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[Test Drive]The first luxury pure electric Lexus RZ 450e DIRECT 4

Although the UX 300e is the first pure electric model launched by Lexus, the Lexus RZ 450e, which was launched online in late April last year, is truly an electric vehicle product built on the e-TNGA pure electric platform. Therefore, it is named " "Luxury pure electric debut" is definitely very appropriate and there is no misunderstanding. The RZ 450e not only shoulders the task of expanding the Lexus electrified product lineup, but is also regarded by Lexus as the starting model to realize the electrified brand vision "Lexus Electrified" and the first step towards the goal of entering the BEV electric vehicle field. , the importance of status is self-evident.

The price of the new car is estimated to be around 3 million yuan

Range: about 400 kilometers (WLTP specification)

Maximum power 313hp/44.4kgm

0~100km/h 5.3 seconds

Although I have actually tested the RZ 450e pure electric SUV, this model has not yet been officially launched in China. I only know that Hotai Automobile’s scheduled launch date is in the second quarter of this year, and the imported model It adopts a single specification model configuration, but the most important price item is still unknown. It is only estimated that its selling price will be around 3 million yuan. In addition, regarding the maximum cruising range, the current domestic test value has not yet been announced, but according to the US EPA test specifications, the cruising range of the US-standard RZ 450e (18-inch tire rim) is 220 miles (approximately 354 kilometers), while the 20 The model with 2-inch tires has a range of 196 miles (about 315 kilometers), and under WLTP specifications it is about 400 kilometers.

Technology and design with a strong sense of presence

First, let’s look at the body size of the RZ 450e. Its body length/width/height are 4850/1895/1635mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2850mm. This size is compared to Toyota, which is also built on the e-TNGA pure electric chassis platform. Both bZ4X and Subaru Solterra are much larger, and are also longer and wider than Lexus NX, with a wheelbase that is 160mm longer; but compared with RX, although the wheelbase of 2850mm is the same, the length/width/height are smaller. Therefore, whether in terms of data or actual visual volume, the RZ 450e is roughly between the RX and the NX. It is a larger setting among the C-Segment mid-size SUVs, but it is not as good as the D-Segment of the RX. Medium and large leisure travel class.

In terms of appearance design, the RZ 450e adopts the brand's latest family design vocabulary Spindle Body, and re-sculpts the spindle shape without a water tank guard. The black piano paint coating of the lamps and front bumper further enhances the appearance. The visual focus is on the central spindle shape, especially the jagged edges on both sides. In addition to bringing a similar charm to the new RX, it is paired with sharp LED headlights and arrow-shaped daytime running lights to create a full and intimidating look on the front of the car. Domineering. The side part of the car not only has thick black wheel arches that can magnify the visual effect of tire beads, but also the protruding sheet metal shape above the rear wheel arches strengthens the strong and muscular feel of the rear of the car, and also adds " "Waist", coupled with the sculptural shape of the sheet metal at the junction of the door and chassis, makes the RZ look even more muscular and dynamic. As for the rear of the car, in addition to the sharp separated rear wing that is very eye-catching, the through-design LED taillight set is the visual focus. There is also a duck tail shape with aerodynamic effects, making the entire rear of the car look both technological and sporty. Breath.

The body length/width/height of the RZ 450e are 4850/1895/1635mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2850mm. From the data surface or actual visual volume, it is roughly between RX and NX.
The closed front guard proves that it is an electric car; and the sharp jagged edges on both sides are similar to the RX car series.
The domestic configuration is Bi-Beam LED headlights, rather than the higher-end four-eye LED headlights of foreign models.
The design of the duck tail and the through-shaped LED taillight group are both eye-catching and charming.
The separated tail wing and the central recessed shape design are both made with aerodynamic considerations in mind.
The lines and panels at the rear of the car are quite rich in layers, giving it a muscular feel that shows strength.
It is equipped with 18-inch two-color cutting aluminum rims that can reduce wind resistance, and the tires are set to 235/60 R18 at the front and 255/55 R18 at the rear.

Equipped with materials, texture and luxurious atmosphere

As soon as you enter the cabin, you will feel a sense of familiarity, yes! The interior layout of the new generation RX model is quite similar, including the design of the steering wheel, instrument panel, console screen, and central saddle, etc., and also uses the design vocabulary of Tazuna (Japanese reins) to create a "full "Wrap-around cockpit" means that the driver is the center, and all vehicle operations and monitoring can be completed without significantly moving the eyes or limbs, thus reducing the risk of accidents caused by distraction. . In addition, the cabin is also equipped with high-quality materials at a low cost. Leather and suede coverings can be seen everywhere, with delicate wood grain veneers, chrome-plated metal and black piano paint veneers and other linings, creating a luxurious and exquisite interior. Cabin ambience.

The fully wrap-around cockpit, also built with the Tazuna design concept, is excellent in terms of material texture and creation of a luxurious and technological atmosphere.

The most important visual axis in the cabin is the 14-inch multi-function information integrated touch screen on the console. Basically all information, entertainment, air-conditioning systems and navigation settings have been integrated into it, and it can support Android Auto & wireless Apple CarPlay. The link function greatly reduces the number of physical buttons and looks very refreshing. However, for the new generation of electric vehicles, a 7-inch digital instrument seems a bit petty. After all, the Toyota Crown already comes standard with a 12.3-inch full digital instrument. In addition, you don’t need to look for the glove box after getting in the car, because this car is the same design as the bZ4X that lacks a glove box, but the equipment is not ambiguous at all. Although this car has not yet been released for sale, it is available on the domestic official website The detailed specifications list of the RZ 450e has been released. In addition to the above equipment, other equipment includes Bluetooth communication system, 3D Chinese satellite navigation, electric 4-way steering wheel adjustment function, kinetic energy recharge adjustment paddle, mobile phone wireless charging interface, and ASC power sound control system. , dual front seats with 8-way electric adjustment function (additional heat function), dual-zone climate control, intelligent multiple driving modes, Lexus Premium Sound audio system + 10 speakers, reversing camera assist system, electric tailgate and ICS smart parking assist system, etc. It is standard equipment and the richness is quite good.

It's a pity that the 7-inch digital instrument only displays the cruising range and no remaining battery percentage information.
The 14-inch multi-function information integrated touch screen integrates information, entertainment, air conditioning, seat heating and satellite navigation systems, and supports Android Auto & Apple CarPlay connection functions.
The three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel has the same style as the new RX and has an electric 4-way adjustment function.
In addition to the Type C charging jack in front of the central saddle, it is also equipped with a wireless charging interface for mobile phones as standard.
The RZ 450e is the first model of the Lexus brand to introduce a knob-type transmission-by-wire system design.
In addition to the air-conditioning outlets, the rear seats are also equipped with two sets of Type C charging holes and 12V power sockets.

In addition, the RX 450e is also equipped with a new generation of LSS+ 3.0 intelligent driving assistance system, including DRCC full-speed distance maintenance and control system, PCS early warning protection system (automatic braking assistance/support for intersection recognition), ESA emergency evasion steering assistance, LDA lane departure warning, LTA lane tracking assist, AHS smart high beam automatic switching, RSA speed limit recognition assist, BSM blind spot detection warning, RCTA rear traffic warning, RCTB rear traffic braking assist and SEA safe exit assist and other systems , with high standards of safety protection specifications.

Spacious and comfortable, the riding experience is unparalleled

The length and wheelbase of the RZ 450e have reached 4805mm and 2850mm, so the overall passenger space in the cabin can be said to be quite excellent. Let’s start with the dual front seats. Not only are they comfortable and comfortable to sit on, but they are also quite enjoyable with the configuration of 8-way electric adjustment and heating functions. When an adult with a height of 175cm actually rides in the rear seat, the distance between the knees and the back of the front seat is about 2.5 fists, and the distance between the head and the roof is about 1.5 fists. In addition, the seat foam is moderately soft and hard and the seat back is tilted. Yes, it can be said to be spacious and comfortable when sitting up. Even the upward concave roof gives passengers a wider sense of space. It is a pity that the domestically imported models are not equipped with a panoramic glass sunroof. However, in addition to the air outlet, the back seat is also equipped with dual Type C charging holes and 12V power sockets, which is quite considerate and convenient. As for the rear luggage compartment volume, it has 522 liters under standard conditions and can be expanded to 1451 liters after the rear seats with a 6/4 split design are folded down. There is a hidden storage space under the floor, but there is also no external storage space equipped with Japanese models. power supply system.

The dual front seats, which are comfortable and comfortable to sit on, both have 8-way electric adjustment and heating functions.
The flat floor design, coupled with quite spacious knee and head room performance and good seat back angle design, allow rear seat passengers to have a comfortable and relaxed sitting posture.

Sharp and exciting acceleration

In the power part, the RZ 450e is equipped with a Direct 4 AWD electronic four-wheel transmission system formed by two permanent magnet synchronous motors at the front and rear, and has 5 driving modes such as Eco/Normal/Sport/Range/Custom. The front motor can generate 204hp. / 27.2 kgm maximum power, the rear motor can output 109hp / 17.2kg maximum power, the total output power reaches 313hp, 44.4kgm maximum horsepower and torque, and has the powerful ability to accelerate to 100 kilometers in 5.3 seconds. In terms of battery configuration, it has a lithium battery module with a total capacity of 71.4kWh (the actual available capacity is 65kWh), the maximum DC charging power is 150kW, the AC charging power is 7kW, and the DC fast charging time is 30 minutes. 10% charging to 80%, while AC slow charging takes 10 hours to charge the battery to 100%. As for the charging specification, the AC AC is SAE J1772, while the DC charging specification is CCS1.

It is equipped with 150kW and 80kW front and rear axle eAxle electric motors respectively, with a total output of 230kW, which can bring 313hp, 44.4kgm maximum horsepower and torque output.
It has a total of 5 driving modes: Eco/Normal/Sport/Range/Custom. The Custom mode can adjust 4 levels of power, 2 levels of steering and 3 levels of air conditioning.
The AC charging specification is SAE J1772, while the DC charging specification is CCS1.

Perhaps judging from today's electric vehicles, the total output of 313hp is not eye-catching, but after all, it is the maximum power output in an instant and has a peak torque of 44.4kgm. Therefore, when you step on the switch, you still have the directness that an electric vehicle should have. , fast and aggressive acceleration characteristics, and compared to the abundant output tonality of bZ4X and Solterra, the acceleration and sprint force of RZ 450e is relatively sharper and fuller. After all, it has more than 100 horsepower, which is roughly like a 2.5 The power level like a liter turbo engine, especially accompanied by the sound similar to a traditional large-displacement sports car engine emitted by the ASC power sound control system, is a positive help for people to grasp the sense of speed, and it is also brought about by this surging auditory experience. It creates a passionate driving atmosphere, which is quite different from the previous experience of driving an electric car quietly. And if you feel that the Eco or Mormal mode is not fast enough, just switch on the Sport mode, and the entire acceleration response will be quite impressive. The strong, smooth and linear power output will definitely make you happy and enjoyable.

As soon as the big switch is pressed, rapid, direct and powerful acceleration is released instantly. The power and fullness of this force are just like the performance released by a 2.5-liter turbo engine.

DIRECT 4 four-wheel drive system's divine assistance

In terms of driving and handling performance, first of all, you have to appreciate the original manufacturer's ability to adjust the suspension system, because the damping settings of its front MacPherson and rear double A-arm suspension are very different from those of other manufacturers. Brand electric vehicles, in order to support the battery, will set the front suspension damping to be relatively hard. As a result, when encountering uneven roads or potholes, there will be a more obvious sense of shattering and bouncing. In this case It has also appeared in the bZ4X using the same e-TNGA platform. The simplest solution is to configure electronic air pressure suspension. However, for the RZ 450e, the original factory seems to have worked hard to make the suspension of this car soft and comfortable with full Q-degree toughness. It not only has excellent road vibration handling capabilities at low speeds, but also has long travel at high speeds. The suspension can also suppress road fluctuations and quickly stabilize, and the entire road texture is quite good, demonstrating the brand's expected adjustment skills and high level of confidence. Of course, on the other hand, with the help of the DIRECT 4 four-wheel drive system, whether driving in urban areas, highways or mountain roads, it can give the driver a smooth and stable driving experience. In particular, this system can respond to changes in vehicle load and grip. , through high-precision motors to continuously control the torque output of the four wheels, and control the torque output distribution of the front and rear axles between 100:0 and 0:100. This allows the RZ 450e not only to improve the entire starting acceleration response, but also to Obtain excellent control stability and tracking performance in mountain road curves.

The RZ 450e is equipped with the latest DIRECT 4 four-wheel drive system. Whether driving on mountain roads, highways, starting or cruising, the system can provide optimal torque distribution, allowing driving to achieve excellent stability and tracking performance.

Test drive remarks~waiting for the announcement of domestic cruising range

Whether it is the appearance, interior texture, richness of equipment, sound insulation, road texture, power performance and four-wheel drive control characteristics, they are all in line with the specifications and standards expected of the Lexus brand; but because it is an electric vehicle , so the battery's cruising range is even more important. However, currently judging from the test data of the U.S. EPA, the RZ 450e is only close to 350 kilometers when fully charged. This number is not strictly speaking outstanding, and it is possible It will become the main factor that prevents domestic consumers from purchasing.

Lexus RZ 450e spec sheet

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