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[Test Drive]Ford Ranger Wildtrak, an all-around five-seat sports pickup truck

The new-generation Ranger not only has a brand-new American-style tough pickup truck shape, but this time it also injects a full set of technological equipment into the cabin, as well as a complete set of Ford Co-Pilot360 (Level 2) safety technology. It is even installed in the powertrain. The chassis, chassis and cargo bucket functions have all been strengthened and upgraded, greatly increasing its capabilities. Of course, the price has also increased accordingly.

●Suggested selling price: NT$1.568 million (Wildtrak)

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit

●What’s pleasing: The cabin’s technology has been improved, and Ford Co-Pilot360 is standard equipment.

●It is a pity that the ride comfort is still lacking.

In addition to the XLT and Wildtrak models previously announced during pre-sales, the new-generation facelifted Ranger series introduced for domestic sales this time is also surprisingly introduced for the first time, a high-performance version of the Raptor model. Moreover, these three models are all double-cabin five-seater configurations. There are no plans to introduce the previous models with 1.5-cabin and 2+2-seat configurations. However, the customer groups targeted by the three models still cover personal use and commercial use. , sports and performance and other oriented needs. According to Ford Liuhe, the new Ranger has been receiving pre-orders since April this year, and the number of orders has exceeded 550 units. In particular, the top-spec performance version of the Raptor model with a quota of only 100 units has been sold out, which shows that this car has great popularity in Taiwan's pickup truck market. extremely popular.

The distinctive style of American rugged style

In addition to having a completely new appearance, the new generation Ranger also has a stronger and tougher body silhouette through sharper sheet metal fold lines and stronger muscles. The most eye-catching design on the front of the Wildtrak model I drove is the LED headlight set with a C-shaped daytime running light design, coupled with the domineering honeycomb-shaped black water tank guard, and the double horizontal grilles that extend and are integrated into the headlight sets on both sides. And the X-style thick front bumper and lower air intake dam can be said to fully reveal the rugged and rugged character of the Ranger truck. As for the rear shape of the car that has also been newly interpreted, it also has more layered sheet metal fold lines. In particular, the red LED light guide strip design in the taillight group is both special and unmistakable, giving the rear of the car a clear visual focus and high recognition. . In addition, the Wildtrak model also adds a high-quality exclusive roof rack, obsidian black roll cage, integrated tailgate side steps, and 18-inch exclusive gun-colored aluminum wheels. Overall, the appearance of the new Ranger can be said to have become closer to the family style of the Ford Truck product line.

The body size of the new-generation Ranger is larger than that of the previous generation, with length/width/height and wheelbase reaching 5370/1918/1892mm and 3280mm, and the distinctive and rugged shape pays homage to the classic pickup truck F-150.
The new, more aggressive shape features LED headlights that incorporate an eye-catching C-shaped daytime running light design.
The domineering honeycomb radiator grille, paired with the double horizontal grilles embedded in the headlights on both sides, the thick X-shaped front bumper and the lower air intake dam, make the Off Road look full.
In addition to the richer layering of the sheet metal parts, the new rear end also has the Ranger name engraved on the tailgate, coupled with the eye-catching and special-shaped LED light bar taillights, which is not only eye-catching but also highly recognizable.
Wildtrak models come standard with exclusive 18-inch gun-colored aluminum wheels and 255/65R18 Good Year Wrangler all-terrain tires.

Interior technology innovation, 12-inch screen included

The interior design of the new Ranger has also undergone substantial changes and innovations, giving people a new visual impression. The entire style trend maintains the rigid atmosphere of the cargo truck, and then displays a simple and technological atmosphere. In addition, the Wildtrak model has many design features on the steering wheel, console, gear lever, center armrest, door armrests, etc., as well as on all seats. The seats are all decorated with exclusive orange stitching, adding a bright and lively atmosphere to the cabin. In terms of equipment, the most eye-catching features are the digitally designed 8-inch full-color LCD instrument and the 12-inch vertical touch screen on the console; the former can not only display a wealth of driving information, but also display 6 different types of The driving dynamics mode has a different visual presentation. Even after entering the off-road menu, you can also see the icons of the vehicle's horizontal and tilt angles and the four-wheel drive rear differential lock screen.

The new interior design is simple and has a digital technology atmosphere, but it also retains the hard-core style that Pick Up should have. The cabin is also embellished with orange stitching exclusive to the Wildtrak model, bringing a bright and lively atmosphere.
An 8-inch full-color LCD smart multi-function instrument panel with customized functions brings a clear and concise driving visual interface.

As for the 12-inch vertical touch screen on the console, it is equipped with the latest SYNC 4A entertainment information integration system and the original Chinese satellite navigation, and can support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and OTA wireless update functions. In addition, the new-style central saddle also introduces the technological E-Shifter electronic gear system, dynamic driving mode switching knob and electronic afterburner box knob (2H/4H/4L/4A) and other system devices. Others include 8-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, dual front seat heating functions, three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, Qi wireless charging stand, Zone Light area lighting system, FAPA active parking assistance system and 360-degree surround image Assistance systems, etc., are all standard equipment on Wildtrak models.

The lower part of the 12-inch vertical touch screen still retains the physical buttons for air conditioning, and has a built-in SYNC 4A entertainment information integration system and satellite navigation, and can also support Apple CarPlay & Android Auto connection functions.
The three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is decorated with orange stitching on the Wildtrak model, which combines grip, texture and visual effects.
Behind the center saddle, on the left side are the automatic parking assist and engine idle speed control buttons, on the right side is the dynamic driving mode switching knob, and in the middle of the knob is the switching button for the 2H/4H/4L/4A afterburner box.
In addition to the standard convenient and practical Qi mobile phone wireless charging stand, there are also USB-A and USB-C charging jacks on the right side.
There are also 6 additional sets of electronic control system buttons (AuxiliarySwitches) behind the canopy reading light, which mainly allow car owners to have connectable button switches when installing exterior accessories such as searchlights and other electrical equipment.
In addition to being embellished with orange stitching on all seats, the dual front seats also have Wildtrak embroidered on the seat backs, and the driver's seat also has an 8-way electric adjustment function.

In addition, in terms of safety equipment, in addition to the upgraded standard 9 airbags (newly added passenger knee airbag and front seat center airbag), the PIB secondary collision pre-braking assist system is also provided, and the entire car series is upgraded to standard equipment. Level 2 Ford Co-Pilot360 comprehensive intelligent driving technology assistance system, including iACC intelligent cruise control, ACC full-speed cruise control (Stop & Go), LCA lane guidance assist, LDW lane departure warning, LKA Lane departure assist, ISA intelligent speed limit assist, TSR road sign recognition assist, PCA forward collision warning, AEB full-speed braking assist, ESA evasion steering assist, BLIS visual blind spot detection, RED road edge detection, AHB automatic Systems such as high beams, CTA reverse traffic alert, RBA reverse brake assist, and driver fatigue warning are quite complete active and passive safety specifications for a pickup truck.

Two-cabin five-seater + functional cargo compartment

The Ranger Wildtrak tested this time is a two-cabin model. The body length/width/height and wheelbase are 5370/1918/1892mm and 3280mm respectively. It is slightly larger than the older sports model, but the overall seating space of the cabin is In fact, the size difference is not big, but the material use and tailoring of the Ranger Wildtrak's seats are much better this time. In particular, the entire car's seats are decorated with orange stitching, and there is Wildtrak embroidery on the back of the seat. It really gives the cabin a more textured and distinct atmosphere. As for the rear seat space, for an adult with a height of 175cm, there is about 1.5 and 1 fist space between the knees and the head respectively. The seating room is pretty good, but the angle of the rear seat back is slightly smaller due to the limited pickup truck’s innate conditions. It appears upright, which affects the ride comfort performance to some extent. But what is worthy of recognition is that there is finally a rear seat air outlet design, and it is also thoughtfully equipped with a set of power sockets and two USB-A and USB-C charging jacks.

The rear seat is quite spacious, but the seatback angle is relatively straight and cannot be adjusted, which affects the ride comfort. However, there is finally a rear seat air outlet design and even a charging device.

In terms of cargo bed size, its length/width/height are 1547/1584/527mm respectively, and the narrowest width is 1224mm. The height of the cargo bed platform from the ground is 827mm, and the maximum load capacity is 1017kg. In addition, in addition to 6 sets of fixed buckles in the cargo compartment, there are also adjustable compartment slide rails, which are more convenient for loading cargo. Even the Wildtrak model is equipped with 12V and 120V power sockets for outdoor camping. of household appliances.

The length/width/height of the cargo bed are 1547/1584/527mm respectively, and the maximum load capacity is 1017kg. An adjustable bed slide rail design is added to make loading items more convenient.
Wildtrak models are equipped with 12V and 120V power sockets for use with household appliances during wild camping.
The left and right sides of the Wildtrak model are newly equipped with foot pedals, allowing users to get on and off the cargo bed more conveniently and safely.

Diesel twin turbos are smooth and powerful

This time, the original factory is a major facelift of the Ranger Wildtrak model. It is equipped with a 2.0-liter straight-four twin-turbo diesel engine and is matched with a Selectshift 10-speed manual transmission. It can output 205hp, 51.0kgm maximum horsepower and torque; in addition, It has also been upgraded with advanced 4WD four-wheel drive system (smart four-wheel drive 4A) and electronic rear axle differential locking technology to cope with various road conditions and provide excellent four-wheel tracking performance, and can also be used in sand. It has excellent ability to get out of trouble in harsh road conditions such as muddy, slippery and slippery roads. In addition, in terms of chassis, the wheelbase is increased by 60mm and the front wheels are moved forward by 50mm (the front overhang is shortened) to obtain a 30˚ entry angle/21˚ breakover angle/25.6˚ departure angle, bringing better off-road capabilities. .

The gearbox is a Selectshift 10-speed manual transmission system, and the entire gear shifting and power output response are quite smooth and textured.
Since the front wheels are moved forward by 50mm, the new Ranger has an entry angle of 30˚/a breakover angle of 21˚/a departure angle of 25.6˚, which also creates better dirt mound crossing capabilities.

The output characteristics of this 2.0-liter twin-turbo diesel engine are actually quite familiar. Although the horsepower has been revised down due to emission regulations, its powerful peak torque of 51.0kgm is quite impressive. When accelerating from the start and at medium and low speeds, Both can provide strong torque and quite smooth acceleration. Even though the vehicle weighs nearly 2.3 tons, the re-acceleration force at medium and high speeds is not weak or sluggish at all, especially when paired with this 10-speed manual transmission with dense gear ratios. What’s more, this 51.0kgm of powerful torque keeps moving around the strike zone, making it smooth and powerful to drive. More importantly, the entire power output texture has escaped the rough impression of traditional pickup trucks and is closer to a general recreational vehicle. The performance of the car has a considerable positive impact on the overall ride quality.

It is equipped with a 2.0-liter Bi-Turbo inline four-cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel engine with a maximum horsepower of 205hp and a peak torque output of 51.0kgm.

A piece of cake in harsh terrain

As for the On Road texture, the Ranger is, after all, a pickup truck that is mainly used for carrying cargo and towing. Its frame chassis and rear axle still use a leaf spring design, so it will not bounce and pull when driving on uneven roads or potholes. The dynamic situation is still obvious, although the original manufacturer emphasizes that the new generation Ranger has been adjusted as much as possible to be more comfortable in this part. However, the sound insulation and anti-noise in the cabin are indeed good this time. In addition, the directional response of the front of the car is also quite bright and accurate. Although the suspension stroke is long, the support is sufficient, and the grasp of the body dynamics is also high. Therefore, It is a large pickup truck that is quite easy to drive and easy to control.

Under the output characteristics of low rotation and high torque, this car has a very strong and full start and low-speed acceleration, and the on-road controllability is also at a good level, but the body bounce phenomenon is slightly obvious.

As for the Off-Road part, judging from the many times of actual experience of the Ranger's strong escape ability in harsh terrain, I have to say that the Ranger's off-road capabilities are indeed very good, especially with the electronic knob booster box (2H/ 4H/4L/4A) and electronic rear axle differential locking function and other four-wheel drive off-road tools, despite facing harsh terrain environments such as muddy slopes, shell crater terrain, V-shaped ditches and even muddy sand pits , it is still a piece of cake for Ranger, and its off-road performance is quite impressive.

With the rear axle differential locked in full-time four-wheel drive mode, even facing such muddy and slippery harsh terrain is still a piece of cake for the Ranger.

Test drive testimonials~Wildtrak is very good and Raptor is great!

For people who love outdoor leisure and camping activities, owning a multi-functional pickup truck that can go to the mountains and sea at any time is definitely a great pleasure and help in life. The new-generation Ranger Wildtrak still retains its rugged and tough-guy appearance and powerful cargo capabilities, and is further in line with market trends. It has significantly upgraded the specifications of technology and safety equipment, especially the 4WD system and electronics that are crucial to off-road performance. Type-knob power box (2H/4H/4L/4A) and electronic rear axle differential locking make the new Ranger Wildtrak more attractive product strength. If this doesn't satisfy you, the more aggressive performance version of the Raptor model will be a better choice.

Ford Ranger Wildtrak spec sheet

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