This is definitely a model for everyone 1992 BMW E36 320i!

Sometimes things can be very simple, but your obsessive-compulsive disorder will prevent you from coming out smoothly. This is the case for the owner, Niels Christians. When I bought the 1992 BMW E36 320i, the main goal was to use it. Iris, but when the obsessive-compulsive disorder occurred, things began to develop in an unexpected direction. After some modifications, the owner Niels Christians found the car to be too expensive, it seems!! We can't Use him to lick it...

When there is a strong paranoia about all the good things, when the liquidation will find out how the car has spent so much money, it seems that the appendix is a bit of a mother soup!!

When you are not the second generation of endless pocket money, when you put all the hard earned money into the car, many things will make you think twice before, but the Belgian owner has more reasons to consider. In order to build this car, he is also a welder in addition to the normal office worker. It can be seen that if there is not a strong family, it is really hard to change the car!!

The Felony Form four-piece wide body kit selected by the E36 320i is a small number of bolt-on products. Although it extends 45mm from the body itself, the overall line retains the original classic taste of the E36. If you don't look carefully, you think it is the original M3 or something strange version. Of course, because the kit belongs to the material relationship of fiberglass, it is inevitable that you need to make some modifications and fill the soil, then there is a way to achieve perfect and the body is aligned, this is also to build this The most troublesome part of the car.

Felony Form's wide body kit is made of fiberglass, so it needs to be cumbersome to process before installation. Presumably, the owners who have played the air force kit should know it, but the special bolting method is rare, and most of them are still pulled. Rivets are the mainstay. Only Taiwan will be changed to bolts for inspection. The purpose is to test cars.

The most conspicuous part of the interior is the hydraulic handcart that was previously purchased for the tail and the small-diameter Sparco steering wheel.

The yellow rear half cage is in sharp contrast to the car color. The two Sparco racing chairs are adjustable and seem to be a trade-off for later street use.

After the completion of the wide car body, the front and rear guards of the American E36 M3 were installed, and the original kits such as the large tails were used. The gray painting was from the most popular Nardo Grey of the VAG.

It’s just that after the above-mentioned appearance kit is finished, um... really fragrant, Niels has to change the original stern setting to the direction of the general street car. The Kean Suspensions conversion factory installed a set of KW Variant 1 for this car. Shock absorbers and reduce the height of the vehicle to the perfect position for the E36. The wheel frame is not orthodox, but a good friend gave the owner a truly unique set of things, the 17-inch Speedline Mistrals-OEM wheel frame. He is usually only seen on Ferrari Testarossa and 308 GTB / GTS. However, the E36 needs to be ordered to be converted into a 5-hole 108 adapter for a smooth installation, while the front 8.5-inch/post-1.252-inch specification does fill the wheel arch behind the wide body.

The classic five-claw Ferrari wheel frame obtained by a friend, but because of the specification of the five-hole 108, it is necessary to customize the adapter to have a smooth installation.

The owner, Niels, admitted that the 320i/19.4kgm power of the 320i original M52N20 was really insufficient, so he replaced it with the 2.5-liter straight six-engine of the M50B25, and through the flow of the M52B28 kit, the exhaust volume and the upper part of the cylinder were made. A slight increase in the current estimate is not far from the 193hp/20.56kgm of the original M52B28.

There is no 2JZ or RB series supercharged engine, only replaced with a 2.5-liter straight six-engine, plus a 2.8-liter variety of intra-abdominal kits for a small increase, plus a small change in intake and exhaust seems to have also been Good horsepower.

First of all, the width of the wide-body kit is good or bad. Although the width of the kit is 45mm, the design of the whole line does not seem too far. It is more introverted than the popular wide body. The most classic original butterfly window seems to be in line with the current retro trend.

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