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[Test Drive]The stylish Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4Matic Shooting Brake

Text/Photo by Zhuang Zhixian/Gu Zongtao

  • ●Recommended selling price: 2.94 million yuan
  • ●Average fuel consumption 12.0km/L (original factory data)
  • ●Original factory warranty for 3 years with no mileage limit
  • ●Pleasant features: Dynamic body shape, practical space, and full power
  • ●Unfortunately, I occasionally feel frustrated when shifting gears at low speeds.

Following the A and B-Class, the facelift of the three-pointed star small car family has come to the CLA and GLA models this time. It also focuses on the upgrade of digital technology and power systems, bringing a car that is more in line with the new generation of consumers. Usage experience and driving experience.

The front of the car is replaced with AMG's latest chrome-plated waterfall-style water tank guard, and the hood is also replaced with AMG's exclusive totem.

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan simultaneously released the facelifted CLA and GLA models on September 26. The CLA is divided into two body styles: Coupe four-door coupe and Shooting Brake five-door hunting car. The entry-level CLA is priced at 200. The price of the performance version AMG 35 4Matic is 2.89 million yuan, 2.14 million yuan, and the price is 2.94 million yuan. As for the high-performance flagship AMG 45 4Matic+, only a Coupe model is introduced, priced at 3.68 million yuan; the urban leisure GLA offers 180, 200 and AMG 35 The three power configurations of 4Matic are priced at 2.03 million yuan, 2.22 million yuan, and 2.93 million yuan.

The new-style headlights are replaced with a sharper and more impressive daytime running light design, and the standard headlights have a projector design.
The taillight group has been changed from an undercut line to a wavy single-line design to keep up with the three-pointed star new generation coupe style.

In the media test drive activities before the release, we first test drove the Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4Matic Shooting Brake five-door hunting performance version. The most refreshing thing at first glance is that the test car adopts a minor facelift. The new exclusive color of Lake Blue is added to the model. The strong glossy metallic paint and the streamlined body outline can bring about rich light and shadow effects when illuminated by light from different angles. The changes to the car series itself are also concentrated in the new LED head and tail lights like the facelifted A and B-Class. For example, the daytime running light bar design is sharper and more impressive, and the tail lights also adopt the single-line wavy shape of the family's new generation coupe. As for AMG The latest chrome-plated waterfall-style radiator guard and the exclusive AMG totem on the hood are unmistakable symbols of performance.

It comes standard with 19-inch AMG five-spoke double-rib wheels painted in silver and black, and the tire size is 245/35R19.

The interior maintains the original luxury technology style of the car series. The AMG 35 4Matic model is equipped with the same double-ribbed flat-bottomed steering wheel with exclusive control buttons as the 45, as well as AMG exclusive decorative panels with silver and black stripes. The focus of the upgrade lies in the technological evolution of the MBUX 2.0 multimedia system, including a new interface display style of dual 10.25-inch digital screens, the introduction of OTA online update functions, the navigation system integrating Google POI point of interest information, and wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, etc., and Burmester The surround sound system also newly supports Dolby Atmos, which can provide a more immersive listening experience.

The interior maintains the original luxurious technological style of the car series, and also upgrades features such as a high-performance flat-bottomed steering wheel and exclusive decorative panels.

The same as the A 35 4Matic that I just test drove not long ago, the facelifted CLA 35 4Matic is based on the original 2.0L straight-four gasoline turbine engine and adds a 48V light petrol-electric system that can provide an additional 14hp of horsepower assistance. It will also be equipped with The AMG Speedshift DCT dual-clutch automatic transmission has been upgraded from a seven-speed to an eight-speed configuration, which can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 4.9 seconds, an electronic top speed of 250km/h, and an original factory average fuel consumption of 12.0km/L. Performance, it can also provide calm and smooth power performance when driving smoothly on ordinary urban roads. However, the 48V light petrol-electric system of this car focuses more on power assistance in the middle and rear stages rather than on the output gap connection at low speeds. Therefore, the first three gears are still Like the previous DCT, it is prone to a more obvious shift frustration.

The Mercedes me digital service can connect the vehicle and the mobile app, and provide online store digital add-on services and other functions.
The Burmester surround sound system supports Dolby Atmos, taking your listening experience to the next level.

Compared with the A 35 4Matic, the facelifted CLA 35 4Matic is not only longer (+245mm), heavier (+60kg), and the tire size is also slightly wider by 10mm. In fact, the road experience will indeed give people a more stable car. The first impression of the style, but due to the additional AMG Ride Control variable damping suspension system selected by the test car, the suspension hardness in Comfort mode is almost the same as the standard AMG exclusive sports car suspension, with smooth and full ride. The dynamic response, from the start to the mid-range acceleration response, still maintains a brisk and vigorous performance style, and the tougher damping coefficient in the Sport and Sport+ modes can further improve the car's cornering limit, and the AMG Performance 4Matic four-wheel drive system is even more The flexible rear axle dynamics also improve the driving pleasure a lot.

In addition to its dynamic and elegant styling, CLA Shooting Brake also has a spacious and practical luggage compartment space of 505 to 1370L.

Test drive experience ~ Satisfy your passion and lifestyle at once

It is also equipped with a 2.0L straight-four turbo engine tuned by AMG, and additional engine room tie rods can also be seen.

The CLA Shooting Brake, which combines dynamic coupe lines and five-door hunting space, has always been a high-quality choice that takes into account personal style and practical functions. This facelift model not only strengthens the technological level and energy-saving performance, but also still provides AMG 35 The performance version simultaneously meets the passionate needs of performance car fans.

The smooth and full power response can meet different driving needs, and the optional variable damping suspension brings higher control limits.

Specification Table

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