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[Test Drive]Technologically stylish BMW 430i Gran Coupe M Sport

●Suggested selling price: 3.12 million yuan

●Average fuel consumption 14.0km/L

●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit

●Pleasant features: Dynamic coupe body shape and rich technological equipment

●The user interface of "The Regret of the Pearl" needs to be adapted to

Combining elegant taste and avant-garde style, the 4 Series can be said to be the best choice for consumers to appreciate BMW's unique aesthetics. Especially the general agent Pande has recently taken advantage of the launch of the 2024 new model to carry out a series of technology and equipment upgrades, which is an advancement not to be missed. Good time!

The new generation 4 Series 2024 new model launched by the manufacturer this time includes upgrades covering all models such as Coupe two-door coupe, Gran Coupe four-door coupe and Convertible roadster. Among them, the most important common upgrade project is BMW's new generation family car This must-have floating curved screen and paddle-shift design, the accompanying iDrive operating system has also been upgraded from the original 7.0 to version 8.0, and it also brings back the wireless charging device for mobile phones that was canceled due to the shortage of chips some time ago. Coupled with the already standard mobile phone digital key, wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, smart voice assistant 2.0 and smart driving assistance system, the technological level is unrivaled among cars in its class.

The basic layout of the interior remains unchanged, but a floating curved screen and paddle shifters are replaced, as well as the central air conditioning and audio control panels are all new.
The 12.3-inch digital instrument is the same as other new-generation family brothers, greatly enhancing the ADAS system and other graphical information display capabilities.
The 14.9-inch touch screen and iDrive 8.0 user interface bring bright visual effects, but the operation logic takes time to get used to.
The compact paddle shifter makes the visual experience simpler, and it is more convenient to pick up and place the mobile phone in the wireless charging device in front.

Not only that, each model has also been individually enhanced according to the original equipment level, including the 420i Coupe/Gran Coupe adding a head-up display, Sensatec leather instrument panel covering and dual front seat electric lumbar support, and the 430i Coupe/Gran Coupe adding Vernasca leather interior. equipment, dual front-seat electric lumbar support and driver's seat waist width adjustment, etc.; of course, the aforementioned equipment upgrades will also be reflected in the price setting. For example, the 430i Gran Coupe M Sport tested this time was increased by 110,000 yuan to 3.12 million yuan. Yuan, other models also saw an increase of 30,000 to 110,000 yuan. Only the two-door flagship representative M440i xDrive remained unchanged at 3.82 million yuan.

The 430i Gran Coupe tested was upgraded to Vernasca leather interior, and added dual front-seat electric lumbar support and driver's seat lumbar width adjustment.

Since it is only an annual model change, the 430i Gran Coupe M Sport tested has no difference in appearance settings from the past. To satisfy consumers who want to emphasize the sporty style, the manufacturer also provides an additional M Sport advanced package worth 80,000 yuan. As options, it includes M spoiler, red brake calipers, M stitched seat belts, blackened headlights, black high-gloss appearance package (radiator cover + exhaust tailpipe), black high-gloss window frames and Spirit sprint Function etc.

The appearance of the new model has not been changed, retaining the Gran Coupe's dynamic yet practical four-door coupe style.
The Y-spoke two-color wheels and tire sizes remain original, and other styles can be selected or upgraded to 20-inch configurations.

The new car is also equipped with a B48 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbo engine with a maximum output of 245hp/40.8kgm. Driven by a Steptronic sports eight-speed manual transmission, it can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 6.2 seconds, and the top speed can reach 250km/h. h. The overall power response is as smooth and dense as we are familiar with. At the same time, the throttle response and steering assist force can be adjusted through different driving modes such as Eco Pro/Comfort/Sport/Sport+, and it is matched with the two different gears of the gearbox itself, D/S. mode to make the vehicle's dynamic performance more closely aligned with driving preferences or road conditions.

Equipped with the B48 2.0L straight-four turbo engine, the maximum output of 245hp/40.8kgm can easily meet daily driving needs.

The standard M sports car suspension system and the tire sizes of 245/40R19 in the front and 255/40R19 in the rear give this car a very flexible and not rigid sports driving experience. The road undulations and vibrations will be absorbed significantly. The uncomfortable initial impact feeling is then transmitted into the cabin, giving the driver a certain degree of road feedback and maintaining a comfortable texture above the standard. It can also show excellent support during intense driving and high-speed cornering, and can The body roll is suppressed within an easy-to-control linear range, creating smooth, lively, stable and secure driving pleasure. If you are looking for a higher level of comfort or control performance, you can consider the 38,000 yuan M sports car electronic suspension system. Compared with the 89,000 yuan M sports differential, the former can meet different driving needs through changes in suspension softness and hardness, while the latter will further enhance the flexibility of the rear axle and provide a more sensitive and positive control feel.

The standard M sports car suspension system is more flexible than rigid, maintaining sufficient comfort while also providing excellent roll suppression capabilities.

Test drive experience ~ Personality without losing practicality

On the basis of the original dynamic and avant-garde style of the car series, the new model 4 Series further enhances the richness and practicality of technological equipment, so that consumers who want to own it will not have to sacrifice the comfort and enjoyment of daily transportation in pursuit of personal style.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe spec sheet

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