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[Test Drive]Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium

I think there should be no car fans who don’t know the reputation of Mustang! Since its birth in 1964, its strong and handsome figure in the film has been deeply imprinted in the minds of car fans, especially through the vigorous promotion and promotion of Hollywood movies. Today, it is so prestigious that it has finally been upgraded to a "car series" mark. But what is surprising and incredible is that the first Mustang Mach-E has become an electric car, and it is an elevated version of the performance sports car. This People can't help but think, will the Mustang, the wild and unruly classic two-door sports car of the past, disappear?

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  • Price 2.48 million yuan (Premium)
  • Battery/motor warranty 8 years or 160,000 kilometers
  • Range: 539km (WLTC)
  • Maximum power 368hp/59.1kgm
  • 0~100km/h acceleration 5.1 seconds

The answer is of course not! Because Ford has made it clear before that Mustang Mach-E is a pure electric product expanded from the Mustang car series. It is an expansion, not a derivative! Because the chassis platforms and power used by the two cars are completely different, it is like the concept of opening a separate copy. Therefore, Mustang, which has a classic and legendary status, will continue to be passed down; otherwise, the new seventh-generation Mustang will appear in front of everyone again, and it will be available in hard-top two-door, convertible and GT versions.

Mustang Mach-E is full of Mustang sports elements. The body length/width/height and wheelbase dimensions are 4728/1881/1624mm and 2984mm respectively. The long front end, short rear overhang, and muscular fastback silhouette make it look like a coupe-like SUV.

But to be honest, after Ford launched the pure electric Mustang Mach-E with an SUV body shape, we are indeed extremely worried about the future of the two-door sports car! After all, Ferrari and Lamborghini both launched SUVs, and in an era when even Eclipse could be transformed into a CUV, classic Coupes have entered the mainstream of history one after another. But fortunately, the new seventh-generation Ford Mustang has made everyone look forward to it. Not only does it still retain its American FR sports car silhouette, but more importantly, the rumbling internal combustion engine pedigree is still intact, which really makes Mustang fans nervous. Break into a cold sweat.

Indeed, the Mustang Mach-E, which was launched earlier than the new seventh-generation Mustang, was not only named "Mustang", it was also powered by pure electric power and transformed into an SUV. This operation is really scary. Because it makes everyone think about it, will the successor of Mustang be the Mustang Mach-E, a pure electric sports car? But fortunately, the answer is not that, because Mustang Mach-E is a vehicle launched by Ford in the face of the generational change trend from fuel to electric energy. It is built on a pure electric platform and is equipped with battery energy technology. At the same time, it inherits the Mustang Mach-E The pure electric sports car with sporty performance elements is one of the most important members of Ford’s electric vehicle lineup. However, although this model was officially launched in November 2019, domestic Ford Liuhe did not hold a media preview event for the Mustang Mach-E until early August this year, and provided three models of Select, Premium and GT for pre-sale. The prices are 2.08 million yuan, 2.48 million yuan and 2.68 million yuan respectively. As for the official launch time, it falls in the end of October and early November. Domestic competitors are directly targeting Tesla Mode Y.

Smooth, powerful appearance

The Mustang Mach-E tested this time is a mid-level Premium model, so it is not equipped with a more aggressive GT-exclusive aerodynamic package like the GT performance model. But even so, the entire exterior shape still inherits the classic style and sporty elements of the Mustang sports car, not only showing smooth and powerful body curves, but also outlining a graceful and dynamic plump posture. Whether it’s the closed hexagonal water tank guard contour on the front of the car, the eagle-style LED headlights integrated with three-column daytime running lights, or the muscular hood, or the wide and protruding wheel arches from the side of the car. , and the blackened taillight imprints designed with three straight grilles on the left and right sides of the rear of the car, all declare the distinct and recognizable family identity derived from Mustang, and create a domineering and performance-filled pure electric running style. .

The outline of the closed hexagonal water tank guard is inlaid with the spiritual symbol of the "Mustang" factory emblem; underneath is an AGS active grille that can automatically open and close to reduce wind resistance and regulate battery temperature.
The sharp-looking hawk-eye LED headlights integrate a special three-pillar-shaped daytime running light, which is quite high-tech.
The rear of the car has a very classic three-slat grille blackened LED taillight design, indicating its identity from the Mustang family.

In addition, the B and C pillars of the car body are equipped with a newly designed E-Latch electronic door lock. The door will automatically pop open with just a slight press, making it very convenient to use. In addition, there is a Ford SecuriCode touch-sensitive password lock on the B-pillar of the car body. The car owner can set a password through the SYNC 4A entertainment communication integration system, and can easily unlock and lock the car doors by entering the password without taking out the key. This demonstrates the original manufacturer's high level of dedication in creating convenient vehicle technology.

The B-pillar of the car body is equipped with a Ford SecuriCode touch-sensitive password lock. You can easily unlock and lock the car door by simply entering the password without taking out the key.
E-Latch electronic door locks are installed at the B and C pillars of the car body. The door will automatically pop open with just a slight press, making it very easy and convenient to use.
Premium models come standard with 19-inch black piano-painted aluminum wheels and red brake calipers, and are equipped with Continental Premium Contact 6 (225/55R19) tires.

15.5-inch large screen, Level 2 active safety technology

The interior design of Mustang Mach-E adopts the most popular minimalist technology style nowadays, and is covered by a large area of ​​leather in the cabin, with woven pattern trim panels, black piano paint trim panels and eye-catching neon accents. The red stitching brings excellent cabin texture and distinctive sporty style. There are very few traditional physical buttons in the entire cabin, which also focuses the visual focus on the large 15.5-inch vertical touch screen in the center of the console, which is paired with a 10.2-inch digital instrument and the E-Shifter electronic knob gear system. , the feeling of cabin technology emerges spontaneously.

Although the interior layout adopts a minimalist style, it also uses a large number of leather coverings, woven pattern decorative panels, black piano paint decorative panels and neon red stitching to bring excellent cabin texture and distinctive accents. Sporty style.
The 15.5-inch vertical touch screen on the console has a strong sense of presence. In addition to the built-in SYNC 4A entertainment and communication integration system, all system control functions of the vehicle can be said to be integrated into it.

This 15.5-inch vertical touch screen with a strong sense of presence can be said to integrate almost all system control functions of the vehicle. In addition to the built-in Ford SYNC 4A entertainment and communication integration system and the original Chinese satellite navigation, it can also support Wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto mobile phone connection functions, as well as Bluetooth communication and vehicle control functions, and even options such as handwriting painters, and the menu jumps to "Entertainment" to have many built-in games that can be played while charging, such as Lane Change Wait, but since the test drive is still an unofficial version for sale, the function menu on the central control screen still does not have a Chinese interface and the navigation is not domestically sourced. However, Ford Liuhe said that there will be a Chinese interface and Chinese interface when the car is officially delivered in the future. As for the navigation function, only the OTA online update function option is not available for the time being, but it is also actively seeking certification. As for the 10.2-inch horizontal digital instrument in front of the driver's seat, although the size is a bit undersized, it can provide a wealth of driving information, including battery capacity, driving range, vehicle speed, gear position, and vehicle driving assistance status.

Although the digital instrument is 10.2 inches in size, it feels quite compact, but it can display a wealth of driving information and vehicle driving assistance status.
Another mobile phone can be placed on the right side of the mobile phone wireless charging stand, and there is a set of USB-A and USB-C charging holes on the front, which is very convenient and considerate.

The interior equipment is also quite impressive. Although the test drive is a mid-range Premium model, in addition to the above-mentioned 15.5-inch touch screen, 10.2-inch digital instrument and SYN 4A entertainment and communication integrated system, such as three-screen Multifunctional leather steering wheel (with additional heating function), dual 8-way electric adjustment of the front seats (with additional heating function), dual-zone climate control, wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, Qi wireless charging device, B&O premium audio (10 speakers including ESC re-keying) Bass), electric tailgate, interior atmosphere lighting, panoramic glass roof, 360-degree surround image assist system, driving mode switching, i-PEDAL single-pedal driving mode, FAPA active parking assist and reversing imaging assist system, etc. Standard equipment.

The standard Danish B&O top-level surround sound system has a 10-speaker combination (including ESC subwoofer).
360-degree surround view image assist and FAPA active parking assist systems are both standard, which is very friendly to driving and can be said to be both safe and practical.

In addition, the Ford Co-Pilot 360 intelligent driving technology assistance system (Level 2) is also standard, including full-speed ACC (Stop & GO), LCA lane guidance assist, TSR road sign recognition assist, ISA Intelligent speed limit assist, PCA forward collision warning, AEB full-speed braking assistance (including vehicle//pedestrian/cyclist/intersection), AHB automatic high beam, BLIS blind spot detection, RED road edge detection, LDW lane Departure warning, LKA lane departure assist, ESA evasion steering assist, driver fatigue warning, CTA reverse traffic warning and RBA reverse braking assist and other functional systems.

The super-large panoramic glass roof is indeed very romantic, and it is coated to effectively insulate and protect against ultraviolet rays; however, it is recommended to add a layer of insulation paper or install a sunshade to deal with the direct sunlight in the hot summer.

The seating space is spacious and the storage capacity is good.

The body length/width/height of Mustang Mach-E are 4728/1881/1624mm respectively. It is a mid-to-large hatchback sports car, but its wheelbase is 2984mm, which also means that there will be people who want to be good. Car cabin passenger space performance. Starting with the dual front seats, although it is not equipped with Ford Performace sports seats like the GT model, the coverage and support of the entire seat are good. The whole seat is quite comfortable and comfortable, and there are 8-way It has electric adjustment and addition functions, so it is quite considerate and friendly to the front seat occupants. For adults with a height of 175cm in the back seat, there is about 2 fists of space between the knees and the back of the front seats, and about 1 fist of space between the head and the roof. In addition, it has a green-style flat floor, so the overall spaciousness is Pretty good. However, because the angle of the rear seat back is relatively straight and there is no adjustment angle, and the seat cushion is thin and hard, which affects the riding comfort, the seat cushion is long enough, so the legs can be supported. And it will not hang upward, which is conducive to long-term riding.

The front seats are both enveloping and comfortable when riding, and are equipped with 8-way electric adjustment and heating functions.
For a 175cm adult sitting in the back seat, the knee room is about 2 fists, and the distance from the head to the glass roof is about 1 fist. Coupled with the green-style flat floor, the overall spaciousness is quite good.
The front luggage compartment has a capacity of up to 100 liters and has a unique drainage hole design and an escape button switch.

In terms of cargo space, Mustang Mach-E also has a front luggage compartment design with a volume of up to 100 liters. It also has a unique drainage hole design that can be used as an ice bucket temporarily by placing ice cubes. The luggage compartment volume is 519 liters under standard conditions, and can be expanded to 1,420 liters by folding the rear 6/4 split seatbacks forward, and the flatness is quite good. In addition, the luggage compartment floor also adopts a double-layer design that can be movable and submerged, and there is a storage compartment underneath that can be used to store accessories such as air pumps and tire sealants.

There are rear air-conditioning vents and Type C and USB-A charging holes behind the center armrest.

Quick, direct, powerful, and full of back feeling

In terms of power performance, there are a total of three power specifications introduced into the country this time. The entry-level Select model uses a rear axle single motor with a maximum output of 288hp/43.8kgm and a 72kWh standard battery life. It only takes 6.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, and has a maximum battery life. The mileage is 471 kilometers; both Premium and GT have dual motors on the front and rear axles, with maximum outputs of 368hp/59.1kgm and 592hp/87.7kgm respectively. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers in 5.1 and 3.8 seconds. The available battery capacity has also been increased to 91kWh, and the maximum battery life is The mileage is 539 and 486 kilometers respectively. In addition, domestically introduced models adopt Type 2 (slow charging)/CCS2 (fast charging) charging specifications, supporting up to 150kW DC fast charging, which can complete 10~80 minutes in about 33 minutes (Select) and 45 minutes (Premium/GT models) %fast charging.

Mustang Mach-E also uses the E-Shifter electronic shifting system, in which the L gear is enhanced with recharge to simulate the deceleration experience of a fuel vehicle when downshifting to a low gear.

The test drive this time is the Premium model. Although it does not have the powerful power of 592hp of the GT model, the output of 368hp and 59.1kgm is already quite impressive, especially when it is performed in the form of electric power output, which should not be underestimated. . Indeed, when the full switch is pressed, the direct, rapid and powerful acceleration response is just like other 300- or 400-horsepower electric vehicles. Not only is it full of sprinting and back-to-back feeling, but the speedometer even climbs up in a flash. 3 digits, even going straight to 180 or 190km/h is simple and easy. Especially the ability to accelerate and overtake at high speeds is also quite excellent and handy. Of course, it is also easy to cruise at medium and low speeds on urban roads. It is relaxed and comfortable, and the power is produced as much as you step on it. The full and abundant power is always waiting for the push of the switch.

There are three driving modes: Whisper (quiet), Active (fun) and Untame (unfettered). Each mode can also be independently adjusted for acceleration, steering, kinetic energy recovery and sound simulation.

In addition, you can also use three driving modes: Whisper (soft), Active (fun) and Untame (uninhibited), or even turn on the One-Pedal Drive single-pedal mode to correspond to the driving state you need. However, it should be noted that the number of stages of kinetic energy recovery in this single-pedal mode cannot be adjusted, and no matter which driving mode it is in, the recovery force is relatively large, which means that as long as the switch is released, the vehicle will decelerate and coast. It's quite short and not linear enough, and it stops almost quickly, so you have to get used to the action conditions before hitting the road, so as not to be shocked by the sudden stopping force.

In the on-screen charging menu, only the general battery capacity, driving range and estimated end of charging time are displayed, and the charging upper limit cannot be automatically set.

Absolutely hardcore unrestrained electric horse

The Mustang Mach-E is built on a pure electric chassis platform architecture. The suspension system adopts front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension settings. However, it is not equipped with an active electromagnetic damping system like the GT model, and the entire suspension is quite With hard-adjusted settings, even in any driving mode, you can feel the very hard-core suspension damping settings, so the driver can clearly feel the vibration of every expansion joint or small pothole during driving. The vibration feedback and even the road feel feedback of any uneven road surface are very clear and direct, and the bouncing and shaking sensation caused by this kind of road surface will make the occupants in the car feel a certain degree of bumpiness and discomfort. In addition, the switch The setting is more sensitive and the braking is not linear enough, so it tests the driver's right foot very much. It takes time to adapt to such a strong and hard-core driving style. As expected, this "electronic wild horse" is not easy to tame.

The charging base is planned to have two specifications: Type 2 slow charging and CCS2 DC fast charging. It can support up to 150kW DC fast charging and can complete 10~80% fast charging in 45 minutes.

However, this hard-core suspension setting sacrifices some comfort, but in exchange for the vehicle's excellent support and roll suppression when cornering on mountain roads, coupled with the Mach-E's excellent body rigidity and solid chassis The speed is enough, so even when cornering at high speed, it can have good stability performance, giving good driving confidence. In addition, the steering assist force is moderate and the accuracy is not bad. Although it is a long front end setting, it still feels comfortable in the car. It can still display flexible and sharp steering characteristics in continuous curves without any sluggish body dynamic response, allowing the vehicle to easily and stably navigate between curves. Therefore, for buyers who like hard-core and passionate driving experience, Mustang Mach-E, an electric horse, should be quite suitable.

The acceleration response in Whisper and Active modes is already quite powerful, but switching to Untame mode is more like a wild horse running fast and powerful, with a strong back-pushing feeling.
The hard-core suspension setting does give a clear and clear road feel, but it also sacrifices some comfort due to obvious vibration and bouncing phenomena, but it can bring excellent stability during cornering.

Test Drive Remarks~Perfectly Integrating Mustang’s Heritage Essence

Mustang Mach-E is the Ford brand's first commercially available vehicle built on a pure electric platform. It is also Ford Liuhe's first pure electric vehicle introduced into the Taiwan market. In addition, it is a trendy sports car, so the product is fresh. It has enough eye-catching charm. What I like most is that it can perfectly integrate Mustang’s long-standing and classic design elements into the pioneering electric car Mustang Mach-E. It has mastered everything in terms of spirit, appearance, and dynamic driving. The heritage and characteristics from Mustang are the most impressive and endearing aspect of this car.

Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium

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