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[First-hand test drive]Wildly beautiful Porsche 911 Dakar

●Suggested selling price: 12.08 million yuan (2024 model)

●Average fuel consumption 9.2km/L

●Original factory warranty of 4 years with no mileage limit

●Pleasant features: Unexpected on-road driving fun

●It is a pity that it is difficult to have the opportunity to experience the cross-country strength

I believe everyone has seen many reports of the 911 Dakar challenging various off-road roads, so this time we only focused on the dynamic performance on ordinary roads to see what the high chassis tuning to cope with off-road needs will bring to the control fun that 911 is known for in the past. How much impact...

The 911 Dakar, which was born to show the infinite possibilities of the 911 model and pay tribute to the 1984 Dakar Rally Championship car, made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2022. In addition to the usual announcement of the sales price of 12.06 million yuan (2023 model), Porsche Taiwan The price, we also got a first look at the real car during the facelifted Cayenne media test drive event held in July 2023. Now we finally have the opportunity to go on the road for a test drive and experience first-hand the difference in dynamic performance in addition to the unique appearance. .

Wonderful visual impact

Readers who are familiar with rally cars should know that in the past, there were classic cars such as the Audi Sport Quattro and Lancia Stratos that used a heightened two-door sports car style. However, firstly, because these cars are so old, they have almost never been seen in person. Secondly, The Porsche 911's low-slung coupe is so impressive that even after spending most of the day with the 911 Dakar on the day of the test drive, I still have an indescribable and wonderful taste when looking at the appearance, and this uniqueness is very important to ordinary people. I believe it is quite novel, and it attracts even more attention when driving on the road than the 911 GT3 Touring and other cars that were previously tested.

In terms of appearance design, although the ground clearance of the 911 Dakar chassis is 50mm higher than that of the 911 Carrera with sports car suspension, it does not actually give people the feeling that the body is significantly raised. Instead, it has front and rear bumpers with stainless steel lower guards. With side skirts, widened black wheel arches, and Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus all-terrain tires with particularly thick treads, they can better demonstrate the off-road style that is ready to leave the asphalt road at any time. At the same time, the test car also has an exclusive roof. The luggage rack can supply the power required for the high-brightness auxiliary headlights in front through the reserved power interface on the roof, further highlighting the rugged travel atmosphere; in addition, in order to achieve lightweight needs, this car has also been replaced with 911 GT3 The CFRP front cover with air-guiding design and the newly developed lightweight CFRP fixed spoiler rear wing, combined with the selected carbon fiber rearview mirror and triangular window trim, can still see the consistent sports car nature of the car series.

The 911 coupe, which has always been about being low to the ground, has been given a heightened crossover style, and the wonderful feeling it creates is hard to fully describe even after spending a day together.
The front compartment cover is made of CFRP lightweight material and has two exhaust holes designed like the GT3.
A stainless steel lower guard plate common to off-road vehicles is added to the bottom of the front bumper, and the fixed tow hook is painted in red.
The black wheel arches and off-road tires are definitely the most iconic appearance features of this car. The exclusive five-spoke wheels can be painted in matte black or white.
The test car's rearview mirror and triangular window trim are all decorated with carbon fiber materials, which not only gives it a rough off-road style, but also makes it look classy.
The optional roof rack contains high-brightness auxiliary headlights for off-road use. Do not turn them on on ordinary roads to avoid disturbing other passers-by.
The fixed spoiler and rear wing are also made of CFRP lightweight material, and will be painted in white along with the body in the rally design package.
The model lettering on the rear of the car is presented in matt black, and the black brand lettering and blackened taillights create a more integrated look.
The rear bumper also adds a stainless steel lower guard plate and a red tow hook design, and the large-diameter sports car-style exhaust pipes on both sides can also be selected in silver style.

Exclusive interior details

The cabin layout basically maintains the simple technological style of the 992 generation, and has made differentiated adjustments to many details, such as a pure two-seater racing bucket seat similar to the GT3, black hairline aluminum alloy door sill pedals with exclusive model lettering, The standard Race-Tex interior is finished with Phantom Green contrast stitching, Phantom Green trim strips echoing the exclusive metallic paint car color, and a limited numbered silver exclusive nameplate. As for the six-point seat belts and anti-roll protection on the test car, The cage and other configurations come from the optional rally sports package. If you want to be different, you can also choose the rally design package, which will use Race-Tex and leather extended wrapping interior with blue shark blue seat belts and other embellishments. .

The changes in the interior are not as obvious as the exterior, and the overall simplicity of the 992 generation is still maintained.
There is a limited numbered exclusive silver nameplate and Phantom Green trim strip in front of the passenger seat, highlighting the unique identity of this car.
It comes standard with an aluminum alloy pedal set and black hairline aluminum alloy door sill pedals with the model name, but the test car's model name is a customized version.
Combat-style dual front racing bucket seats are standard, while six-point harnesses come from the optional Rally Sport package.

In response to the special limited edition status of this car, the standard items are much richer than those of ordinary 911 models, such as Exclusive Design fuel tank cap, lighting design kit, aluminum alloy pedal set, aluminum alloy PDK gear lever, 360-degree surround view auxiliary photography and Bose The surround sound system, etc., the car's headliner, A/B/C pillar trim and sun visors are also covered with Race-Tex suede material. In addition, Race-Tex that can be seen on the test car is also provided. Personalized items such as Tex central storage box and body-color painted keys allow you to build your car according to your own preferences as long as you have enough budget.

The optional Subsecond Design computer is made by Porsche Design, and its exquisite texture is worth pondering again and again.
This car also provides a variety of personalized optional accessories, such as Race-Tex central storage box and body-color painted keys.

Turbo has more than enough punch

The new 911 Dakar is equipped with the same 3.0L horizontally opposed six-cylinder turbo engine and full-time four-wheel drive system as the 911 Carrera 4 GTS. The maximum output of 480hp/58.1kgm is driven by an eight-speed PDK dual-clutch automatic manual transmission. It accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds, only 0.1 seconds slower than the latter. This is mainly due to the fact that in addition to the aforementioned lightweight materials, the 911 Dakar also uses lightweight glass and lightweight batteries to further control the vehicle weight at 1,605kg. , it is only slightly heavier than the Carrera 4 GTS with PDK configuration. Although the top speed is limited by the all-terrain tires and is electronically limited to 240km/h, it is more than enough in the general domestic road environment.

The power configuration is comparable to the 480hp/58.1kgm of the 911 GTS, and it can complete 0~100km/h in 3.4 seconds.

Due to the smooth torque output and the smart control of the PDK manual transmission, driving the 911 Dakar can be said to be quite relaxed and comfortable in most road conditions, whether it is dealing with stop-and-go urban roads or high-speed cruising where you occasionally need to overtake slower vehicles. Or traveling on a winding mountain road, all you need to do is control the throttle opening appropriately, and the linear and full acceleration force will be at your disposal at any time. Switching to Sport mode can further unleash the car's passionate and active performance nature, and almost the entire process is There is no need to pay attention to the changes in the engine speed range, and the shift paddles behind the steering wheel are more decorative than actual use.

The long-travel suspension setting for off-road needs brings extra comfortable driving performance, and driving on rally-level mountain roads also seems relaxed and comfortable.

Flexible four-wheel drive fun

In order to meet the needs of off-road Mercedes-Benz, in addition to increasing the ground clearance of the chassis, the 911 Dakar also comes standard with a front and rear axle lifting system that can increase the height by an additional 30mm, a rear axle steering system, an engine foot from the GT3, a PDCC dynamic chassis control system and anti-roll stability system, etc. In addition, two driving modes, Rallye and Offroad, with Rallye launch control function are added. The original manufacturer claims that it can also have excellent performance and tracking ability on loose and uneven non-paved roads. Of course, this is in the original It has been fully verified in test videos released by the factory or in various road conditions challenged by domestic and foreign media. However, we are actually more curious about the handling performance of this car on ordinary roads, especially domestic mountainous roads that are often jokingly called rally-level roads. What will it be like?

Two new driving modes, Rallye and Offroad, have been added, respectively corresponding to high-speed and low-speed non-paved road driving needs.
The chassis height can be manually adjusted through the console lever, and the vehicle body can also be raised for driving on ordinary roads.

In the past, we have test-drove 911 models such as Carrera GTS and GT3 Touring on mountain roads. The first thing we noticed is that due to the extended suspension stroke of this car, even with a relatively thin and stiff racing bucket seat, it can bring a lot of comfort. The road performance is soft and comfortable. Later, as the driving pace accelerates, the weight shift and body pitch will inevitably increase slightly in the initial stage, but this does not affect the stable tracking performance. The most interesting thing is the all-terrain tire on-road. Although the grip is not as good as that of ordinary road performance tires, it actually brings a lighter steering feel and extremely flexible rear axle dynamics when entering and exiting corners, which almost offsets the tendency of the general 911 four-wheel drive configuration to push the head early when entering corners, showing a A unique control characteristic between pure rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, which naturally brings unique driving pleasure!

The original excellent control response of the 911 is not significantly sacrificed by the heightening of the chassis, and the flexible rear dynamics add a lot of fun.

Test drive experience ~ It’s definitely not a fake product

The new 911 Dakar can be said to once again demonstrate Porsche's precision in model positioning and chassis tuning. From the cross-border travel elements of the appearance to the dynamic response that takes into account the fun of on/off-road control, people can fully feel the factory's The rally spirit that I want to convey, not to mention the special status of this car being limited to 2,500 units worldwide, I can only say that top buyers who can afford it will definitely not regret it.

Porsche 911 Dakar spec sheet

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