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[Test Drive]Mazda 6 Wagon 25S 20th Anniversary Edition

●The suggested price is 1.349 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 13.0km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●Pleasant features Handsome yet stable shape and driving experience

●Regret of the leftover jewel Digital technology is a bit behind the times

The Mazda 6 series, which replaced the Capella 626 as the representative of Mazda’s flagship saloon car, came out in 2002, about the same time as the author entered the automotive media industry. In the past 20 years, the Mazda 6 series has undergone three generations of model changes. This test drive 20 The anniversary special edition is like reuniting with friends who have been away for many years, talking about each other's experiences and changes over the years along the way, and at the same time bringing back a lot of memories...

From the debut in 2002 with the new Zoom-Zoom brand design style, to the first opportunity to test drive on the road after being introduced into China, the first-generation Mazda 6 exudes a dynamic atmosphere from top to bottom. For me, a rookie editor who was just a fledgling It can be said to be amazing, and this impression has not diminished with the increase of test experience, and even gradually discovered that it is no easy task to shape a front-drive medium-sized RV with such flexible and interesting handling characteristics. In the author's personal mind, it is one of the benchmark representatives of the control of front-wheel drive RVs.

The second-generation Mazda 6 premiered at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. It can be clearly seen that the brand is striving towards the goal of luxury. While retaining the clean and smooth handling style of the first-generation model, it has made considerable progress in terms of body size and equipment level , It’s just that the author personally doesn’t like the stacking of design elements that are too deliberate and contrived. The slightly weakened body dynamic feedback and the accuracy of driving feel are slightly weakened for the sake of luxury and comfort. It is not as good as the first-generation model in terms of fun creation.

Coming to the third generation of models that came out in 2012, the Mazda 6 car series once again led the whole brand to create a new Kodo soul-moving design style, greatly simplifying unnecessary design details, and only using a few characteristic fold lines to outline a muscular body outline, even if the body size Zoom in again, but it shows a neat and dynamic body shape that surpasses the second-generation model and is close to that of the first-generation veteran. The chassis setting is similar to the calm style of the German car model, and both the road texture and handling response have been improved.

The 20th anniversary model is painted in an exclusive carpenter red color, which changes in different levels according to the angle of light.
The mesh water tank shield is changed to a high-gloss style unique to the commemorative model, and the flat factory emblem represents the complete i-Activsense active safety technology.
An exclusive commemorative nameplate can be seen on the front fender, and the 19-inch multi-spoke wheels echo the water tank guard and are simultaneously replaced with high-gloss paint.

With the rise of the off-road trend, the medium-sized RV class of the Mazda 6 car series is the first and biggest victim. Naturally, the original product strategy has also become conservative, and has carried out several annual updates and two minor facelifts. The overall exterior shape has not changed significantly, only a more simple and open interior layout has been replaced, but more importantly, the chassis settings have been continuously adjusted and optimized. It is found that the road response is faster and more solid, and the steering response is more precise and smooth. At the same time, G-Vectoring Control Plus is also introduced to enhance the stability of the vehicle when cornering, thereby improving the driver's safety. Feel confident and at ease.

Equipped with a rare 2.5L four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, the data is not impressive but the output is linear and progressive.
Mazda 6 Wagon has a comfortable driving experience without dragging its feet, which fully demonstrates the driving concept of "man and horse as one" that the brand has always emphasized.

Of course, there is always a banquet in the world. Under the premise that the successor models are not yet clear, in order to draw a good footnote for the Mazda 6 series that has led the design style of Mazda’s past two generations of products, the original factory specially launched this time. The 20th anniversary commemorative model is full of memories. It provides two unique car color options, Carpenter Red or Snow White, with warm sand brown interior, Leganu suede and Nappa leather mixed seats, and exclusive nameplates inside and outside the body/ The imprint, in addition to the running style we are familiar with the Mazda 6 car series, adds a mature and elegant charm that symbolizes the accumulation of 20 years of accumulation. Some people may think that the three-ring instrument with a built-in 7-inch digital display is inaccessible. The configuration such as the 8-inch central information display screen that can only be controlled through the knob interface has not kept up with the times, but when driving it to the mountain roads that we used to run together in the past, we can enjoy the comfort and joy of putting a smile on our face When you harness your feelings, you realize that those things don't really matter at all...

The warm sand brown interior and the seats mixed with Leganu suede and Nappa leather bring an elegant and delicate visual and tactile experience.
The exclusive color-matched seats are superior in terms of shape and texture and ride comfort, and the double front seat electric adjustment and diversion ventilation functions are also very complete.
The double front seat headrests are added with the exclusive imprint commemorating the 20th anniversary, and the unique identity of this car can be easily seen at a glance.
The traditional three-ring instrument design is maintained, but the central part has been changed to a 7-inch full-color digital display that can switch various driving information.

Test drive experience ~ the courage to persist

The current three-generation Mazda 6 has been released for more than ten years. Many designs may feel outdated or old-fashioned in the eyes of the new generation of consumers. A real charm that is evocative and has won the enthusiastic response of many driving enthusiasts.

Mazda 6 Wagon 25S 20th Anniversary Edition Specification Table

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