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[Test Drive]Enjoy a cup of fragrant latte Kia Picanto Latte Edition

The Kia Picanto, a stylish urban car with the highest product CP value in its class, has brought a new surprise this time - the "Latte Edition". In addition to the new exclusive "Milk White" and "Aurora" In addition to the black car color, it has also been upgraded with many comfortable and considerate features, giving the driver a pampered and luxurious enjoyment.

Suggested selling price: 695,000 yuan

Average fuel consumption 18.1km/L

Lovely features, comfortable and considerate equipment, upgraded

It’s a pity that the ACC active distance maintenance system is still missing.

The Kia Picanto is a stylish urban car that has always been loved by young domestic consumers. In addition to its eye-catching appearance and rich equipment, the high-standard advanced active safety technology also gives this car high CP value performance and quite good performance. Sales Results. In order to keep the Picanto competitive and topical in the market, Sime Darby Kia Motors Taiwan launched the Latte Edition model, so that everyone can once again taste the charming style of this stylish car.

Black and white new car colors, plus more comfortable features

The Picanto Latte Edition is mainly based on the current GT-line model. The front of the car also has a tiger-shaped water tank guard, projector lamps and four-point LED daytime running lights; the rear of the car is equipped with a unique and eye-catching M-shaped LED taillights, shark fin antennas, dual square exhaust tailpipes, etc. As for why it was named "Latte", the main reason is that it has added Milky Beige and Aurora Black. ) two new car colors, and when the two car colors are combined, it becomes a cup of fragrant latte!

Picanto Latte is an advanced version based on the current GT-line model. The front of the car also has a new-generation family-style tiger-style radiator guard.
Eye-catching projector headlights and four-point LED daytime running lights are standard.

The cabin layout design is also the same as that of the GT-line model. The main difference is the addition of equipment, including the addition of dual front seat heating functions, driver's seat ventilation, steering wheel heating function, and a driver's seat specially configured for female car owners. The sun visor is equipped with LED soft light makeup mirror and other equipment. As for the GT-line's original D-Cut stylized steering wheel, 4.2-inch full-color trip computer, 8-inch multimedia audio and video touch screen (supports wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions), climate control air conditioning and electric sunroof, etc., are also included. Listed as standard equipment on the Picanto Latte Edition. In addition, in addition to having 7 airbags, it also comes standard with the DRIVE WiSE intelligent safety assistance system, including FCW/FCA/LDW/LKA/LFA/DAW systems, etc., but ACC is still absent.

The Picanto Latte Edition also comes standard with a D-Cut steering wheel, a 4.2-inch full-color trip computer, an 8-inch multimedia touch screen and an electric sunroof.
The D-Cut running steering wheel is made of genuine leather with red stitching and has a new heating function.
In order to be considerate to female car owners, luxury features such as a driver's seat sun visor and an LED soft-light makeup mirror have been added.
In addition to the new ventilation function for the driver's seat, the dual front seats also have a heating function that considers the occupants.

The power needs to be adapted, and the control is flexible and tricky.

The power part remains equipped with a 1.2-liter straight-four gasoline engine, matched with a 5-speed automatic transmission system, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 84hp, 12.0kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 18.1 km/L. After driving all the way, regarding the performance of this single-clutch automatic transmission, I honestly cannot ask it to be very smooth and without frustration when shifting gears, but it is indeed more obvious than the ordinary traditional automatic transmission, but still. It is within an acceptable range, and the acceleration between 2-3-4 gears is quite exciting, which is in line with the sporty appearance of this GT-Line. Of course, you can also use manual shifting to drive, especially in It is necessary to overtake on an uphill road, so that you can get the desired acceleration power more easily and in a timely manner without being unable to do what you want.

It is equipped with a 1.2-liter MPI gasoline engine, matched with a 5-speed single-clutch automatic transmission system, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 84hp and 12.0kgm.
After getting used to and adapting to the shifting logic of the single-clutch automatic transmission and the technique of accelerating the accelerator, the Picanto ran like a tiger at full power.

The handling aspect can be said to be the Picanto’s strength. The original factory gave it a solid and tough chassis structure, coupled with soft-tuned suspension characteristics with toughness, and 195/45R16 low profile tires, making the short The neat Picanto is stable and fun to run on winding mountain roads, especially the standard TVBB cornering brake distribution system, which can apply braking force to the inside wheel independently when understeer, allowing the vehicle to exit corners. It can always take turns according to the route in mind, and its excellent chassis skills make this car as flexible and stable as a European car. Of course, the Picanto is more active in urban areas. With its compact and neat body of 3.6 meters, precise and crisp steering response, and a turning radius of only 4.7 meters, it is simply an elf ranger in the city.

The solid chassis, accurate and sharp steering response, and soft and moderate suspension settings give the Picanto a flexible and stable driving feel like a European hatchback.

Test drive testimonials ~ extra points for CP value

To be honest, the new features such as steering wheel heating, dual front seat heating, and driver's seat ventilation functions added to the latte version this time are indeed interior features that can only be seen on more high-end luxury cars, but they are less than 700,000 yuan. The Picanto Latte Edition is given generously, which adds a few points to the impeccable equipment level of this car. If you ask me, its sincerity and thoughtfulness are off the charts!

Kia Picanto Latte Edition spec sheet

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