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[Test Drive]Ford Ranger Raptor, a performance pickup truck

The all-new Ranger Wildtrak that was tested last month has already made people admire and love it for its greatly improved product strength, but the Ranger Raptor that was tested this time is even more amazing and hard to put down, because of the work of the Ford Performance team. In addition to giving the new-generation Ranger Raptor a more domineering appearance, it also combines extremely powerful power output and proud off-road strength, making it not only have the same performance as the F-150 Raptor DNA, more perfectly achieves the unique positioning of "authentic performance pickup truck".

●Recommended selling price: 2.068 million yuan (Raptor)

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit

●Pleasing features: Domineering styling, powerful power and off-road performance

●The regret of missing a pearl is that the fitness has been sacrificed

The new-generation Ranger introduced by Ford Liuhe this time, in addition to the XLT and Wildtrak models, also introduced the Ranger Raptor model that emphasizes performance and off-road capabilities for the first time. This performance pickup truck is the same as the ST model, both through Ford The product tuned by the Performance team not only uses a powerful 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged gasoline engine, but the chassis, suspension and many body parts have also been strengthened and upgraded. It is quite different from the XLT and Wildtrak models. It even has a more domineering and powerful appearance and a passionate interior layout than the ordinary Ranger. It is a performance pickup truck that has been modified by the original factory for everyone inside and outside and has been specially tuned for performance. It can be said that there are no competitors at the same level in the domestic pickup truck market, so it is not surprising that it is popular with consumers. Even though it is 500,000 yuan more expensive than the Wildtrak model, it still attracts buyers, and it also makes the 100-unit quota obtained this year , has been sold out in a short period of time, and the people of Xiangyu can only hope that Ford Liuhe can obtain more quotas from the original factory.

Exclusive Raptor domineering tough guy look

Let’s start with the appearance to explain the differences between Raptor and Wildtrak models. The front part of the car has an extremely domineering and charming FORD three-dimensional water tank guard, higher-end Matrix LED matrix headlights and highly recognizable C-shaped LED daytime running lights, combined with Raptor's exclusive hood air intake decoration and silver The under-engine guard adds a new level of ruggedness to the front of the car. In addition to the thicker and protruding black wheel arches and muscular sheet metal on the side of the car, it also rides on BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain off-road chocolate tires (285/70R17) that can cope with higher-intensity off-road needs, and The exclusive side steps engraved with the word Raptor, coupled with the Raptor car sticker decoration distributed on the side cargo compartment, not only show the rough and hard-core style of the off-road pickup truck, but also deepen the recognition and the uniqueness of the Raptor model. As for the rear of the car, in addition to its exclusive car sticker and black Raptor nameplate, it also has very eye-catching dual C-shaped LED taillights, paired with left and right dual exhaust tailpipes and a thick and thick black rear bumper and exposed The tow hook fully brings out the sporty momentum and rugged style of the performance pickup truck.

The Raptor's honeycomb-shaped water tank guard has quite domineering and charming three-dimensional FORD lettering, which is also a unique feature of the Raptor model.
Standard Ford Matrix Led matrix headlights are combined with highly recognizable C-shaped LED daytime running lights.
The large-area silver under-engine guard not only protects the car, but also adds an off-road feel to the appearance.
In addition to the eye-catching double C-shaped LED taillights at the rear, there are also Raptor exclusive car stickers and model nameplates to highlight its extraordinary identity.
It comes standard with BFGoodrich KO2 all-terrain off-road chocolate tires (285/70R17) specifically designed to meet high-intensity off-road needs, making it full of off-road momentum.

In addition, the Raptor model is also equipped with an electric bucket roller shutter as standard. As for the cargo space, the length is still 1547/width/1584/height 529mm, and the narrowest width is 1224mm. However, due to the Raptor’s higher suspension settings and tire configuration, Therefore, the height of the cargo bed from the ground is increased by 40mm to 867mm. In addition, the length/width/height dimensions of the Raptor model are also enlarged to 5381/2028/1922mm (Wildtrak is 5370/1918/1892mm), and the front/rear track is also widened to 1710mm (Wildtrak is 5370/1918/1892mm). 1620mm), the wheelbase remains at 3270mm; in addition, its entry angle/departure angle/crossing angle have also been increased to 32˚/27˚/24˚ respectively, and the wading height has also increased to 850mm (Wildtrak is 800mm). The data are all Better than ordinary models.

In addition to the left and right dual exhaust tailpipes that enhance performance, the imported Raptor models are also equipped with electric body roller shutters as standard.
The Raptor model not only has a more rugged and domineering appearance, but its body length/width/height dimensions are also enlarged to 5381/2028/1922mm, and the front/rear track width is also increased to 1710mm.

Passionate and high-quality interior decoration

As soon as you sit in the Ranger Raptor's cabin, you will be attracted by the passionate atmosphere. Although the entire layout is the same as that of the Wildtrak model, there are many more Raptor-specific identification marks and designs, especially the air-conditioning vents, steering wheel, and seats. Everywhere is decorated with bright orange-red trim panels and stitching. Even the top of the center console is covered with a large area of ​​suede material, which enhances the texture and sporty atmosphere of the entire cabin and corresponds to the Raptor performance pickup products. position.

Although the interior layout is the same as that of the Wildtrak model, the cabin is enhanced by multiple Raptor-specific identification logos, as well as bright orange-red trim panels and stitching embellishments on the air-conditioning vents, steering wheel, and seats. Create an atmosphere of passionate performance.

Many luxurious, comfortable and high-tech equipment have also been added to the equipment section. Among them, the upgraded to 12.4-inch full-color multi-function digital instrument panel is quite powerful. In addition to displaying a wealth of driving information, such as power performance, off-road status and Differential lock and other information can be displayed on the instrument. In particular, there is a row of display information above the instrument, including water temperature, turbine pressure value, oil pressure, transmission temperature, voltage and air-fuel ratio, etc., and the settings can also be changed by yourself. Even when switching between 7 different driving modes, very exquisite vehicle animation icons can be displayed respectively, bringing a rich visual experience.

In addition, the three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel exclusive to the Raptor model is also a very eye-catching feature. Not only does it have an excellent grip, but the large red Raptor letters below and conspicuous orange stitching add to the passionate performance atmosphere in the cabin. Extra points, especially the addition of three buttons that can be independently set and controlled on the right side, including adjustment buttons for steering wheel assist force, shock absorber softness and hardness, and exhaust sound, so that the driver can set the desired settings as needed at any time. The desired driving state is quite high-tech.

As for the central control screen, it is the same as the Wildtrak model, with a 12-inch upright design. It has built-in original navigation and SYNC 4A entertainment communication integration system, and can support wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto (wired) mobile phone connection functions. Others include dual front seats with 10-way electric adjustment function (additional heat function), dual-zone independent climate control, Qi wireless charging stand, Zone Light area lighting system, FAPA active parking assist, 360-degree surround image assist system, and B&O surround cabin audio system (10 speakers) and a complete set of Ford Co-Pilot 360 all-round intelligent driving technology assistance systems that meet Level 2 standards are all standard equipment on the Raptor model.

The 12-inch full-color LCD touch screen, in addition to built-in original navigation and SYNC 4A entertainment and communication integration system, also supports wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions.
The standard 360-degree surround view image assist system is a very important "vision" feature for a pickup truck that requires off-road capabilities.
The two front seats are sports car-style seats with orange piping and stitching. They have enhanced coverage on both sides of the seat cushions and seat backs, and both have 10-way electric adjustment functions.

"Top speed performance" and "high-speed off-road" demands

Next, I will introduce to you the powerful capabilities of Ranger Raptor in terms of power and off-road performance. The original manufacturer emphasized that the Ranger Raptor is positioned as a performance pickup truck and has established the two requirements of "extreme speed performance" and "high-speed off-road". Therefore, its power is a 3.0-liter EcoBoost V6 twin-scroll turbocharged gasoline engine, and is paired with a 10-speed The SelectShift manual transmission (E-Shifter electronic shifting system) has a maximum horsepower of 292hp, 50kgm and torque output. The official acceleration from 0 to 100km/h only takes 7.9 seconds. In addition, in addition to the standard four driving modes of "Normal", "Slippery", "Mud/Ruts" and "Sand", Ranger Raptor also has "Sport", "Rock Crawl" and "High-speed Off-Road Baja". Three modes, and according to different dynamic modes, through the active exhaust valve control system, four different levels of exhaust sounds can be displayed.

Ranger Raptor is equipped with a 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine with Anti-Lag offset ignition system. The maximum power output reaches 292hp, 50kgm, and it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 7.9 seconds.
The matched 10-speed SelectShift manual transmission has enough gears and the shifting is quite dense, so the power transmission is quite smooth and textured.

In addition, in order to achieve the purpose of "high-speed off-road", the Ranger Raptor's chassis and suspension settings include C-pillar body brackets, body beams, front and rear shock tower structures, rear body brackets, and spare tire safety frame structures. All have been enhanced by the Ford Performance team, and even the front and rear wheelbases have been adjusted and increased to 1710mm. In addition, the entry angle, departure angle, and breakover angle of the body have also been increased to 32˚, 27˚, and 24˚ respectively, corresponding to a wading height of 850mm, allowing the Ranger Raptor to cope with more severe and harsh terrains.

As for the off-road function system, most of it is the same as the Wildtrak model. Its electronic knob afterburner box has 2H/4H/4L/4A mode. The drive system is also Advanced 4WD, but in addition to the rear axle differential lock, the Raptor model also has A front axle differential lock and an off-road cruise control system are added, and both functions can be turned on and set through the central screen. In addition, this car is also specially equipped with FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve electronic shock absorbers specially tuned by Ford Performance. The rear wheels have abandoned leaf springs and replaced them with coil spring designs. They are also equipped with aluminum alloy upper and lower control arms and The Watt link located on the rear axle enables the vehicle to maintain optimal shock absorber effect and flexible driving performance under different road conditions. Especially for different driving modes, the shock absorber can actively adjust the suspension damping. The coefficient is adjusted (up to 500 times per second) to provide a better road texture. Even when facing extreme road conditions, the system will actively provide "Jump Mode" and "Loud Pedal Mode" based on the vehicle's driving conditions. mode to adjust the damping hardness to absorb excess impact force when the body bounces and maintain vehicle stability during rapid acceleration.

The electronic knob afterburner box also has 2H/4H/4L/4A modes. In addition to rear axle differential locking, the Raptor model also has two additional functions: front axle differential locking and off-road speed control system.

Speedy performance, off-road attack

After watching the official video of the Ranger Raptor racing cross-country at high speeds on sandy and gravel roads, you can truly feel the powerful power performance and powerful off-road handling of this pickup truck. However, it is a pity that there is no such a vast terrain environment in China. It allows the Ranger Raptor to show off its skills and run wildly. The powerful output of this 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine can only be experienced in On Road conditions. We stepped on the accelerator directly in the sports mode and started. Although the acceleration force was not released instantly, we could immediately feel a strong and full thrust that made the vehicle sprint out. At this time, it was not only very impressive. "It feels close to your back", and with its rich and high-pitched exhaust sound, this car instantly becomes the focus of passersby. This is a sense of acceleration and pride that you can't feel in ordinary Rangers when you test drive it in the past. And as the accelerator continues to be pressed, whether it is mid-to-low speed or re-acceleration in the mid-to-rear range, there is a full and abundant acceleration force available at any time. Even though the car weighs nearly 2.5 tons and is equipped with off-road chocolate tires, But with the absolutely powerful V6 twin-turbo power, this is no longer a problem. What is even more surprising and admirable is that the bouncing and shaking of the body during high-speed running is actually lighter and restrained than expected, even when driving at high speeds. In the sports mode, there is a relatively hard suspension setting, but the overall road texture and ride comfort are unexpectedly good.

Backed by the strong power of 292hp and 50kgm, full-throttle acceleration really makes people feel happy and enthusiastic, especially with the rich and high-pitched exhaust sound, it is even more intoxicating and makes people continue to press the accelerator and sprint out.

Indeed, when I test-drove the Ranger in the past, I felt that the chassis was too bouncy and the roll in corners was obvious, which faithfully reflects the positioning of a pickup truck. However, after test-driving the new-generation Ranger Wildtrak last time, I can also feel the road texture and ride comfort. There has indeed been an improvement, but this time the performance of the Ranger Raptor has reached a new level, and these are all thanks to the Ford Performance team, which has really strengthened and upgraded the entire body and chassis structural parts, especially the front. /The rear suspension systems are all equipped with specially tuned FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve electronic shock absorbers, which can actively adjust the suspension damping softness and hardness, allowing the vehicle to have excellent shock absorption effects in different road conditions. It provides sufficient support in corners, giving the driver a flexible and stable driving experience. It's a pity that we couldn't find a suitable off-road venue and environment on the day of the test drive, so that people can fully experience the powerful off-road capabilities of this car. Just imagine being able to drive the Ranger Raptor to rush around and jump around at high speed in the "Jump Mode" mode Go, what an exciting and incredible thing it is! However, the Ranger Raptor's ability to win the championship title in the world's toughest off-road endurance race "Baja 1000" is enough to verify the car's strong off-road performance.

Both the front and rear suspensions are equipped with specially tuned FOX 2.5-inch Live Valve electronic shock absorbers, and after the rear wheels are changed to coil spring designs, the overall road texture and ride comfort performance are indeed improved to a higher level than the Wildtrak model. .
In the off-road venue planned for the previous press conference, the Ranger Raptor not only demonstrated its powerful off-road crossing and escape capabilities, but also its superb off-road jumping ability, which is beyond the reach of ordinary pickup trucks.

Test Drive Remarks ~ Discerning and more charming

If you are a pickup truck fan, and you are not looking for a commercial or cargo vehicle, but simply want a performance pickup truck with strong style and distinctiveness, then the Ranger Raptor is definitely a Pick worth owning. Up. Moreover, with the Ranger Raptor's rich equipment and powerful off-road foundation, coupled with the price of 2.068 million yuan, the CP value can be said to be quite high. It is no wonder that the quota of 100 units has already been snapped up, which shows that not only buyers are discerning, but also the Ranger Raptor. Raptor is even more charming.

Ford Ranger Raptor spec sheet

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