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[Video]DMAKER carbon fiber aero kit upper body, 2023 WRX 350hp transformation completed!

The domestic general agent of the new Subaru WRX started to take orders from outsiders, and set the order prices of 1.698 million and 1.758 million. However, if you want to deliver the real car, you may have to wait. Before that, domestic manufacturers have introduced four doors by themselves. model, and has undergone internal and external modifications to make it present a more refined appearance.

Shooting, Editing / Grant Vehicle / DMAKER International

Modification schedule

■ DMAKER carbon fiber air intake with heightened hood DMAKER fine mesh water tank guard DMAKER front bumper trim DMAKER carbon fiber front lower spoiler DMAKER widened wheel arc DMAKER carbon fiber side skirts DMAKER gooseneck carbon fiber rear spoiler DMAKER Roof Shark Fin Antenna Cover DMAKER Rear Window Top Wing DMAKER Rear Block Seam Cover DMAKER Three-piece Carbon Fiber Rear Lower Diffuser DMAKER Trunk Lid Carbon Fiber Trim DMAKER Sunny Window DMAKER Full Down-Pipe ■DMAKER stainless steel full-through middle exhaust pipe DMAKER titanium alloy full-through rear exhaust pipe DMAKER air-conditioning port cup holder Yellow-Speed ​​high-performance shock absorbers HardRace front and rear reinforced anti-roll bars SCB carbon fiber central drive shaft Rays 18-inch 10.5J wheels ■ COBB plug-in computer ■ Thin carbon fiber steering wheel ■ SUYA forged carbon fiber gear shifter. #2023WRX #WRXCarbonAerokit #WRXCOBBECU

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