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Wekfest L.A. is a fairly versatile modified auto show in the United States. It can always see a wide variety of modified cars. The protagonist is the Acura NSX NA1 which performs well on Wekfest L.A. The purple paint is from Midnight Purple 2 paint. The RS Future car air force kit is different from many other vehicles in the lobby of the Los Angeles Convention Center. You can see that the car has the familiar Rays TE37 and the black rolling rubber is Choose the powerful Yokohama A052. By peek into the wheel frame, you can find the KW Clubsport shock absorber and the gold-painted Winmax brakes.

The RS Future wide-body air force kit pulls the front fenders a lot, and the traditional Rays TE37 forged six-claw wheel frame fits the NA1 NSX.

The exhaust pipe of the unilateral double-out design adopts a large and small design, and the estimated one should be the relationship of the exhaust pressure relief valve.

This kind of configuration is absolutely no doubt. After the quenching of the track, many people are attracted by the beautiful appearance of the RS Future wide body, so many people ignore the things in the rear luggage compartment. Looking forward to the C series V6 heart changed something, yes!! People who stopped the pace saw something very strange.

The small shovel model chin, with the opening of the hood shape, will be a slightly conservative NA1, turning into the most aggressive monster.

In this era, as long as NSX or other Honda performance cars are discussed, most of the so-called Honda Soul purists will try their best to maintain the original appearance and try not to increase the mileage. But the owner Amir is as far away as possible from the mentality, because Amir is passionate about speed, loves to try to touch the limits of the vehicle in the track, and has been insisting on such activities for many years, is a highly experienced Amateur rider.

With all the original power and a screw that has been dismantled, Amir took his NSX to visit various track activities. In such a high-intensity environment, the engine will inevitably be exhausted when Amir Decided to make a big change, if you are a Honda soul purist, then you may hate to see the next, Honda's K-series engine actually appeared in the Acura NSX body, dug!! What's wrong with this world? As Honda's most popular engine, it has a large number of conversion kits, and the cost may be about one-third of the original C-series engine. Indeed, the K20Z1 in the rear luggage compartment is indeed a good choice.

However, this happened not overnight. It is not difficult to transplant the K-series four-cylinder engine, plus turbo, but how to maintain the durability and NSX for the NSX at the rear of the engine. Sports performance requires careful consideration before moving.

If the Honda Soul purists see that the engine room configuration is mad, the original C-Series 3.0-liter V6 engine has disappeared, replaced by a K20 engine with a displacement of only 2.0 liters and four cylinders, but see Skun2 The manifold and the assembled pipeline also know that things are not so simple.

First of all, the problem that Amir encountered was the configuration of the turbocharger and the pipeline. In order to cope with the heat source generated by the EFR 7163 turbine, the water tank and the oil cooler of the koyorad were replaced, and the gearbox was replaced by Gear-X. Through the Kazz LSD, in exchange for the correct communication of power, the final part of the computer is written by the most reliable Hondata K-Pro.

The high temperature brought by turbocharging, in addition to relying on Koyorad's oil, water cooling row to control, homemade defoaming bucket can also provide a good cooling effect.

In order to cope with the exhaust smoothness required for the EFR 7163 turbine, the direct ventilation of the titanium alloy to the tail section is all done by the store itself.

The towering tail is quite suitable for the wide-body model of NA1 and NA2. The small series thinks that RS Future has a thick left and right chin, which creates a large number of bare-empty shapes at the rear of the car. It has a completely different feeling from the common large-scale down-drain. Acura NSX.

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