needs.

The imported P250 S and P250 Dynamic SE models are both equipped with a 2.0-liter straight-four turbocharged engine with maximum horsepower and torque output of 250hp and 37.2kgm, and can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 7.5 seconds.
There is only a lone gear lever left in the center saddle. The built-in 8-speed ZF manual transmission is very smart and active, making the upshift rhythm during straight-line acceleration quick and smooth.
In addition to the general comfort, ECO and track modes, the test car also comes standard with driving mode switching that can cope with terrains such as grass/gravel/snow, mud and sand.

With a power output of 250hp and 37.2kgm corresponding to the Velar's weight of nearly 1.9 tons, the overall power acceleration response is brisk. Although it is not fast or slow, it does not feel sluggish and weak; while the re-acceleration in the middle and rear sections is also smooth. It is very smooth and linear. Although it lacks a sense of passion, it is more than enough for daily needs. Especially after switching to track mode and transmission S sport mode, the entire throttle and transmission response become more sensitive. It is active, and it also releases more abundant and energetic acceleration force. Even if it cannot be called powerful, it is quite enjoyable.

The overall power acceleration performance is smooth and linear, but the output under heavy throttle is quite abundant, but it still lacks some blood and passion.

Handy control feeling

In addition to Velar's very tough body rigidity, the front double A-arm and rear multi-link suspension system made of all-aluminum alloy also brings a solid and solid chassis structure, coupled with this car's optional electronics The air-pressure suspension not only has excellent handling capabilities on uneven roads or potholes to improve ride comfort, but the soft but tough suspension can also bring good road texture and stable control performance, especially when facing The precise and sharp steering and the smooth dynamic response of the body during mountain road curves give the driver a high degree of confidence in driving. As long as the speed of the vehicle entering and exiting the curve is properly controlled, the car can be driven smoothly and easily. It's not even inferior to its German luxury brand rivals.

This car is equipped with an optional dynamic driving package. In addition to the electronic pneumatic suspension, there is also a Dynamics sports car personal setting system that can individually adjust settings for the engine, steering, gear shifting and suspension.
In addition to its calm and smooth driving experience, Velar's overall road feel is as excellent as the high-quality layout in the cabin, and it also has excellent ride comfort and cabin quietness.

Test drive remarks~Everything is on the screen

Range Rover Velar, which has always maintained its elegant temperament and dynamic figure, can be said to have brought "subtractive aesthetics" to the extreme during the entire facelift project. In particular, the minimalist interior style change is even more impressive. It is difficult to imagine the entire facelift. There are no knobs or buttons visible on the console and saddle. This technological presentation of "everything is on the screen" is truly amazing. However, under this change, in addition to taking some time to understand and adapt to the operation and use of the entire system, we also have to overcome the difficulty of selecting and setting many system functions that require entering more layers of menus. Inconvenience is also the most questionable aspect after high technology.

Range Rover Velar spec sheet

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