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[Test Drive]Overlord’s transformation into the new sixth-generation Honda CR-V

CR-V, which has long been the sales leader of domestic SUVs, still has sales of more than 1,000 units even before the launch of its major facelift model, which shows the strength of its products and market popularity. This new sixth-generation model not only brings a brand-new appearance and interior design, but also upgrades and strengthens the equipment content and interior material quality, coupled with obviously evolved power and handling performance, and With the Honda Sensing safety technology that has evolved in protection specifications and the equally highly praised passenger space performance, the overall product competitiveness has been significantly improved compared to the previous generation model. As for the overall performance of the new car? And is its combat power enough to compete with other strong competitors in the same class and continue to maintain its position as the domestic SUV sales leader? Let’s keep looking….

●Recommended selling price: 1.279 million yuan (Prestige)

●Average fuel consumption 14.7km/L

●Pleasant features: High-end luxury equipment is included, and the rear seat space is spacious and comfortable.

●Unfortunately, the 4WD system configuration is missing

With the sense of evolution, the product level of the new-generation CR-V has also been upgraded. This is also the mission and product appeal that Honda has given to the new-generation CR-V. After all, with the continuous updating of model generations, product strength has also increased. It is also necessary to follow the evolution and upgrade simultaneously, so as to comply with the market consumption trend that is also constantly iterating and updating. Even if the price will rise as a result, it is still an inevitable path, not to mention as long as the product strength is in place. , which can definitely withstand the rigorous test of the market and consumers. As for the new sixth-generation CR-V, after canceling the original entry-level VTi model priced at one million yuan, in addition to retaining the VTi-S (1.059 million) and S (1.179 million) models, a new model with a price of up to The top-of-the-line Prestige model at 1.279 million yuan has obviously raised the product level to a higher level, allowing consumers to choose a product model with more luxury and higher-end equipment, and use this to compete with today's very powerful vehicles. Competitors such as Kuga 250 AWD Vignale (1.269 million), Tucson L Turbo Hybrid GLTH-C (1.289 million), X-Trail Hybrid flagship version (1.239 million pre-sale price), Sportage Apex (1.269 million) and RAV 4 2.5 Hybrid flagship (1.25 million) and other similar competitors have equal competitive strength.

A new, more dynamic look

In terms of appearance, at first glance, the new CR-V seems to retain a body shape and silhouette similar to the previous model. However, after a closer look, you will find that not only the entire appearance is completely new, but also more domineering. In addition to In addition to the hexagonal honeycomb-shaped water tank guard with a larger area, the LED headlights are also more slender and sharp in shape, and the light group is also combined with sequential direction lights, coupled with a thick three-dimensional front lower bumper and grid. The air intake dam is lowered, showing a more rugged and sporty atmosphere than before. In addition to the obvious shoulder line on the side of the car, another highlight is the arrangement of orange "reflective sheets" on the front wheel arches. This was a device only found on American models in the past, but according to the script It said that this generation of CR-V, whether it is the Thai version or the Chinese version, has this reflector setting.

The new generation CR-V retains a similar body shape and silhouette as before, but the body size is larger than the previous generation. The length/width/height and wheelbase are 4690/1865/1680mm and 2700mm respectively. The length and width of the car have increased by 65 Compared with 10mm, the wheelbase has increased by 40mm.
The LED headlights, which have become sharper and slender, also incorporate a sequential direction light design.
The hexagonal honeycomb-shaped water tank guard not only has a larger area, but also has a more domineering and textured style.

As for the shape design of the rear of the car, it is relatively simple, but the eye will be attracted by the L-shaped taillights on both sides. This is similar to the upright taillights of the previous generation model, with a more design-oriented outward outline shape, and is added with interior elements. The design of three L-shaped light guide strips arranged from outside to inside not only adds a sense of visual hierarchy, but also brings high visibility at night. This is the most eye-catching and characteristic feature of the rear shape of the car. In addition, under the rear bumper, there are left and right dual exhaust tailpipes and a splitter design (VTi-S/S adopts a hidden exhaust pipe design), which creates a sporty atmosphere at the rear of the car.

The design of three L-shaped light guide strips in the L-shaped taillight group can be said to be eye-catching and full of high-tech feel.
The top-spec Prestige model adopts a left and right dual exhaust tailpipe configuration and is equipped with a splitter design, bringing a touch of sportiness.
The entire car series uses 235/60 R18 tire settings, but the 10-frame aluminum rim style is a bit conservative.

Richly equipped and exquisitely styled interiors

The entire interior layout design of the new sixth-generation CR-V gives people a very familiar feeling, because it is very similar to the previously launched 11th-generation Civic, including the steering wheel, instrument panel, central touch screen, air conditioning control interface and other designs They are almost identical, even the design of the metal honeycomb-shaped hidden air-conditioning outlets is the same. This is also the family-style design style of Honda's new generation car interiors. However, the biggest difference is the design of the gear saddle, which still adopts the traditional gear lever type instead of a button design. As for the entire interior design, it adopts a more refined and delicate Japanese style, which is different from the more majestic and steady route of the previous generation.

The interior design of the overhauled CR-V is very family-like, and the overall design pattern is very similar to Civic, while also emphasizing a more refined and delicate Japanese-style design line.

Taking the Prestige model as a test drive, the most eye-catching evolutionary equipment in the cabin is the 10.2-inch digital instrument and the 9-inch touch-sensitive audio host on the console. The former adopts a virtual double-ring design, with a tachometer on the left and a tachometer on the right. It is a speedometer. The two-ring meter can display a variety of driving information, radio entertainment information, navigation icons, fuel consumption and other information. It also has a virtual reality display function of the road environment. When the ACC car following system is activated, the radar detects The detected images of vehicles (trucks/cars/motorcycles) in front or on both sides will be displayed on the screen, allowing the driver to clearly know the relevant positions of the vehicles around him while driving, which is both fun and safe. The latter's 9-inch multimedia touch screen (7-inch for VTi-S), in addition to built-in original navigation, can also support Apple CarPlay (wireless/wired) & Android Auto (wired) mobile phone connection functions.

The high-tech 10.2-inch digital instrument is an exclusive standard feature on the top-spec Prestige model, while the other two models are all 7-inch configurations.
The 9-inch multimedia touch screen (S/Prestige) has a built-in satellite navigation system and supports wireless Apple CarPlay & Android Auto (wired) mobile phone connection functions.

In addition, the Honda Connect intelligent networking system, which is installed on the new CR-V for the first time, is also the focus of this model's evolution. It provides services including 1. Safety/security (automatic collision detection/anti-theft insurance/remote diagnosis/speed warning/ Convenient location and fencing), 2. Convenience/comfort (instrument information display/favorite point search/remote vehicle engine, air conditioner, door lock and light operation/finding your car), 3. Communication/Link (message communication/social sharing) There are a total of 13 functional services in 3 major categories, providing each car owner with a convenient, comfortable and safe mobile experience anytime and anywhere. Currently, the platform also provides free use for the first 3 years, and will be priced based on annual subscriptions thereafter.

The Honda Connect intelligent networking system introduced for the first time can provide car owners with a total of 13 functional services in three categories including safety/security, convenience/comfort, and communication/connection.

As for the equipment, the top-spec Prestige model can be said to be quite rich and complete. In addition to the above-mentioned 10.2-inch digital instrument panel, 9-inch multimedia touch screen and satellite navigation system, it also includes Honda Connect smart networking, Qi wireless charging stand, Dual-zone climate control, leather multi-function steering wheel, paddle shifters, 8-way driver's seat/4-way passenger seat electric adjustment function, BOSE premium audio + 12 speakers, induction electric tailgate, panoramic electric sunroof, MVCS surround view Image assist system and induction electric tailgate, plus 10 airbags and a complete set of Level 2 Honda Sensing intelligent safety protection technology (ACC/LSF/CMBS/FCW/BSI/LKAS/RDM/LDW/LVDN) These are all standard features, so the price of nearly 1.3 million yuan is indeed worthwhile.

S and above models come standard with a convenient and practical Qi mobile phone wireless charging stand, as well as two sets of Type A/C charging jacks and a 12V power plug.
The top-spec Prestige model comes standard with BOSE Centerpoint premium audio + 12 speakers (including bass).
The MVCS surround view image assist system is also a newly added safety and practical equipment, but it is also a standard item exclusive to the Prestge model.
The standard panoramic electric glass sunroof on the Prestige model can bring a bright and open feeling to the cabin and is an indispensable feature for an SUV.

The riding space is larger and more comfortable

In terms of body size, the length/width/height of the new CR-V are 4690/1865/1680mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2700mm. Compared with the previous domestic model, its length and width are 65 and 10mm longer respectively. , the wheelbase is increased by 40mm, and the enlarged body size also makes the CR-V, which already has excellent space performance, even better. In particular, the rear seat of this major facelift CR-V has greatly enhanced its riding comfort. In addition to ample knee room, the rear seatback also has 16 levels of angle adjustment. The tilt angle increases by 10.5 degrees compared to the previous generation to 32 degrees, allowing rear seat passengers to easily find the most comfortable sitting posture. Indeed, after actually riding with a 175cm adult, the knee and head room are about 2 fists and 1.5 fists apart respectively. In addition, the seat can have 16 levels of angle adjustment and has a 19cm front and rear sliding function, so it can be Occupants can easily find the most comfortable sitting position and diverse passenger space; in addition, the configuration of rear seat air outlets and two sets of USB-C charging holes also meet current needs and do not disappoint.

The dual front seats of S and above models have 8-way and 4-way electric adjustment functions respectively, and the driver's seat also comes with 2 sets of memory settings, making the entire ride very comfortable and comfortable.
In addition to the rear seat sliding up to 19cm forward and backward, the seat back also has 16 levels of angle adjustment, and the inclination angle is increased to 32 degrees compared to the previous generation, allowing the occupants to adjust to the most comfortable sitting posture.

As for the luggage compartment, it is also wider and deeper. However, the original manufacturer did not release relevant capacity data this time. It only stated that the standard volume of the luggage compartment has increased by 89 liters compared with the previous generation, and can accommodate four 25-inch suitcases or four golf balls. Bags and other items, in particular, can be combined with rear seats that can move forward and backward 19cm to further enlarge the luggage compartment space, and can even be combined with a 6/4 split rear seat forward-folding function to obtain a wider and flatter storage space.

Smooth start, powerful turbo in the middle and rear sections

The new sixth-generation CR-V has two power specifications, one is equipped with a 1.5-liter in-cylinder direct injection turbocharged gasoline engine, and the other is a 2.0-liter Hybrid petrol-electric power system with dual electric motors. However, currently Taiwan Honda only Gasoline-powered models will be launched, but gasoline-electric power will not be available to Chinese people in the short term. The 1.5-liter VTEC Turbo engine equipped on the major facelift is the same as the previous model, and is also matched with a CVT gearbox. The maximum horsepower and torque output remain at 193hp and 24.8kgm, but it is also changed through the engine body, turbine system and CVT. Box and other optimization and upgrade projects not only expand the range of the peak area of ​​power output, but also effectively reduce the noise and vibration during engine operation, and also slightly increase the average fuel consumption of the Energy Bureau to 15.0km/L (VTI-S/ S ) and 14.7km/L (Prestige), especially after actually driving on the road, it has a different dynamic acceleration experience.

It is equipped with an optimized and adjusted 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, with a maximum horsepower and torque output of 193hp, 24.8kgm, and an average fuel consumption of 14.7km/L (Prestige).
The CVT gearbox has also been optimized, including optimizing the control of required torque, early downshifting during braking, Step-Shift rhythmic gear shifting, and improving the noise of the CVT steel belt.

The output characteristics of this engine are not wild in the front end. It is smooth and soft without any impulse. However, the torque peak can be adjusted to appear 200rpm earlier at 1800rpm, but it is when running on mountain road curves. It is quite helpful, especially when applying the accelerator after exiting a corner. The acceleration force will not be provided half a beat later than in the past. Instead, the power will be released at a very accurate and smooth timing, allowing the driver to apply the accelerator to speed up. Go, this is the most obvious difference from the power output characteristics of the previous generation. In addition, this small-displacement turbine engine also has explosive power in the middle and rear stages. After continuously pressing the accelerator, a strong thrust is immediately released. And the higher the speed, the richer and fuller the acceleration force will be. Even if you step on the accelerator deeply at high speed, you will still get the full acceleration power you want. Unlike a small displacement engine, it will be weak when the high speed increases the tail speed. The phenomenon of exhaustion occurs, especially when paired with a CVT gearbox, the entire acceleration power output is quite smooth and linear. It can even be used in S gear and manual shifting mode to meet the driver's current needs to obtain smoother, more Direct power feedback and acceleration pleasure.

The maximum horsepower output is 193hp. Although the smooth and gentle starting acceleration lacks some momentum, after the turbine is turned on, the abundant and full acceleration force makes this car run like a tiger.

The smooth control remains the same, and the sound insulation makes the road feel better.

This time, the original factory has made a lot of efforts to improve the body and chassis rigidity of the sixth-generation CR-V and the vehicle NVH sound insulation engineering. In particular, it increased the pitch and roll rigidity without increasing the spring strength, and combined with the ARD amplitude response The use of type shock absorbers can suppress the shaking of the vehicle body on undulating roads and vibrations on uneven roads, thereby improving the stability and ride comfort of the vehicle while driving. As for the sound insulation part, the noise of the power system, road and tire noise, and wind noise are reduced and isolated, and combined with the ANC active noise suppression system to improve the comfort and quietness of the cabin.

In addition to better cabin sound insulation and suppression of road shaking and vibration than the previous generation, the new CR-V still retains its usual excellent handling and high driving confidence.

Indeed, while driving at high speed on the coastal highway in Hualien, what makes people feel quite improved is the performance of sound insulation and road texture. It can be clearly found that the noise from the road surface and wheel arches as well as wind noise are indeed smaller than the previous model. There is a lot of noise; in addition, you can also clearly feel that the suspension's action feedback has become more delicate, especially its high-level performance in handling uneven roads and potholes, which can bring a very comfortable riding experience to the occupants in the car. . In addition to excellent ride comfort, the new generation CR-V also provides drivers with above-average handling performance. Although the front MacPherson and rear multi-link suspension settings are still biased toward comfort, they still It has a certain degree of toughness and Q-degree performance, so whether you are driving on the Huadong Coastal Highway or the winding mountain road of Hua 64, you can still feel that it retains the impressive and excellent controllability in the past, and it can also give you The driver's high driving confidence, especially the tough and supportive suspension and the flexible and crisp steering response, not only bring crisp body dynamic response, but also allow the vehicle to handle continuous curves under the solid chassis structure. It is not only smart, stable and easy to control, but also brings some control fun to driving. It can be said that it has achieved a very good balance between control and ride comfort.

Test Drive Remarks ~ Comprehensive Perceptual Strengthening

The sixth-generation facelifted CR-V has indeed made considerable improvements, including a more distinctive and dynamic exterior styling, a more refined and textured interior design, higher-end and technological equipment layout, and enhanced safety equipment. system, as well as the quite evolved power control performance, much better road texture and NVH sound insulation engineering, plus larger and more comfortable passenger space functions, etc., it can be clearly seen that the original factory has a high regard for the new generation CR -V is carefully crafted and expected in all aspects. Indeed, only by giving stronger product competitiveness can it have enough combat power to break out in the mid-size SUV market surrounded by strong enemies and continue to dominate the sales. Let us wait and see!

Honda CR-V spec sheet

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