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The type B swan has changed the Mercedes-Benz B-Class!

The type B swan has changed the Mercedes-Benz B-Class beautifully!

Mercedes-Benz B-Class - New GLE with the upcoming production of electric EQC course It is attractive, but in this auto show, another Mercedes-Benz key car, the B-Class, is also very surprising. This car is completely out of the old-fashioned look of the past B- Class,, and replaced it with The appearance of the new generation Class A is similar, and the degree of jump in form seems to be a giant step from the evolution of dinosaurs to birds.

● A new generation of MFA II platform
● new internal and external design
● It seems rumors are not fake GLB
● Estimated time to introduce: the third quarter of 2019
● Estimated price: 150 yuan from the

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Basically, the new Class B and Class A, which was recently launched in Taiwan, use the new generation of the MFA II modular platform. Although the previous generation of Class B also use the MFA platform, its style is the same. other brothers and sisters platforms are not the same in order to pursue a better functional space, its design style in favor of the van, the van can mention design, reminiscent of the previous Mercedes-Benz intends to send blower is based Bionic concept car, but the new generation B-Class is much prettier than the Bionic bionic concept.

In fact it is chasing a new car colder than before, more functional than before, and to further highlight the sporty nature of the car, according to our previous test abroad to direct the new A-Class experience to infer, the new B- The progress of the class in the athletic performance part should be a project that is worth waiting for.

The new car will have a variety of power systems with which special feature is the new 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine, has two different output versions, and will coincide with the newly developed eight-speed automated manual clutch The gearbox , as for the gasoline engine, uses a new generation 1.3-liter engine with seven-speed manual transmission, speculating that the introduction of domestic models will be based on the power of gasoline.

The interior of the cockpit is naturally highlight the first half cockpit of the frame is substantially the same with Class A, the driver will see the instrument panel of the large LCD screen consisting of control screen, in addition to the LCD screen The interface MBUX smartphone will also appear in the B-Class.

The design of the instrument and the center console is the same as the A-Class, and the 64-color atmosphere lamp is also one of the car's equipment.

In addition to the technology sense, the MBUX intelligent voice control system also appears in class B.

Seat and cabin space is of course the focus, height 9 cm larger than the A-Class front seat, with a lower waist and a larger window area to create a sense of space and a better view for passengers in the car ; tonneau search for functional space, the rear seat can slide back and forth 14 cm interval, and the rear seat can adjust the angle of the rear seat, thus adjusting the volume of the cargo compartment, the front blade of the seat can leave alone Luggage space varies between 455 and 705 liters If the seat back is level, the maximum capacity of the luggage compartment can be expanded to 1540 liters.

The luggage compartment holds up to 1540 liters and the space function is unquestionable.

According to the message provided by Mercedes-Benz, the new car will be sold in Europe from December this year, in February 2019 began delivery of the vehicle to such a point in time to speculate, domestic faster time to market can have to wait until 2019 The third quarter of the year.

The new style seems to be degenerate and shaped, and finally get rid of the fate of the ugly duckling of the family.

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