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[First-hand test drive]The new domestically produced fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail, the new mainstay of light petrol and electric power

After trying out the "electric" driving experience brought by the new generation of X-TrailX e-Power, it is finally the turn of the real market sales force, which is the new domestically produced fourth-generation heavily modified X-Trail light petrol-electric model. Although there is a price difference of nearly 300,000 yuan between this light petrol-electric flagship model and the e-Power model, it has almost the same interior and exterior styling, even excellent interior texture, spacious and flexible passenger space and a A complete set of Level 2 ProPilot safety technologies are also provided, plus a wealth of equipment with little difference, as well as more advantageous tax and fuel consumption performance brought by the new 1.5-liter light oil-electric turbine power. , the overall product strength can be said to be much improved, and it has the ability to compete head-on with strong competitors such as Toyota RAV4, Mazda CX-5, Ford Kuga, Hyundai Tucson L, and the newly launched Honda CR-V.

Text/Yang Zhihan, Picture/Gu Zongtao

  • ●Suggested selling price: 1.239 million yuan
  • ●Average fuel consumption 17.5km/L
  • ●Pleasant features: Equipped with rich technologies and excellent interior quality
  • ●Unfortunately, there is no four-wheel drive option
The domestic version of X-Trail and the imported e-Power model are almost identical in body outline and basic structure. They also have sharp, tough and muscular styling.

Yulon Nissan officially released the new generation of X-Trail e-Power model on February 14 this year, and this year’s quota of only 600 units has already been sold out during pre-sales. The overall market sales response has been excellent, and this has also continued This has greatly aroused consumers' expectations for the new domestic version of X-Trail. Coupled with the launch of the new generation Honda CR-V, a strong competitor, Yulon Nissan has started pre-production of the domestic X-Trail light petrol-electric model as early as early August. sales activities, and was officially launched on September 19. However, what is quite special is that this time, the sales of domestically produced X-Trail light petrol-electric models include, in addition to the commonly sold "passenger and cargo" models such as the classic version, pilot version and flagship version, there are also models that are produced to order. The "passenger car" model also distinguishes the above three models and all settings are the same as the passenger car model. The only difference is that the rear compartment of the passenger car certification does not have the configuration of a legal structure rod. It is specially designed for people who want to buy it as a "passenger car" It is planned and set up according to the consumer group of "Business Vehicles". As for the test drive model this time, it is a top-spec flagship model that belongs to the "passenger car" version, so the crossbar configuration is not visible in the rear compartment, but all the settings are the same as the flagship version of the passenger truck, only the price is different. The difference is that the prices of the three models certified as "passenger cars" are NT$100,000 more expensive than those of "passenger trucks".

The large V-Motion water tank guard adopts the family design vocabulary. The interior is designed with a square strip-shaped inner grille treated with black steel paint, and thick chrome trim strips are used to enhance the visual texture.
The highly recognizable separate LED headlight set has daytime running lights and direction lights on the top, and an LED headlight design on the bottom.

A tough and muscular look

The appearance of the domestic version of X-Trail is almost the same as that of the e-Power model, with only some differences in details. Therefore, without comparing the two cars side by side, it is difficult to tell who is who. The e-Power and e-4ORCE nameplates on the side and rear of the car are used to identify the vehicle. As for the difference in appearance between the two cars, the V-Motion water tank guard on the front of the car is decorated with a thicker chrome trim strip, and the fog lamp holders on both sides of the front bumper have also been replaced with new styles; The most obvious difference on the side of the car is the replacement of smaller 18-inch multi-frame two-color cutting aluminum rims (e-Power is a 19-inch five-frame style). As for the rear of the car, in addition to not having an inlaid nameplate, the shape of the silver lower fender of the domestic X-Trail model is also different. Others include the separated LED headlight design, new-generation V-Motion water tank guard, 3D LED optical flow taillights and floating roof impression, which are all the same as the e-Power model. Of course, the body contour is full of hardcore and muscular. The front and rear silver anti-collision panels that bring a rough off-road atmosphere and the black scratch-resistant plastic surrounding the body are also completely retained, making the domestic X-Trai an SUV that is both dynamic and trendy and full of hardcore off-road style.

The blackened 3D LED optical flow taillights are the visual focus of the rear of the car, and the U-shaped LED light guide strips inside are even more eye-catching, and the lighting effect at night is quite good.
Under the multi-layered rear bumper, there is a large area of ​​​​silver anti-collision plate, which further enhances the rough appearance.
The thick D-pillars and the two-tone body create the visual impression of a floating roof, and the spoiler, trim panels on both sides of the tailgate and shark fin antenna are all painted in black.
The domestic X-Trail light petrol-electric model is equipped with 18-inch multi-frame two-color cutting aluminum rims as standard, and the tires are Maxxis M3 Bravo HP (235/60 R18).

High-quality interior and luxurious equipment

Unsurprisingly, the interior design of the domestic version of X-Trail is very different from the e-Power model. The only differences are the shape of the gear lever on the saddle and the design of the rear driving mode switching device. The domestic X-Trail uses an up and down lever. (Standard/Energy Saving/Sport) mode, while e-Power has a round knob design (Standard/Energy Saving/Sport/Off-Road/Snow), and the layout of other parts is the same. But the most admirable thing is that e-Power’s cabin atmosphere, which is both technological and high-quality, has also been fully applied to the domestic version of X-Trail, not only making the domestic X-Trail a flagship with more than one million It has the exquisite and high-quality level that an SUV should have, and it also brings a textured and atmospheric performance that is superior to competitors in the same level.

The cabin layout design is almost the same as that of the e-Power model, which is both elegant and stable. It is covered with a large area of ​​leather with hairline decorative panels and chrome trim strips, creating a refined and high-quality cabin atmosphere.
The original manufacturer specially emphasized that the new-generation three-spoke steering wheel of the domestic X-Trail is covered with "top-grade cowhide", which has excellent texture and touch.

Indeed, in the original imagination, the quality of the interior materials of the lower-priced domestic version of X-Trail might not be as good as that of the e-Power model. However, after seeing the actual car, I found that the domestic X-Trail was actually completely By comparison, the entire cockpit, including the center console, door panels, central saddle and armrests, is covered with a large area of ​​leather, and is matched with all car seats covered in woven leather and hairline decorative panels. The decoration of chrome trim strips makes the entire cabin feel outstanding and luxurious. In addition, even the luxurious and rich equipment is not to mention. For the top-spec flagship version tested, except that the power system is different and it is not equipped with the e-4ORCE electronic four-wheel drive system, its interior equipment is the same as that of the e-4ORCE electronic four-wheel drive system. Compared with the -Power model, it only lacks the panoramic electric sunroof, electric leather steering wheel with additional heating function, dual front seat heating devices and HDC downhill braking assist system. Other features such as dual-zone independent constant temperature air conditioning, multi-function leather steering wheel, and Gear paddles, 12.3-inch digital instrument, 12.3-inch digital audio and video host (supports wireless/wired Apple CarPlay & wired Android Auto), 10.8-inch HUD head-up display, dual front seats with electric 8-way adjustment function, 3D super body-sensing pressure relief leather seats, satellite Navigation system, wireless mobile phone charging stand, multiple driving modes, LED front seat atmosphere lights, Bose premium audio, AVM 360-degree surround view imaging system and kick-sensitive electric tailgate are all standard equipment of the flagship version, so even if the price is It is reasonable for a rising tide to lift all boats to 1.239 million yuan.

The display quality of the 12.3-inch digital audio and video host is above the standard. In addition to the built-in navigation and 360-degree surround image assistance system, it can also support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection functions.

In addition, in terms of active safety technology equipment, the domestic X-Trial is also equipped with a complete set of Level 2 "ProPILOT" smart driving safety systems as standard, including ICC intelligent full-speed range cruise control, LKA lane keeping assist, TJP Traffic Jam Assist, IEB Anti-Collision Emergency Braking, P-IEB Pedestrian Anti-Collision Emergency Braking, RR-AEB Rear Emergency Braking, LDP Lane Departure Prevention, LDW Lane Departure Warning, FCW Forward Collision Warning, PFCW Beyond Visual Range Vehicle collision warning, BSW blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear side warning and DAA fatigue driving warning system, etc.; in addition, there is also an AI intelligent driving assistance system, which can accurately control vehicle steering and power through new calculation logic, which can When there are large trucks and connected vehicles in adjacent lanes, the distance between the vehicle and the large workshop can be automatically adjusted to ensure driving safety.

Mid-range Pilot models and above are equipped with a wireless charging stand as standard, and provide USB-A/USB-C and 12 V power sockets.
The 10.8-inch digital head-up display can support display of driving information including vehicle speed, navigation routes, music entertainment and smart travel technology.

The rear seat is spacious and comfortable, and the passenger function is flexible

All seats in the car are designed with 3D super body-sensing pressure relief seats, allowing both front and rear seat passengers to have a comfortable riding experience. In particular, the dual front seats also have 8-way electric adjustment functions and 2-way electric adjustment functions. The lumbar support is also equipped with 2 sets of memory settings to fit the two front-seat occupants. When an adult with a height of 175cm actually rides in the rear seat, the distance between the knees and the back of the front seat is about 1.5 fists, and the distance between the head and the roof is about 2 fists. The spaciousness is quite sufficient, and the back seat is made of soft and hard foam. In addition to being moderate, it can also slide forward and backward greatly, and the seat back also has 7 levels of angle adjustment, so you can find the most comfortable sitting posture. In addition, the air outlet of the rear seat is equipped with a cold room to serve, making it relaxed, comfortable and enjoyable; if you really want to be picky, the seat It would be perfect if the length of the pad could be longer to provide more adequate leg support.

In addition to being very covering and supportive, the dual front seats also have 8-way electric adjustment and 2 sets of memory setting functions.
Not only is the rear seat quite spacious with knee and head room, the seat also has front and rear sliding functions and a 7-stage angle adjustment function for the seat back. In addition, the opening angle of the rear seat door reaches 85 degrees, making getting in and out of the car very easy and spacious.

As for the rear luggage compartment space performance, it has 647 liters under standard conditions. The data for the 4/2/4 separated rear seat backs has not been released, but the flatness after the rear seat backs are folded forward is quite good. . In addition, the rear trunk floor is a double-layered design using two detachable floor plates. Therefore, not only can things be stored under the floor, but the floor can also be lowered to raise the storage height or raised to become a partition, making the rear trunk more accessible. It has richer and more flexible storage functions.

There are air-conditioning outlets and two sets of charging holes (USB-A/USB-C) behind the center armrest, which are quite considerate for rear-seat passengers.

Light fuel, electricity, fuel saving, smooth and powerful acceleration

The power system is the biggest change in this domestic facelift of the X-Trail. The previous 2.0 or 2.5-liter NA engine configuration is canceled and replaced with the same 1.5-liter VG-Turbo variable compression ratio turbo as the e-Power model. The high voltage engine is the main power source, coupled with a 12V electric energy auxiliary system, including a "12V lead-acid battery" that provides electric energy for the vehicle's electrical system, and a "12V lithium battery" that is responsible for providing electric motor power and vehicle electrical energy. "Pool", in addition, there is an "electric motor" dedicated to light oil and electricity, which uses battery power to provide auxiliary power and quickly start the engine. This is coupled with a new generation CVT transmission with an enlarged gear ratio range and higher transmission efficiency. box, the X-Trail light petrol-electric power system not only has a maximum horsepower of 204hp and a maximum torque output of 30.6kgm, but also increases the average fuel consumption to 16km/L. Compared with the previous model, the horsepower, torque and fuel consumption and energy saving are increased by 20% and 28% respectively. % and 30%.

The new generation of domestically produced X-Trail is equipped with a 1.5-liter VC-Turbo variable compression ratio turbine engine imported from Japan and equipped with a 12V light oil-electric system, which can output 204hp and 30.6kgm of maximum horsepower and torque.

After actually driving on the road, you can first feel the exquisite running quality and excellent quietness of this 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine. Thanks to the electric motor assistance under the 12V light petrol-electric system, the vehicle can accelerate whether it is starting from the start or driving. The re-acceleration response at medium and low speeds is quite light and smooth, especially with the sensitive and efficient transmission characteristics of the CVT gearbox. The acceleration power after stepping on the accelerator can be said to be instantaneous, even in the mid-to-high speed range when re-acceleration exceeds the speed limit. The driving force is very abundant and full. Even if there is no strong sprinting feeling and back-to-back feeling after turning on the turbine, it is still capable of climbing hills or accelerating overtaking. Especially during the acceleration process, the timely auxiliary power output of the 12V electric motor makes people feel comfortable. You won't feel obvious turbo lag, which makes the entire acceleration response quite timely, smooth and linear. In addition, this light petrol-electric system not only provides auxiliary power during acceleration, but also reduces fuel consumption. efficiency, so the overall engine power performance is very remarkable.

Paired with a CVT gearbox with a wider gear ratio range and better transmission efficiency, the average fuel consumption increases to 16km/L.

In addition, another thing worth appreciating is that the coordination between the 1.5-liter turbo engine and the 12V light oil-electric system is quite mature. In addition, this car has a double-layer front gear and dual front seats. The sound-insulating glass design, as well as the use of silent materials in the engine room firewall, cabin and chassis, etc., make the cabin quieter and have excellent shock-absorbing effects when driving.

Through the D-MODE switch button, three driving modes, including Sport, Standard and ECO, can be selected to correspond to driving needs.

Comfortable, easy to drive, and stable enough

According to the data, the new domestic X-Trail light petrol-electric model is made of more than 50% high-rigidity steel, and the proportions of front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension structures and aluminum alloys are the same as those of imported e- The same as the Power model; in addition, seven panel parts including the hood, front fenders, and front and rear doors are also made of aluminum alloy. Therefore, in addition to a 30% weight reduction compared to the previous generation, the impact absorption performance has also been improved. 50%, which is the most substantial contribution to driving safety, and even the overall handling performance gives people a refreshing feeling.

With the assistance of 12V light oil and electricity technology, the overall acceleration performance is quite brisk, timely, smooth and efficient. In addition, the sound insulation in the cabin and the refinement of engine operation are also outstanding, with almost no noise and vibration during operation.

The product positioning of the X-Trail light gasoline-electric version is still a mid-sized SUV that appeals to family use, so the suspension settings are still longer and softer for comfort. However, even so, in a car that focuses on comfort, In terms of suspension tuning, the shock absorbers with sufficient flexibility perform very well in supporting performance when cornering. The roll suppression effect in the entire curve is good. In addition, the body rigidity and chassis solidity are sufficient, so whether it is high speed The dynamic stability performance when cornering or changing lanes is very good, and the front directionality and steering response of the steering wheel are also more precise and flexible than expected, so it can not only provide a ride that has both road feel but also comfort. In addition to performance, it can also bring a high degree of driving confidence to the driver. Even though there is still a gap between the tough and flexible control performance of European models, no matter in terms of road texture, ride comfort, cabin quietness, dynamic stability and control, etc. The performance is much better than that of the previous generation model, and it is a medium-sized SUV that can satisfy most family car preferences.

Although the suspension is a comfort-oriented setting, the excellent body rigidity and chassis solidity, coupled with the flexible shock absorber adjustment, not only give the vehicle excellent road texture, ride comfort and dynamics The stability performance also gives the driver a high level of control and driving confidence.

Test Drive Remarks~Hard Power Challenges Many Hands

Judging from the overall interior and exterior texture, high-tech content, turbine light gasoline-electric power, and cabin passenger space, the new generation of domestically produced X-Trail light gasoline-electric models indeed have sales that are not inferior to those of many domestic competitors in the same class. The rich equipment and high-standard driving assistance technology make this new car have the ability to compete in the top sales of this segment of the market, even with strong competitors such as CR-V, Kuga, Tucson L and HS. Higher and higher, and share a certain market share.

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