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[Test Drive]Just go Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Caddy Maxi TDI California

●Recommended selling price: 1.698 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 20.2km/L

●Original factory warranty of 4 years with no mileage limit

●What’s lovely about it is the complete experience of the original car park, taking into account daily practical functions.

●It is a pity that there is no water tank and parking air conditioner

Based on years of accumulated development experience in the T-series California campervan, Volkswagen Travel has launched the more compact Caddy California for the first time to meet the needs of light gamers who need a car to travel in the city and go out for camping at any time.

Replacing the original Caddy Beach model, Volkswagen Commercial Travel launched the new Caddy California based on the new generation car series in September 2020. Due to original factory supply issues, although this car will be sold in Taiwan for the first time in March 2022 It was unveiled, but it was not officially launched until March 28 this year. Later, a complete Level 2 intelligent driving assistance system was introduced in July, and the price was also increased by 20,000 yuan to 1.698 million yuan.

Everyone pretends to be a camera to enrich

Thanks to the interior and exterior styling of the new generation car series, which is significantly closer to the sedan style, and the test drive adopts a very fresh and eye-catching apple green color, the first impression of the new Caddy California can be said to be full of vitality. It has an urban leisure atmosphere, and in addition to the vehicle model stickers on both sides of the sliding doors and tailgate, the most eye-catching feature is the retractable sunshade set up on the right side of the roof. It should be noted that although the sunshade is very important to driving dynamics It won't have much impact, but since the overall vehicle height is 2042mm, you need to pay more attention when entering and exiting places with limited height such as underground parking lots.

LED high and low beam headlights and LED daytime running lights are standard, and the water tank guard is decorated with a simple single black glossy surface.
The 17-inch five-spoke two-color wheel configuration is the same as the Maxi Style model, and can be upgraded to 18-inch two-color wheels as an option.
In addition to the eye-catching retractable awning on the side of the car, the word California is also added to the sliding door as an exclusive identification.

The interior layout of the first two rows of this car is basically the same as that of the Caddy Maxi, with a three-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel + shift paddles, piano paint instrument panel, 10.25-inch digital instrument, 8.25-inch touch audio and video system and complete Level 2 Intelligent driving assistance systems and other high-end equipment are also quite abundant, but the highlight is naturally the California-exclusive camping kit introduced in the rear part of the car, which mainly includes a two-person folding sleeper using the same disc spring support design as the T6.1 California, and an integrated single berth. There are two parts: a cooking gas stove and a hidden sink in the tableware storage area. It is also equipped with a hidden outdoor folding table and chairs that can be stored in the space under the sleeper, ventilation screens, annular cabin blackout curtains, blackout storage bags and other peripherals. Equipped with the equipment, you can quickly create a simple living space after arriving at the appropriate location. Unfortunately, due to the body size and model positioning, this car does not have an external water tank and a parking air conditioner that can be connected to an external power supply. You need to prepare enough by yourself. Use water and in-car fans and other equipment.

The console continues the consistent design of the new-generation Caddy model, and a piano-painted instrument panel is added to the Maxi Style model.
Equipped with a complete Level 2 intelligent driving assistance system, the Travel Assist intelligent vehicle array shuttle system can be easily activated with one finger.
The configuration of the second row of three-person seats is the same as that of the Maxi model, and it also has thoughtful and practical features such as folding tables.
There is an additional 230V European standard socket under the air outlet of the second row of air conditioners for use, and a fire extinguisher is a must-have item required by domestic regulations.
Ventilation screens help to circulate air in the car room, but if you want to stay in a car without parking air conditioning, you are still vulnerable to environmental influences.
There are hidden outdoor folding tables and chairs stored in the car. After finding a parking spot, you can take them out and put them away to create a simple living space.
Fold the second-row seats down to unfold the double-folding berth, and use the ring-cabin blackout curtains to create a resting space with excellent privacy.

Powerful, smooth and comfortable

The new Caddy California uses the same 2.0L straight-four diesel engine configuration as previously introduced models. The maximum output of 122hp/32.6kgm is matched with the efficient transmission of the DSG seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Although the starting and acceleration response is not brisk and lively. , but at least it can give people a sense of smoothness and calmness, especially the abundant torque that is continuously supplied from 1600rpm, which makes the nearly 70 kilograms more than the Caddy Maxi almost unnoticeable. I believe that even with a full load of passengers When preparing for a camping trip with equipment, it will not give people the feeling of being too tired and tired.

It is equipped with a 2.0L four-cylinder diesel engine with a maximum output of 122hp/32.6kgm, and its high torque characteristics can cope with load climbing requirements.
The power performance of the Caddy California has not been affected too much by the increase in vehicle weight, and the overall response is still quite smooth and linear.

In terms of chassis settings, the composite suspension system of rear fixed axle + coil spring used in the new generation Caddy model is a highlight. The comfortable road texture that is comparable to that of a sedan MPV makes people go away from the past tendency to be stiff. The new Caddy California naturally inherits this advantage and even has an exclusive camping kit in the trunk to make the front and rear weights more balanced. When driving on undulating roads or cruising at high speed, it has a smoothness closer to that of a medium to large RV. The body dynamics are also more in line with the car's leisure-style setting that pursues comfort and pleasure.

The road texture maintains the sedan-like comfortable style of the new generation car series, which can bring a pleasant experience whether it is daily transportation or camping.

Test drive experience ~ A new choice for getting started with car rentals

The newly launched Caddy California not only satisfies consumers who want to consider daily use with its more compact body size, but also has a relatively complete original camping kit configuration, which is also the most convenient first choice for beginners who are entering the field of caravans for the first time.

VWCV Caddy California spec sheet

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