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[Test Drive]Hidden BMW iX xDrive50 Ultimate Edition

●Recommended selling price: 4.36 million yuan

●Cruising range 630km (WLTP)

●Original factory warranty of 3 years with unlimited mileage (8 years and 160,000 kilometers for power battery)

●Pleasant features Today’s most balanced and comprehensive pure electric SUV driving experience

●It is a pity that iDrive 8.0 control interface has not been updated yet

Although the appearance is almost identical to the xDrive40 model tested last year, with stronger power output, more abundant battery capacity, and continued improvement in equipment levels, the driving experience brought by iX xDrive50 can be said to be improved. It's beyond imagination...

As the representative of BMW's new generation of pure electric vehicles, the all-new iX was officially released in Taiwan at the end of 2021. However, due to limited production capacity of the original factory, it was not until March last year that vehicles were gradually delivered. Among them, the number of high-end models xDrive50 arriving in Hong Kong was even rarer. Only recently have most of the orders been gradually digested, and the waiting period has been shortened to a more normal three months. In addition to finally being able to provide media test drives to let us experience the full product strength of the iX series, the industry also released the iX model in early June. System equipment upgrade information, the recommended price is xDrive40 Ultimate Edition: 3.36 million yuan, xDrive50 Ultimate Edition: 4.36 million yuan, and iX M60: 6.38 million yuan.

The iX xDrive50 also uses copper-colored trim strips and a sports aerodynamic package. It is difficult to see the difference from the xDrive40 in appearance.

In fact, due to previous chip shortages and international situation, the price and configuration of the iX model have been adjusted several times since its launch more than a year ago. This time, the 2023 xDrive40/50 flagship model has been slightly increased by 6 10,000 yuan, the M60 performance flagship has an increase of 180,000 yuan; in contrast, all car series have added electric lumbar support and massage functions for the passenger seat, and the iDrive 8.0 system also introduces active lane change assist function compared to the new generation X1. Turn on the auxiliary driving function and gently turn the direction light stalk for about 3 seconds. After the system confirms that the traffic on the side and rear is safe, it will smoothly and automatically cut into the next lane. The xDrive50 flagship model tested this time will directly select The Bowers & Wilkins immersive 4D top-level audio system, priced at up to 278,000 yuan, is included as standard equipment. Whether it is the purity of the sound or the sound field performance, it is the top level of today's car audio, and it matches the iX's excellent quiet cabin. The space makes people immersed in the melodious music and don’t want to get out of the car.

The test car adopts a rather eye-catching reddish-brown interior configuration, with matte copper-colored trim strips and crystal elements to make it more elegant and luxurious.
The domestically introduced iX has also recently introduced an active lane change assist function compared to the new generation X1, making the convenience even higher.
The entire car series has simultaneously upgraded the driver's seat lumbar support and massage to a dual front-seat configuration, bringing a more complete and comfortable car experience.
The biggest difference in the configuration of iX xDrive50 is the upgraded Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The sound quality and immersion are both at the current top level.

In terms of power configuration, all iX models use dual synchronous electric motors on the front and rear axles. However, compared to the xDrive40, which is equipped with a 76.6kWh lithium battery pack and has an output of 326hp/64.2kgm, the battery capacity is increased to 111.5kWh. The xDrive50, which weighs more than 2.5 tons, benefits from the superior power increased to 523hp/78.0kgm. The acceleration from zero to zero in just 4.6 seconds is still shortened by 1.5 seconds. The WLTP cruising range has also been increased from 425 kilometers to 630 kilometers. In addition, The charging speed of the BMW i high-speed charging station can replenish the power required for 100 kilometers in just 6 minutes. I believe it can meet the needs of most consumers in terms of performance and efficiency.

In actual road test driving, the iX xDrive50 gave us the same soft and smooth impression as before when driving on ordinary roads. This is because BMW's unique excitation motor design can bring more delicate throttle control response, which greatly reduces the speed of most electric vehicles. The acceleration force is too sensitive and can easily cause frustration; however, as the force of the right foot becomes decisive and rapid, the instantaneous push-back feeling in the middle will still make people clearly feel the flavor of pure electric acceleration that is different from that of gasoline cars. Compared with xDrive40, it has more abundant and abundant power, similar to the upgrade from a four-cylinder engine to a six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engine in the past, giving people a sense of ease and ease.

Different from most electric SUVs of the same class, which come standard with active air pressure suspension, the iX xDrive50 still uses a traditional coil spring configuration. The most surprising thing is that this suspension setting can still cope with the car’s weight of more than 2.5 tons. It is easy to handle, and the tire size upgraded to 275/40R22 can effectively filter out most of the road bounce and vibration. Only when driving on a road with a large drop, there is occasionally a more obvious shaking feeling, and also when driving intensely on winding mountain roads. It can fully suppress body roll, and combined with the steady dynamics brought by the weight of the bottom battery and the excellent tracking control of the electronically controlled four-wheel drive, it not only shows unimaginable neatness, but also maintains the brand's consistent smooth driving feel and feel. Enrich driving pleasure.

It comes standard with 22-inch aerodynamic wheels painted in two colors, and the tire size has been increased from 255/50R21 to 275/40R22.

Test drive experience ~ both power and luxury upgrades

After the equipment adjustment of the 2023 model, not only the overall equipment level of the iX model has been improved, but the xDrive50 model also has Bowers & Wilkins, which will greatly improve the cockpit entertainment experience in addition to the original power and endurance advantages. As for the audio system, now that the waiting period has gradually returned to normal, buyers with sufficient budget must not miss it.

BMW iX xDrive50 spec sheet

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