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[Test Drive]Range Rover P530 SV SWB

In addition to the extremely luxurious interior equipment, this pinnacle flagship "Range Rover P530 SV SWB" crafted by Jaguar Land Rover SVO's special vehicle department also combines the latest 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine with a cutting-edge chassis Technology, and created a luxury LSUV with beast-level power and strong ability to escape from difficulties, pushing the executive car of top-level people to a higher luxury peak.

Suggested price is 8.45 million yuan (optional plus 740,000 yuan)

Average fuel consumption 8.1km/L

Original factory warranty for 3 years and 100,000 kilometers

The pleasing place Luxurious equipment, beast-level power

Noble worth

After the launch of Range Rover and Range Rover Sport in China and after the test drive, Taiwan Jaguar Land Rover continued to introduce the flagship Range Rover SV exclusively built by the special vehicle department of Land Rover SVO in April this year, and provided P530 SWB There are two models, the standard axle 5-seater and the P530 LWB long axle 5-seater, which are priced at 8.45 million and 9.45 million yuan respectively. However, the P530 SV SWB standard axle model I tested this time chose the special "Sunrise Bronze" car color painting and many SV Intrepid exclusive exterior and interior kits, which brought the price of this car to 9.1917 million yuan, and even more. Achieved the name of its pinnacle flagship off-roading. However, according to Taiwan's Jaguar Land Rover, the quota for this year's Range Rover SV is only about 70 units and it has already been sold out. Buyers who order later will have to wait for about half a year after the car.

SV Intrepid exclusive interior and exterior kit

Compared with the general version models, the Range Rover SV imported into China this time provides two appearance kits of Intrepid and Serenity styles for optional matching. Judging from the P530 SWB standard axle 5-seater model for this test drive, in addition to the price increase In addition to the very special and eye-catching "Sunrise Bronze" matte body paint for 367,600 yuan, it is also equipped with an exclusive SV Intrepid appearance package, which not only has an exclusive Range Rover lettering that combines anthracite gray and graphite black. In addition, the water tank shield and the front bumper air intake dam are both made of horizontal and horizontal chrome-plated trim strips with bronze and gold linings. The bronze and gold plaques are used to complement each other, and the rear door is also decorated with the SV emblem made of ceramic materials, which can be said to perfectly present the luxurious posture of the big appliance.

In addition to the very beautiful sunrise bronze matte body paint, the test drive car includes the Range Rover lettering on the front, the water tank guard and frame decoration, and the lower bumper air intake dam trim, etc. are all SV Intrepid exclusive appearance kits .
At the rear of the car, there is a through-type piano paint trim panel and a technologically straight LED taillight group. The tailgate is inlaid with a ceramic SV emblem to demonstrate its extraordinary performance status.
Optional 23-inch 10-spoke forged wheels in satin black with gloss black trim are fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Zero all-season tires (285/40R23).

Ultimate luxury texture and equipment

In the interior part of the car, the overall layout is the same as that of the regular version. The 13.7-inch full digital instrument and the 13.1-inch Pivi Pro central curved multimedia screen on the console are still used to create a technological atmosphere, but the configuration and texture are more luxurious. Rich and detailed, in addition to the interior headliner made of SV Bespoke leather and the luminous metal door sill with SV lettering, the test drive car is additionally equipped with sandalwood black interior, and matched with SV Intrepid sandalwood black half The aniline leather seats and black birch trim, together with the knobs of the air conditioner, gear knob and terrain control are all made of satin black ceramic material, which fully expresses the extremely luxurious atmosphere of the cabin.

The cabin is equipped with a 13.7-inch digital instrument and a 13.1-inch central touch screen to create a sense of technology. It is also equipped with sandalwood black interior and black birch trim, and is matched with the SV Bespoke leather roof to create an extremely luxurious cabin atmosphere.
The 13.7-inch digital meter has three display modes: standard, double ring and full map, and even status information such as off-road mode, tire steering angle and differential lock can be clearly displayed.
The 13.1-inch multimedia touch screen is equipped with the latest Pivi Pro interface system. The setting, adjustment and information display of almost all functions in the car can be operated through this screen.
Including the air conditioning knob, gear knob and terrain control knobs, all are made of high-quality satin black ceramic material.
It is equipped with Meridian 1600W Signature Surround flagship digital surround high-end audio as standard, so that all occupants in the car can have an excellent auditory feast.

As for the equipment part, it is not a problem. The standard equipment is equipped with four-zone constant temperature air conditioner, multi-function electric adjustment/heating steering wheel, HUD head-up display, Qi wireless charging stand for mobile phones, and 22-way electric adjustment double front seats made of semi-aniline leather. (heating/ventilation/memory/hot stone massage function), advanced comfort CEO rear seat (electric angle adjustment/heating/ventilation/memory/hot stone massage function/heated leg rest), panoramic electric glass sunroof, 360-degree 3D Surround view image assistance system, automatic parking assistance and Meridian (1600W) flagship digital surround sound system, etc., can bring the ultimate luxurious and comfortable ride experience to the occupants.

The dual front seats are made of top-quality Semi-Aniline Leather, and have 22-way electric adjustment, as well as ventilation, heating, memory and hot stone massage functions.
The advanced CEO-level rear seats have electric angle adjustment, smart seat controls and heated leg rests, as well as ventilation, heating, memory and hot stone massage functions.
Through the 8-inch touch panel on the central armrest, it can be used to set and adjust equipment including air conditioning, electric seat angle adjustment, ventilation/heating function, ambient light, cup holder and electric sunroof sunshade.

Roaring with passion, fierce blood

Range Rover SV is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbocharged gasoline engine from BMW Group, matched with ZF 8-speed manual transmission, with 530hp, 76.5kgm maximum horsepower and torque output, and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h It only takes 4.6 seconds, and the top speed can reach 261km/h. And such a powerful output power can definitely be called a beast-level level. Even if you walk slowly in the urban area, the eye-catching and beautiful bronze-colored figure coupled with the high-pitched and thick exhaust sound caused by deliberately pressing the accelerator , Just listening to it is exciting and enjoyable, especially under the attention of passers-by, a sense of superiority and dignity arises spontaneously.

It is newly equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbocharged gasoline engine, with a maximum power output of 530hp and 76.5kgm. It only takes 4.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, and the top speed can reach 261km/h.
The powerful acceleration power of complete rolling and the high-pitched and thick exhaust sound of the V8 engine definitely make the Range Rover SV a monster-level high-performance level.

Leaving the urban area and going straight to the expressway, there is a strong sense of acceleration sticking to the back as soon as the accelerator is pumped. At the same time, under the roaring exhaust sound, the body is also ejected. Under the seamless matching, the speed of the car is quickly increased to 140km/h. The 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbo engine is really powerful. Of course, this is just a foreplay, because the instantaneous re-acceleration in the middle and rear sections is even more imposing and powerful. It can be said that it is easy to let the speed of the car quickly climb to more than 200km/h, especially at high speeds, the power extension is very good, there is no sign of recession or lack of energy at all, the horsepower of 530hp and the ability to accelerate to 100 in 4.6 seconds are really awe-inspiring and unbearable provoke.

Comfortable and stable driving

And under such a strong power performance, of course, there must be a corresponding chassis suspension, brake and bead configuration, so that it can drive fast, brake well and be comfortable to use. These sharp tools that are conducive to handling performance include a new integrated chassis control system, dual-valve single-tube air shock absorber, dynamic response system, active 48V electronic roll control device and rear-wheel steering system (maximum steering 7.3 degrees) etc., paired with 23-inch lightweight forged aluminum rims and Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires (285/40R23) to provide flexible, stable and comfortable driving characteristics and ride experience. As for the proud off-road off-road weapon, it provides Terrain Response 2 advanced all-terrain response system, ATPC all-terrain travel control system, two-speed booster box and electronic active rear axle differential, etc., with a number of Switching between terrain and automatic driving modes allows drivers to calmly face various harsh terrains and road conditions.

In addition to four vehicle height mode settings, it is also equipped with Terrain Response 2 advanced all-terrain response system and ATPC all-terrain driving control system as standard, providing 8 kinds of all-terrain driving modes including muddy, rock climbing, and wading.

In the actual driving process, in addition to the admirable quietness and ride comfort of the cabin, the EAS electronic air pressure suspension system has an excellent ability to deal with uneven roads or potholes, and the overall driving texture and comfort Nothing to say. But what is even more surprising is that even though this is a huge LSUV, it is quite flexible and easy to control when running, whether it is the flexibility of the front steering, the support of the cornering suspension and the suppression of roll They are all in line with the standard of a performance SUV, especially the four-wheel drive system with rear differential locking function combined with the "four-wheel steering" system with 7.3-degree steering of the rear wheels, which makes the entire cornering performance even better. It is both flexible and stable, even with the help of 48V electronic anti-roll bars, it slows down the body shaking when the vehicle enters and exits curves at high speed, provides stable body dynamics, and improves ride comfort. At this time, it gives the car a higher cornering limit and driving confidence.

The equipped four-wheel steering system has a maximum steering angle of 7.3 degrees, which can not only effectively reduce the radius of turning at intersections, but also the rear wheels can rotate in the same direction as the front wheels at high speeds to improve smoothness and stability when driving at high speeds.

Test drive testimonials~ This is enjoying life!

This Range Rover P530 SV SWB is worth more than 9 million yuan, but it is really worth the money, because it is replaced by the appearance you enjoy, whether it is comfort, luxury or full of passion The powerful power and the sound of the V8, all the fun of driving and the enjoyment of life are all in this car so that you can easily get it at your fingertips.

Range Rover P530 SV SWB

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