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[First-hand test drive]The unique Porsche 718 Cayman Style Edition

Text/Photo by Zhuang Zhixian/Gu Zongtao

  • ●Suggested selling price is NT$4.11 million
  • ●Average fuel consumption 12.9km/L
  • ●Original factory warranty of 4 years with no mileage limit
  • ●Lovely features: personalized appearance, excellent driving pleasure
  • ●Unfortunately, the multimedia system is slightly outdated

For countless car fans around the world, the reason why Porsche's two-door sports car series is so charming is not only the unique driving pleasure, but also the distinctive streamlined and dynamic styling of the family. Therefore, the original factory has specially launched a number of additional kits. The embellished 718 Boxster/Cayman Style Edition allows car owners who like to express their personal characteristics to express themselves.

The additional racing stripe decoration on the front compartment lid can be selected in black or white, and the main neon star glass peach car color pays tribute to the 911 Carrera RS of the 964 generation.

The 718 Cayman Style Edition test car provided by Porsche Taiwan this time adopts the neon star glass peach car color that was the main color when it was launched by the original manufacturer. It is matched with racing stripe decoration on the front compartment lid and white stickers with PORSCHE wording on the doors on both sides. , whether it is driving or parked on the roadside, it is no less eye-catching than tens of millions of supercars, and this car color is a modern interpretation of the legendary car color from the 964 generation 911 Carrera RS. It is unique and eye-catching. The meaning of paying tribute to the classics is included.

In terms of detailed design, this car provides two contrasting color kits, black or white, for car owners to choose from for free. In addition to the above-mentioned sticker set, it also includes black or white high-gloss paint for the rims and rear models. As for the rims, they are directly marked. It is equipped with a 20-inch five-spoke double-rib style that was exclusive to the 718 Spyder in the past, and is equipped with a full-color shield-shaped emblem on the center hole cover, plus a black exhaust tailpipe with dual central outlets at the rear and a high-gloss silver rear end. The brand words immediately increase the overall dynamic level and visual tension.

This car comes standard with 20-inch 718 Spyder wheels and colored center caps, and can be painted in silver, gloss black or white for free.
The brand and model lettering on the rear of the car provide a variety of color options, which can be flexibly changed according to the owner's preference or the overall body color.

Inside the car, the Style Edition’s standard black leather interior kit and wax gray contrasting stitching lay a good foundation for the cabin’s texture. The self-illuminating stainless steel door sill pedals and headrests are also embossed with the factory logo, which is optional for an extra fee for general models. Included together, even the equipment section is directly equipped with multi-function sports car-style steering wheel, cruise control system, front and rear parking ranging radar + rear-view camera, dual-zone constant temperature air conditioning and other practical and convenient items as standard equipment. It is a pity that because The 718 car series has been launched for a long time, and the PCM communication management system installed on the car cannot be upgraded to new generation specifications. Therefore, in addition to the overall interface design and functions being relatively new, the only popular smartphone connection method nowadays is Apple CarPlay. Android users like me can only play music through Bluetooth and cannot enjoy other integrated functions such as navigation.

The sports car-style exhaust system includes a mid-mounted dual-output high-gloss black exhaust tailpipe, which is also standard on this car. It is eye-catching and provides a richer exhaust sound.

Because it emphasizes personalized styling, the 718 Boxster/Cayman Style Edition is similar to the entry-level model in terms of power and chassis. It is equipped with a 2.0L horizontally opposed four-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum output of 300hp/38.7kgm, and a seven-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic Driven by the automatic transmission, it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.7 seconds, with a top speed of 275km/h. The performance specifications may seem mediocre, but thanks to the compact body size, lightweight body of less than 1.4 tons, and the inherent weight advantage of the MR configuration, this car can still perform on winding mountain roads that most two-door sports cars cannot match. Flexible dynamic response and sharp and bright steering feel make it much easier to deal with tricky continuous curves that usually need to be dealt with carefully.

The standard black leather interior kit and wax gray contrasting stitching lay a good foundation for the cabin's texture. Unfortunately, the PCM communication management system is indeed a bit outdated.
The shape of the sports car seat is not exaggerated but the coverage is good. It also comes with convenient functions such as electric adjustment of the seat back and electric heating.

Different from ordinary models, the tire size of this car has been upgraded to 235/35R20 in the front and 265/35R20 in the rear according to the 20-inch Spyder rims. This corresponds to a power output that is not sufficient. Sometimes you feel that the initial acceleration force is too soft and very powerful. The grip of the car also makes the rear of the car lose some of the flexible rear-wheel drive fun of freely roaming with the throttle opening when cornering, but it can provide a very safe and confident driving experience for novice drivers who are coming into contact with it for the first time. This is a good thing; in addition, for consumers who drive this car frequently on a daily basis, it is recommended to use the PASM active suspension adjustment system as in the test drive. In normal mode, it can effectively reduce the risk of the 20-inch large tire bead easily causing The intensive bouncing feeling, switching to the Sport Plus driving mode can also automatically adjust the hardness to meet the needs of intense driving.

The embossed factory logo on the headrests that many car fans love is one of the standard items of this car, and the green shark blue seat belts once again highlight the freedom of color matching.
The PDK gear lever is covered with Race-Tex material to add a sports car feel, and the control button below can be adjusted at any time according to driving needs.

Test drive experience~Show your own style

As the name suggests, the overall setting of the 718 Cayman Style Edition is to emphasize individual appearance. Whether you want to be eye-catching or low-key and refined, you can create it yourself. In addition to the original excellent driving pleasure of the 718 car series, for those who want to own it Coupe consumers shouldn't miss it.

This car can display flexible and dynamic responses on winding mountain roads that most two-door sports cars cannot match, and its sharp and crisp steering feel is even more unforgettable.

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