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[Test drive]Focus on controlling the Mazda MX-5 RS

●The suggested price is 1.45 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 14.8km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●Pleasant point: the control response is more precise and stable

The brakes of the leftover pearl are not upgraded simultaneously

As one of the representatives of the world-renowned convertible sports car, Mazda MX-5 has always been the car model of choice for many handling enthusiasts. Unfortunately, domestic models have always introduced ordinary models with chassis settings that adopt daily comfort orientation. Advanced players who want to go to the next level You can only modify and upgrade yourself until the launch of the MX-5 RS model...

Taking advantage of the launch of the 2024 New Year model, Taiwan Mazda made adjustments to the MX-5 car series again at the beginning of this year. Among them, the entry-level MT manual soft-top model and the RF electric retractable hardtop model maintain the sales price of 1.35 million yuan and 1.52 million yuan. The price remains unchanged. The original MT Red Top model with a wine red roof and terracotta red seats has been changed to the long-awaited RS model. After changing to a blue roof and upgrading the Bilstein sports suspension , engine room tie rods and Recaro sports car seats, the price was raised by 52,000 to 1.45 million yuan.

The RS model adopts a blue roof configuration, which is also the most easily recognizable appearance feature.
The shape of the eight-spoke 17-inch wheels painted in gloss black remains unchanged, and the tire size remains 205/45R17.

In addition to the introduction of RS models, the new year-style MX-5 car series has also increased in terms of customization options. First of all, all car series have added the same zircon brown car color as CX-5, and also provide optional items such as deep black aerodynamic kit and engine room tie rod strengthening kit, and the price of RF electric retractable hardtop model can be increased by 2.8 Choose terracotta red Nappa leather seats for 10,000 yuan, or upgrade Recaro sports car seats with an additional price of 78,000 yuan, allowing consumers to upgrade according to their own preferences.

Thanks to the compact, compact and lightweight body, the fun driving experience of the MX-5 has always been unforgettable, which makes us have higher expectations for the RS model we drove this time. In the actual road test drive, the Bilstein sports suspension is obviously solid and fast, and many action responses immediately show differences, but it is not too rigid and bumpy. Generally, driving in urban areas can still maintain a calm and comfortable texture above the standard, but on multi-curved mountain roads In the middle, the tough middle and rear damping can also effectively improve the body roll that was too large in the past. Not only does the body posture become more stable and neat when cornering, but also the engine helps to further enhance the precise and delicate steering feel. The room pull rod is more comfortable than before in the face of large and small corners. If the Brembo brake calipers can be upgraded compared with the Japanese model, I believe that the control of the braking point before entering the corner will be more confident.

It is still equipped with a 2.0L straight four naturally aspirated engine, and an engine room tie rod is added.
The sports suspension developed in cooperation with Bilstein is standard, making the body dynamics more stable and smooth.
Since the power output does not increase, you can clearly feel the changes in driving characteristics brought about by the chassis settings.

Since it is only a new year model, the appearance of the MX-5 RS is not significantly different from the past. Even the RS model nameplate cannot be seen on the whole car. The only thing that can be verified is the exclusive blue roof configuration; pure black The interior layout and equipment level of the car also maintain the original settings of the car series. The standard Recaro sports car seat of the RS model is covered with Nappa and Alcantara-like suede materials. It is no longer necessary to be distracted against body sliding, but I don’t know if it’s because the seat cushion is thicker or the seat’s fixed position is different. There is also a higher chance of the foot colliding with the steering column during the range of motion.

The layout of the cockpit remains unchanged, and various operating interfaces are within easy reach of the driver.
Upgraded Recaro sports car seats, covered with Nappa and Alcantara-like suede materials.

Test drive experience ~ original factory upgrade advanced fun

The MX-5 RS model, which can be regarded as an upgraded version of the original sports, still maintains the road texture and equipment level that meet the needs of daily transportation on the basis of enhanced handling response and fun performance. Compared with the price increase of 52,000 yuan, it is indeed Pretty good deal.

Mazda MX-5 RS Spec Sheet

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