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[Test Drive]Subaru WRX tS 4D 2.4 EyeSight inherits the rally soul

●Recommended selling price: 1.728 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 11.0km/L

●Original factory warranty of 5 years and 120,000 kilometers

●The lovable features combine passion and practical performance style.

●It is a pity that the CVT power transmission is not direct and powerful enough.

Although most of the limelight was taken away by the Wagon station wagon version that bore the name of the car series for the first time when it was first launched, for traditional Subaru enthusiasts, the WRX with a pure four-door sedan configuration is the true model that best represents the brand's rally pedigree. Successor, and the new generation WRX 4D did not disappoint...

Different from the Wagon station wagon version, which has a sophisticated urban style, the exterior design of the new generation WRX 4D is obviously much more dynamic and publicized. On top of the basic outline of the car with sharp fold lines, this car adopts a three-dimensional honeycomb grid water tank guard, Exclusive configurations include more protruding front and rear bumpers, dual-sided quad exhaust tailpipes full of performance, and sporty side panels that are reminiscent of racing car's expanded wheel arches. In addition, the front wheel arches and rear New air-diversion holes are added on both sides of the bumper to help reduce turbulence on the sides and under the car, thereby improving stability at high speeds. It is worth mentioning that the C-shaped taillight outline of this car is simpler and sharper than that of the Wagon model, and the interior adopts a volcanic lava flow shape composed of irregularly cut reflective surfaces, making the rear visual effect more unique.

The water tank guard is replaced with a three-dimensional honeycomb grid design with a more passionate image, and the central horizontal grille also cancels the Wagon's chrome trim.
The front bumper emphasizes the design of the three-dimensional protruding air intake dam frame, and is made of anti-scratch plastic material with a grid pattern that echoes the wheel arches.
The 18-inch two-color wheels with more detailed and changeable spoke shapes are 4D-exclusive, and the tire size has also been widened to 245/40R18.
The high and low distinct fold lines clearly create the aura of a performance touring car, and the interior of the C-shaped taillights is decorated with the shape of a volcanic lava flow.
The rear lower spoiler that integrates four exhaust tailpipes on both sides is impressive, and the more distinctive exhaust sound also enhances the performance style.

The interior layout of this car is basically the same as that of the Wagon model. It uses a horizontal and open console structure with a D-shaped multi-function steering wheel with STI words, red stitching used in many places, and dual front sports car leather seats to create a warm atmosphere. Cockpit atmosphere; the equipment also maintains the same level, with dual-ring instrument + 4.2-inch instrument display screen, 11.6-inch audio and video touch screen, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, reverse imaging, keyless entry, etc., all of which are available. Only the sensor activation is canceled depending on the car model. It has functions such as electric closing of the tailgate, luggage compartment curtain, and 5-stage angle adjustment of the rear seat back. However, the Harman/Kardon sound system has also been increased from 6 speakers to 11 speakers, which can bring a better audio-visual entertainment experience.

The interior layout is basically similar to that of the Wagon model, with imitation suede and multiple red stitching used to create a passionate cabin atmosphere.
The dark and light color matching of the imitation suede seat surfaces of the dual front seats is more obvious than that of the Wagon, and the WRX lettering on the headrests has also been changed to completely solid.
The back seat angle adjustment is cancelled, and the head space is not greatly affected by the roof line. On the contrary, the black roof easily creates a sense of visual oppression.

Compared with the previous generation model, although the new generation WRX 4D has been replaced with a 2.4L horizontally opposed four-cylinder turbo engine from 2.0L, the maximum horsepower has only increased by 7hp to 275hp, and the peak torque has remained unchanged at 35.7kgm, and the output has only increased The timing is advanced by 400rpm to between 2000 and 5200rpm. I believe this is due to the consideration of the upper limit of the torque of the matching CVT gearbox. Fortunately, the CVT gearbox itself has also undergone a series of optimization and improvements for the shift logic and response speed. In fact, the road test drive can You can quickly feel that the throttle response in the early stages has become much more sensitive. The smooth response during normal driving and the increasingly clear individual differences in gear control under hard driving can better meet different driving needs. However, it still remains the same when starting from a standstill and accelerating with a heavy foot in the middle. There is a slight sense of slippage, which gives people a regretful feeling that the power response is too soft and not full and direct enough.

The overall driving experience of WRX 4D is more solid and stable, and the full power output can also meet the imagination of ordinary consumers for a performance touring car.

In terms of chassis settings, the new generation of WRX models introduced in China are equipped with active electronically controlled shock absorbers as standard, with a wide range of soft and hard adjustment. In comfort and normal modes, they can provide the same ride quality as ordinary family RVs. For smooth road performance, switching to Sport/Sport+ mode can immediately transform into a tough and bright fighting stance with solid road feel. The 4D model has also been upgraded to 240/40R18 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT 600A sports car tires for even better grip. The power of the ground means that it can challenge various corners at higher speeds. With the AWD four-wheel drive control system, the newly added Sport mode of front 45/rear 55 power distribution can make it easier to stick to the center of the bend when facing tricky and large-angle corners. There is no need to struggle against the pull of the inertia of the external throw in the past, and the overall driving experience has indeed become more stable and comfortable.

Test drive experience ~ Distinctive personality differences

Although they are both WRX models, the 4D model has indeed created a more distinctive hot-blooded racing style than the Wagon through key adjustments in appearance styling and chassis settings. For consumers who only prefer four-door sedans, this It is also one of the few performance options on the market today.

Subaru WRX tS 4D 2.4 EyeSight Spec Sheet

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