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[Test Drive]Hyundai Tucson L Turbo Hybrid with all the good stuff

This time, the Tucson L Turbo Hybrid, which is equipped with a 1.6-liter turbo gasoline-electric power system, not only increases the power to 230hp and the maximum combined horsepower output, but also improves the average fuel consumption to 21.1km/L; With a dazzling array of rich equipment, the icing on the cake, all the good materials, and a rather affordable price, it’s no wonder that since the pre-sale event started in May, the order has exceeded 1,500 in just over a month. Snatching up all of this year's quota....

Suggested price 1.289 million yuan (GLTH-C model)

Average fuel consumption: 21.1km/L

Likes: Stronger power, better average fuel consumption

Regret of the lost pearl: the car is missing

Under the expectations of everyone, the "domestic" turbo gasoline-electric Tucson L Turbo Hybrid finally overcame all difficulties and was officially launched in China. This medium-sized SUV equipped with a turbo-electric system was originally expected to be launched in the third and fourth quarters of last year. However, due to the impact of the epidemic and the shortage of materials such as automotive chips, the launch date has been delayed until June this year. , but better late than never. After the Tucson L Turbo Hybrid was officially launched, it not only further enriched the choices of power and models for the Tucson L car series, but also gave another boost to the sales of this car series. Needless to say, even though the production quota of 1,500 vehicles this year has been sold out, subsequent buyers can safely look forward to the arrival of the delivery period next year. As for the Tucson L equipped with a 2.0-liter NA engine, Nanyang Industrial said that it may have to wait for a while, and the fastest time may fall in the second and third seasons of next year.

The amazing shape of future technology is still

In terms of appearance, the hybrid gasoline-electric model maintains the same design as the gasoline model, and both have a stunning and coquettish shape full of future technology. The front of the car adopts a unique split headlight with hidden diamond LED daytime running lights and geometric diamonds. The design of the water tank shield is blackened; the rear of the car also has a very eye-catching and highly recognizable transverse LED wing taillight group. As for the difference from the gasoline model, the only difference is that the gasoline-electric model adopts a 19-inch low-drag two-color aluminum ring, and the rear of the car has an exclusive "Turbo Hybrid" emblem nameplate; in addition, a gasoline-electric model exclusive " Lightning Blue" car color is available.

The diamond-cut flying-wing blackened chrome-plated water tank guard incorporates hidden diamond LED daytime running lights on both sides, and the separate LED headlight group below creates an avant-garde and technologically stunning appearance.
The through-type LED light guide strip is matched with the wing-shaped LED taillights on both sides, which is extremely dazzling and bright.
The gasoline-electric model upgrade comes standard with 19-inch low-drag two-color aluminum rims, and the tires are 235/55R19 Maxxis Bravo HP-M3 comfortable and energy-saving tires.

All luxury and comfort

The layout of the interior is also roughly the same, but the gasoline-electric model has an exclusive two-color dark brown interior. In addition to adding dark brown trim strips on the console and door panels, the entire car seat is covered with brown leather. The white car stitching design is used to create and highlight the luxurious and textured atmosphere of the gasoline-electric model. In terms of equipment, the GLTH-C top-spec model for this test drive is equipped with all the comfortable and luxurious equipment on the highest-spec "Korean version" model as standard, including steering wheel heating, front double seat ventilation/ Heating function, 2 sets of memory settings for the driver's seat, 8-way electric adjustment function for the assistant seat, BOSE audio and SVM surround view video assistance system, etc.

The gasoline-electric model has an exclusive dark brown two-color interior. In addition to adding dark brown decorative strips on the center console and door panels, the entire car seat is also covered with dark brown leather to enhance the cabin texture.
At the front of the saddle, there are dual front seat ventilation/heating functions, steering wheel heating function, surround view image assistance system, steep slope descent, and front and rear warning radar and other switch buttons.

Other equipment such as 10.25-inch digital instrument, 10.25-inch central touch screen (supports Apple CarPlay & Android Auto), original navigation, SBW electronic gearshift system, dual-zone constant temperature air-conditioning, multi-functional leather steering wheel, shift paddles, multiple driving modes , 10-way electric adjustment of the driver's seat, panoramic electric sunroof, Qi wireless charging seat sensor, and responsive electric tailgate are all standard items of GLTH-C top-spec models. Not only that, a complete set of SmartSense advanced safety technology (Level 2) is also not absent.

The dual front seats, covered in dark brown leather and trimmed with white stitching, are equipped with heating/ventilation functions, and have 10-way and 8-way electric adjustment functions respectively.

In addition, due to the identity of the petrol tram, its display content on the instrument panel and the central touch screen is also slightly different. The 10.25-inch instrument has two display interfaces, Eco and Sport, and in Eco mode, the instrument on the right becomes the real-time operation display of the gasoline-electric system; in addition, the display screen in the center of the instrument is also changed to the Chinese interface setting. As for the 10.25-inch central control touch screen, an energy flow indicator is added, which can instantly display the energy switching of the gasoline-electric system and the operating status of each system. All of the above are exclusive configurations for gasoline-electric models.

The 10.25-inch digital instrument has two different display backlights, Eco and Sport, and the instrument on the right is changed to the real-time operation display of the gasoline-electric system, and the middle screen is also changed to a Chinese display interface.
In addition to the built-in navigation, the 10.25-inch central touch screen also adds an energy flow indicator for the gasoline-electric system, which can display the operation screen of the gasoline-electric system and the operating status of the energy system.

Thick and full oil-electric acceleration

The gasoline-electric power system part is a Hybrid power system composed of a 1.6-liter SmartStream T-GDi turbo engine (180hp/27.0kgm), a permanent magnet synchronous motor (60hp/26.9kgm) and a 1.49kWh lithium-ion battery. 230hp, 35.7kgm maximum combined horsepower and torque output. In addition, the transmission system adopts a 6-speed manual transmission design different from gasoline models (7-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission), with front-wheel drive settings. The average fuel consumption test value of the Energy Bureau is 21.1km/L, And according to the original factory, this set of gasoline-electric power is a "single-shaft dual power system (TMED)" architecture that designs all the turbine engine, permanent magnet synchronous motor, and 6-speed manual transmission on the front axle. Improve the transmission efficiency and reduce the setback of kinetic energy conversion, and also minimize the mechanical volume.

The power structure is a Hybrid hybrid system formed by a 1.6T-GDi turbocharged engine, an electric motor and a 1.49kWh lithium-ion battery pack. It has a maximum combined horsepower and torque output of 230hp and 35.7kgm.
The gasoline-electric model is equipped with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission system, which is different from the 7-speed DCT dual-clutch automatic manual transmission of the gasoline version, but the shifting response is equally sensitive and smart.

This car does not have an EV pure electric mode selection, so the switch between gasoline and electric is mainly controlled by the computer automatically, but when starting or at low and medium speeds, you can clearly feel that with the assistance of the electric motor, there is a quite brisk and vigorous driving Acceleration, and after continuous pressing and heavy footing of the accelerator, the engine immediately intervenes and works together with the motor, releasing a quite full and linear acceleration force, and this acceleration thrust is indeed stronger than the output of the original 1.6-liter Turbo engine. It is more vigorous and powerful, so what it brings to the driver is a more passionate emotion and the pleasure of running fast all the way.

With the assistance of the electric motor, in addition to bringing a stronger power output than the gasoline version, it also increases the average fuel consumption to an excellent performance of 21.1km/L.

Comfortable and solid driving experience

There is actually no obvious difference between the gasoline version and the gasoline-electric model in the handling part. Also, with the innately excellent 3rd generation N-Platform chassis and the good adjustment of the front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension systems, in addition to having In addition to its excellent ability to handle vibrations on uneven roads and potholes, it still has flexible, solid and stable handling performance, especially when driving fast on mountain road curves, but there is no obvious sense of shaking of the SUV's high center of gravity, even due to the configuration of the gasoline-electric system. The center of gravity is lowered, thereby slightly reducing the degree of cornering roll, coupled with the assistance of the electronic torque type cornering tracking enhancement system, resulting in stable cornering tracking performance, allowing the driver to have quite good expectations and control The vehicle's dynamic feedback capability, the overall performance has the handling style and tonality of a European SUV.

Tucson L Turbo Hybrid has the original comfortable driving response, but at the same time maintains good handling, flexible, solid and stable dynamic performance, comparable to the handling style and tonality of European SUVs.

Test drive testimonials ~ strong product combat power

Tucson L Turbo Hybrid has a combined horsepower of 230hp and an average fuel consumption of 21.1km/L. It can be said that it has both performance and energy saving, and it does have attractive characteristics; plus the top-spec GLTH-C model is so A wide range of luxurious and comfortable equipment, as well as a set of Level 2 SmartSense advanced safety technology, are even more irresistible. However, the biggest problem at present should not be how to sell more new cars, but to obtain more key components from the original factory to increase production capacity, otherwise there will be no cars to sell, and no matter how powerful the car is, it will be empty talk.

Hyundai Tucson L Turbo Hybrid GLTH-C Spec Sheet

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