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[Test Drive]Opel Astra GS Trendy Edition

●The suggested price is 1.239 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 17.1km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

●Pleasant features New generation fashion style, Chinese cultural technology interface

Regret that the power is not enough to play the full strength of the chassis

After successively introducing the Mokka and Grandland, two SUV models in line with the mainstream of the market, the third model introduced by the new general agent Oji Automobile is the new sixth-generation Astra with a classic name. For those who have been in contact with the Opel brand in the past For consumers, this is the real beginning of the return of the symbolic German lightning...

For readers of the younger generation, the name Astra may be relatively unfamiliar, but in fact, from the first generation model that came out in 1991 to the three generations of models that appeared in 2004, they have been introduced into the domestic market as the main sales force of the Opel brand. The agency ended in 2012, and the subsequent fourth and fifth-generation models had no chance to meet domestic consumers. It was not until the new general agent Oji Auto took over that they had the opportunity to introduce the sixth-generation models released in July 2021 to Taiwan. The new car was released in June this year. It will be officially launched on the 7th. In addition to the Elegance Metropolitan Edition and GS Trendy Edition during the pre-sale period, the GS Premium flagship version will be added as a top-spec option. The prices are 1.179 million, 1.239 million, and 1.289 million yuan, respectively.

Bold and pure evolution

From the Mokka and Grandland models we tested earlier, we have established a preliminary impression of the new generation of Opel, headed by the Vizor lightning goggles, and the new sixth-generation Astra can clearly see that the original name is Bold & Pure The bold and pure design language has evolved to the next stage again. Under the compact size setting of 4374x1860x1441mm, only through the three-dimensional fold lines in the center of the hood and front and rear wheel arches, the exclusive features that are difficult to be mistaken are outlined. At the same time, the daytime running lights The flying wing shape of the taillight group, the diversion shape on both sides of the front air dam, and the reflector of the rear bumper are designed to echo the front and rear. The shark fin antenna on the roof, the vertical third brake light in the center of the rear wing and the integrated tailgate switch The factory emblem on the rear of the car is also vertically aligned, showing the German thinking of striving for neatness and accuracy.

The sixth generation of Astra adopts the bold and pure design of the new generation of Bold & Pure, bringing out the avant-garde and dynamic atmosphere with simple broken lines.
The two-tone glossy black roof and rear spoiler add sophistication and layered changes, and the upright third brake light is also quite distinctive.
The GS models are equipped with high-end matrix LED headlights, and the flying-wing daytime running lights are one of the standard features of the whole car series.

The sixth-generation Astra introduced models are divided into two appearance configurations. The Elegance model is equipped with an exclusive urban fashion style package that emphasizes refinement and simplicity. The model nameplate and other parts are all bright silver chrome-plated, and are equipped with Two-Tone personalized black rearview mirror/tail spoiler and 17-inch two-color cut wheels; It is fully blackened to add a sporty atmosphere. In addition, the trendy version of the test drive is equipped with 17-inch blackened rim configuration, and the Premium flagship version will be upgraded to 18-inch diamond-cut style, which makes it even more dynamic.

The design of the Vizor lightning goggles on the front of the GS model is more thorough, including the central factory logo and frame are all treated with integrated bright black.
The taillight adopts the flying wing shape that echoes the daytime running lights, and the car name pattern is arranged horizontally on the lower half of the concave-convex tailgate.

Richer in digital technology

Not only has the exterior design evolved, but the interior layout of the sixth-generation Astra has also shown a new look. First, the overall console configuration has greatly reduced the number of stacked layers and buttons. Equipped with Pure Panel Pro high-end integrated digital instrument composed of 10-inch digital instrument + 10-inch multimedia touch screen, together with the new three-spoke steering wheel with flat shortcut key design, presenting a modern cockpit atmosphere with a more technological sense ; While pursuing simplicity, the original factory did not ignore the practical needs. The wide and flat central saddle not only integrates the family-style electronic wire transmission interface, but also has mobile phone wireless charging and dual USB-A plugs under the front roller shutter. Slots, double cup holders in the center, and open storage slots at the rear. In addition, there is also a flip-down storage box covered with fleece inside under the air outlet of the central air conditioner, which can store valuables such as sunglasses.

The interior also further develops the brand's Detox extremely simple decompression cockpit concept, and the introduced models are more uniformly equipped with 10-inch + 10-inch Pure Panel Pro high-end integrated digital instruments.
The 10-inch digital instrument provides 5 kinds of personalized function display options, but all of them are the adjustment of the size and position of the information field rather than the style change.
The ADAS control keys on the left side of the steering wheel adopt a new design logic, and the OK key is used to quickly set the ACC in conjunction with the road speed limit identification.

In terms of equipment settings, it includes driver's seat certified by AGR German Back Health Association, Smart Keyless, 8-color colorful atmosphere lights, dual-zone constant temperature air-conditioning + rear seat air outlets, wireless Apple CarPlay/wireless Android Auto, and Level 2 smart driving The advanced intelligent safety driving assistance system of the auxiliary level is standard for all models. The GS model adds Intellilux Pixel LED Light matrix headlights, aluminum alloy pedals, surround view image assistance, Intelli-Air air purification system, and the Premium version adds more Upgraded Alcantara suede/leather seats + 6-way electric adjustment for the driver's seat and 2 sets of memory, the richness should be able to meet consumers' expectations for this class of models.

The latest advanced intelligent driving assistance system is introduced to provide intelligent driving assistance capabilities meeting Level 2.
The Intelli-Air air purification system introduced for the first time in a new car is standard on GS models, and the air quality can be checked on the touch screen.
The central saddle integrates the family-style electronic wire transmission interface, and combines mobile phone wireless charging and storage designs such as cup holders.
The GS trendy version is equipped with leather/non-woven seats with exclusive lettering as standard, and the driver's seat also has AGR certification.
The performance of the rear seat space belongs to the general level of a medium-sized hatchback, and the rather soft seat foam padding is quite pleasing.
It provides space change functions such as the 6/4 separation of the rear seat back and the two-stage height adjustment of the luggage compartment floor. The carrying volume is 422~1339L.

Smooth Power and Practical

In response to the Group's development strategy towards electrification, the new six-generation Astra power is divided into three categories: 1.2L three-cylinder turbo gasoline, 1.6L turbo PHEV plug-in gasoline-electric, and Electric pure electric. This model is mainly powered by 1.2L three-cylinder turbo gasoline. It is not yet clear whether the 1.6L PHEV and the pure electric version listed as the GSe sports model by the original factory can be added. With the consistent maximum output of 130hp/23.5kgm and the eight-speed manual gearbox, the Astra, which weighs only about 1.4 tons, can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 10.2 seconds and has a speed of 17.1km/L. The average fuel consumption performance of the Energy Bureau shows a practical orientation that emphasizes economy.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 1.2L three-cylinder turbo engine with a maximum output of 130hp/23.5kgm.
It adopts exclusive 17-inch blackened wheel configuration, and the tire size of 225/45R17 is conducive to improving road quality and comfort.

In fact, according to the previous test driving experience of many models under the Grandland and Peugeot, it is not difficult to imagine that Astra can still provide quite brisk and smooth power performance. The sensitivity of the accelerator response, as for the relatively conservative shift logic of the eight-speed manual automatic transmission on the Grandland, although it still exists, but fortunately, the Astra is lighter in weight and the difference in acceleration force caused by the difference in speed is relatively small. If you want to make full use of the full power of this 1.2L three-cylinder turbo engine, it is better to control the gear position and speed range by yourself through the shift paddles.

The overall power performance is not outstanding, but there is no sense of sluggishness. Making good use of the Sport mode can also provide sufficient acceleration response.

Steady driving is not rigid

The sixth-generation Astra adopts the new third-generation EMP2 modular chassis configuration. Benefiting from the use of high-rigidity aluminum alloy and composite materials, you can feel the overall rigidity shortly after the test drive. Compared with the previous generation Mokka, Grandland is even better. As for the suspension damping setting, it maintains the brand’s consistent pure German solid style. After fully filtering the uncomfortable impact, it faithfully conveys the undulations of the road to the driver, creating an exceptional Calm and calm driving style, at the same time, the new car also uses double-layer soundproof glass on the front screen and the front doors on both sides to isolate most of the environmental noise from the cabin, which not only further improves the quietness of the cabin and driving comfort , and even help the sound performance to a certain extent.

The new third-generation EMP2 modular chassis configuration brings excellent body rigidity to the sixth-generation Astra, further enhancing driving stability.

Because it is developed using group resources, in the previous Mokka and Grandland test drive experience, we all found that in addition to the familiar German calm style, there are still a lot of French flexible tonality in it, and this The next sixth-generation Astra is obviously more proficient in chassis tuning techniques, and can maintain a more neutral and consistent driving experience from the steering handle to the dynamic response. The cornering smoothness and other aspects are also significantly better than the two SUV brothers, and the driving pleasure is naturally better. However, the tires are equipped with economical and energy-saving Michelin Primacy 4. When the speed of the corner is slightly higher, the wailing will continue, and even the head will tend to be pushed. Higher-performance tires with sufficient grip can further develop the handling potential of this car.

Test drive experience ~ show the real strength of the brand

Compared with the Mokka and Grandland, both of which are in the middle of the product cycle, the new sixth-generation Astra can truly demonstrate the strength of the new generation of Opel models. The comprehensive and sophisticated digital technology equipment and the level of chassis tuning are believed to be able to attract more Consumers take note.

Opel Astra GS Spec Sheet

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